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When I was 15 years old. by Chovanec

I didn't experience this story, I just heard it
My name is Michael and I was just with my mom. When I was growing up, it was modern for boys to have long hair at least to cover their ears and reach for the collar of their shirts. As I recall, I still had long hair, only once when I was 8 did my grandfather take me to his ancient barber, who gave me a short haircut. At that time I cried a lot not only at the barber but also at home. So my hair grew again and I had it really long.
When I was 12, I noticed that I liked military hairstyles. If I saw a photo in a magazine of a soldier or a boy with a short haircut, I cut it out and saved it. Once I got my hands on a magazine from an English boarding school where students entering school received short hairstyles and then they were in the room in white briefs and tank tops. It excited me a lot.
Later, I started thinking about a short haircut like when I was 8 years old, but I never had the courage to enter an ancient barber shop, even though I was standing by his door. Sometimes I watched an ancient barber shop from a distance when boys and their parents entered. When they came out of the barber shop, I went after them to see their short haircut up close.
When I was 14 we played with a classmate when my father came to him and said to him: Oskar get dressed, we will go to the barber! Oskar always had short hair, he went to an ancient barber about every two months. Oskar asked his father to put off his haircut that we were playing together. But his father insisted. Oskar went on to say that his classmates would laugh again, and why can't he have hair as long as I have? Father raised his voice and said. You'll be dressed in 5 minutes because you'll get spanked in front of Michael too.
Oskar and his father went to the barber, and on the way home I envied him for having such a strict father. I couldn't wait until the morning to see Oskar's new hairstyle, so I went to him in the evening or I didn't forget his textbook. I looked closely at Oscar's head, his white arches above his ears and at the back of his head. Until I fell asleep, I kept thinking about what it would be like if I was forced to get a haircut.
I knew my mom was proud of my hair, that she wouldn't take me to an ancient barber shop. time passed and I still did not have the courage to get a haircut in an ancient barber shop. Once when we were at my grandfather's, I heard him tell my mother to get me a haircut that I looked like a girl. But my mother told him that I would have long hair.
Since then, I've been thinking about processing my grandfather to take me to his barber. But I was already 15 years old. I often started going to my grandfather on the way home from school. I always played with my hair in front of him and I saw that he didn't like it. I came to him once and before that I made a tail on my back hair. That's when you called me and started asking what the teachers were saying about my hair. I replied that there are 18 of us boys in the class and only 3 have short hair and the others are long. But only one teacher doesn't like boys' long hair, and one teacher calls me a young lady because she envies my beautiful hair.
In fact, only Oskar had a regular short haircut and Johan still got a short haircut 2-3 times a year. I tried to provoke my grandfather, so I said that up to 3 boys have short hair. Grandpa asked me if I wanted short hair too. But I objected that no, because my classmates would laugh at me as we laughed at the others. He asked me if I was laughing at them too? I replied that I was very happy to make fun of them, even though it wasn't really true.
Grandpa was quite angry and I thought he would take me to the barber right away, but he remained silent and could be seen thinking.
Oskar, a hairdresser, came to the school in 2 days. We went home from school together. Along the way, I asked him if he would stop by my grandfather's, that I wanted to greet him. He agreed. When Grandpa saw us, his eyes lit up with joy. He liked Oscar's hairstyle and asked about his barber. He replied that he and his father went to the barbershop's Matthew, to which his grandfather replied that he was also his barber and began to praise him. Before leaving, my grandfather told me to come on Saturday at 8 o'clock that we would go shopping together. We used to go shopping together on Saturday. Then we said goodbye to him and went home.
When I came to my grandfather on Saturday, he grabbed me by the shoulders and said. Michael, what if we got a haircut together at Matthew's barber shop today. My heart jumped with joy and I would rather hug him, but I still began to oppose him. And what will Mom say. He replied that she already knew and agreed. Then I started telling him that my classmates would laugh. Well, he said that until now you laughed at them and now they will laugh. We won't put it off for a week. Well, Grandpa raised his voice and said it would be now. Before we came to the barber, he had my grandfather photographed me in the photo studio. That I have a memory.
After arriving at the barber shop, we sat down on free wooden waiting chairs. There sat 5 old gentlemen and a father with a son of about 10 years old, whose hair touched his ears slightly. As the boy sat in the barber's chair and the barber wrapped him in a sheet, I watched intently as his hair fell to the sheet and to the ground. Later, a barber applied foam over his ears and neck and gradually scraped. He later applied some fluid to his head and the remaining short hair.
After the boy left, the barber cut 2 more old gentlemen and then shouted: Another one, please! My grandfather told me to go sit down and I don't want to hear one bad word. I nodded in agreement. Although I had been preparing for this moment for a long time, now I got scared and my legs were wooden. I realized that my grandfather and I did not talk about how short a hairstyle I would get. As I sat down in the barber's chair, my grandfather told Matthew. This is my 15 year old grandson Michael. After many years, I got married to a real barber. I want you to give him such a haircut and point to one of the pictures. I didn't see the picture, so I didn't know what awaited me.
The barber combed my hair and made a tail in the back and put an eraser on it. He took the scissors and caught him right from the head. He showed it to me and asked if I wanted him in memory. My throat was constricted so I couldn't answer just nodded in agreement. The barber began to cut the remaining hair with scissors. Then he took heavy electric scissors from the hook and put my head deep forward. I felt the cold metal on my neck and felt it rise up my head. It shook them, it was like a head massage. I felt incredibly excited. He later did the same on both sides of his head. When I had the opportunity, I looked in the mirror for a moment. The side hair was about 3/8 inch but was still long at the top. But it didn't take long. When he cut their bangs, he combed them on one side. I saw a new boy in the mirror. The barber took other electric scissors and put my head forward again and began to cut again from the neck up the back of the head. He then tilted my head to my side, shaved my ear, and used scissors to arch over my ear and then over the other. With the help of a comb and scissors, he made the transition from a small stubble to hair on top of his head. He twisted the sail and dusted my hair out. Which fell to the ground. I thought we were done but he said: sit back Michael. I felt like I applied warm water to my back and hips and then a white cream with a brush. He had a leather belt attached to the side of the seat on which he sharpened the razor and began to scrape the foam off me. When he finished and wiped the remaining mousse on his hair with a towel, he applied a foul-smelling liquid and combed my hair with a bang on my side. When he kicked the sail off my neck, he asked me if I wanted to see my hairstyle from the back of my head. I quietly said yes ..... About 3 inches above my shirt I had a white neck and above my ears 1 inch white arches completely hairless. On the top of the head about 1 1/2 inches long hair.
My grandfather and I exchanged chairs, and while I waited for him, I began to think about what would happen at school on Monday. Before leaving, the barber handed me my tail pulled back in a rubber band. Along the way, I asked my grandfather to let me take a photo with such a short haircut as a souvenir. He smiled and we went again to the photo studio where they took some photos from the front and from the side.
On the way home, I asked my grandfather what kind of purchase we were going to make. He laughed and said, because you carry your hair is not enough? That's when I realized that he wanted me to have my hair cut and I was actually forced to do so. I asked my grandfather: What do you think my hair will grow for as long as I have such a tail again. He laughed and said: I don't know, but from now on we'll go to Matthew's barber together. And how often is that? Grandpa smiles again: Every 3 weeks. I replied: You don't mean that, because they won't even make it grow. Grandpa now without a smile and with a stern voice. They grow about 3/8 inch and when they touch the ears we go to the barber. Forget about having a girl.
Upon coming home, I examined my hairstyle up close. I was interrupted by a bell. In it, I realized that at 11 o'clock, Oskar was coming. When he noticed me, he opened his mouth in amazement. We researched my new hairstyle together until Oskar announced it. It's as short as I am. I looked at Oscar better and realized he was right. That's when I confessed that my grandfather forces me to go with him to Matthew every 3 weeks, to which Oskar said that he goes about once every 5-6 weeks.
My mother and I went to my grandfather's on Sunday. I tried to talk them out of going to the barber every 3 weeks with my grandfather. Mom was silent with her head bowed. Well, Grandpa said: From now on, I will have your hair under control and you will go to the barber as I say. He got up from the table and went to the room, after a while he called me and I followed him. He had an album in his hands. He showed me two photos. He said this was me when I was your age. In the first photo was a boy. His hips were hairless and he had about 1/2 long hair on top. I also saw hairstyles in photos of soldiers. Grandpa continued: And I had such a hairstyle over the summer, my father did it to me. In the second photo, the boy was in shorts with a completely shaved head. Now think about whether you want a haircut every 3 weeks from Matthew or such and pointed to the photos in the album. It's up to you now!

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