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Assistant teacher by School grey shorts

My name is Peter Williams a student at rax University. Put of my course I had to find a assistant teaching job at a school or college which I put my name down for four colleges, two schools.
I was having a coffee at a local coffee shop when my phone starting ring, I answered it " hello, who is this please" " is this Peter Williams " " yes " I put my cup down on the table, " my name is John Wilson the headmaster of Peterstone High school, you applied for a assistant teaching job at this school " " I did " " are you available for a interview this afternoon " this is quick I thought, I only applied for it yesterday " what time at sir" he told me " I be there ".
While I was driving into the school Mr Wilson was watching me from the window of his office, parked my car and got out " the suit he is wearing hardly fits him, not even a haircut bloody hell " I walked into the school and found the headmaster office and knocked " come in" it was a woman's voice, so I opened the door and saw the woman " good afternoon you must be Peter Williams, I am the headmaster secretary Miss Watson "" nice to met you Miss Watson , sorry I couldn't not get a haircut before the interview " " the headmaster is expecting you " Miss Watson opened the door to his office and in I walked.

The headmaster looked at me for a few seconds " that long hair of his, looks like a girl " he mumble to himself " Peter my school has 800 school pupils, boys and girls, 6th formers, prefects, head boy,head girl in one building..my teachers are smart in their appearance as I expected of you " "yes sir " " you will call me headmaster or sir when you talk to me "" OK " " what did you say Williams " one of those headmaster I thought " sorry sir, I meant to say " " right Williams, I checked your CV out, you went to a grammar school?" " yes sir, is there anything wrong "" nooo there isn't Williams, how dare you talk to me like that, answering me back" he must have a bad day or something I thought.
" I don't want to see your car parked at my school Williams "" I take the bus instead sir " " the school bus" " no sir the bus, I checked the time table, one passes the school " he sat in his chair " right Williams, you are helping Mr dickenson in English from Monday, be here at the school before 9am for asimble and get your haircut ".

I got to the school before 9am and went to asimble, the boys were wearing full school uniforms with dark grey school shorts, skull caps, 6th formers in their casual uniforms, head boy and girl the same, girls in their uniforms with dark plate skirts.
Headmaster started talking, he went on for a while, then asimble was over " Williams to my office " . I stood in front of the headmaster " what did I say about your hair, get it cut " " it is cut sir ?" " it is ear Level Williams, not cut short, what are you wearing as well?" I took a deep breath " shirt,tie,trousers casual sir" headmaster sat back on his chair " not good enough Williams, I expected better " " tomorrow I wear a jumper sir " " time for a haircut Williams, sit down " I did what he said in walked a barrier " give this boy a really short back and sides " when he finished with my hair I looked in the mirror " this is a 1920s haircut, bloody short " the man left the headmaster office, he walked over to me with a cane in his hand " hand out Williams "" why sir" " who used bad language in my office " I did WHACK,WHACK,WHACK " never use language in my school again, Mr dickenson is waiting on you boy".
I walked into Mr dickenson class " ok Peter, go over to that side of the class a help out" " sir" ever time I helped out a boy I could not help myself but look at their school shorts, some girls called me over but with their plated school skirts, they are so qute.

" Williams could you help me out here " called one of the boys " sure " " you suit your haircut Williams you be better off in boys school uniform, you fit in with no problem, a fourth year " " you need any more help tim just put your hand up" it was the same with one of the girls " Tina I am not a girl" " I saw you looking at are uniforms in asimble "" pay attention to your work".

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