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Cole's Quarantine Cleanup from Dad by jake1313

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Cole was a good sixteen year old kid, he did as he was told and that was valued by his father. They weren’t close yet not distant, but were both runners which connected them. Over quarantine, Cole’s hair had become long. He was a few months out from his last haircut. His 4-5 guard clippered sides and 4 inches on top had grown out, sideburns had grown over his ears, and neck hair down past the collar.

Considering Supercuts, the place Cole usually went to for a haircut was closed, Cole’s dad, Pat decided he would trim Cole up himself. His dad had grown quite bored over quarantine and decided barbering would be something new to try. Pat was quite an amateur barber but had faith in his skills. He had been shaving for the better half of his life.

Cole was in the lower level family room when his dad called him up to the master bedroom. Pat had arranged a stool in front of a mirror, as well as some Wahl clippers, shaving cream, and a few razors on the dresser.

"What’s all this for?" said Cole.
"You. You need a trim kid." Pat replied.
"No I don’t, it's quarantine who cares," Cole replied back.
"It needs to be done, sit down." Pat answered.

Cole ran his fingers through his side-parted, thick-ish brown hair, looked at the mirror and realized his hair was way longer than it used to be. A little trim from dad couldn’t hurt right? He was a little nervous, but went along with the plan as always and complied.

"What are you gonna do?" Cole said as he sat down.
"Just clean up your sideburns, shave your neck." Pat said.

Having never been to a barbershop, Cole was taken aback.
"Shave my neck? My hair is fine Dad."
"Yeah, clean you up with a razor. It will take me 5 minutes, come on." Pat ended the conversation.
"Fine." Cole muttered.

And with that, Cole's dad draped the cape around his neck and clipped it snug. The cut was about to begin. Pat had been trimming his own sideburns his whole life, so this was easy. He kept his own sideburns a little bit on the longer side, but decided Cole needed cleaner, shorter ones as a teenager. He started on Cole's right sideburn which was roughly halfway down his ear. Pat used his Wahl clippers and brought Cole’s sideburns up parallel with his eyes. He wanted to give Cole flat landing strip sideburns but knew that would be too far. He repeated the process on the left side. The lines were crisp. Cole's new sideburns sat slightly below the top of his ears; they looked like a real barber had trimmed them.

He adjusted his position and approached the back of Cole's neck for the final part of the cleanup. He pushed Cole's head down into his chest forcefully, cleaned up his neck, then blocked off his square neckline, carefully rounding the corners. Supercuts had left his neckline entirely too long and low before, so Cole's dad brought it up about an inch. Cole was quite submissive in this process as he trusted his dad, despite looking around a little bit out of boredom. Pat brought Cole's head back up and noticed that the line was slightly high, but preferred this look personally. He had shaved higher than the normal neckline by 3/4 of an inch and knew this because the hair growth was visibly darker where the regular hair grew. Pat was satisfied though, and it meant he could keep maintaining Cole's hair regularly since the higher necklines tend to look shaggy quicker. To finish off the cleanup, he would shave Cole's neck and around his ears. Pat unbuttoned the cape slightly and titled Cole's head down just a touch. He applied the shaving cream below the sideburns and shaved downwards. This was new to Cole, having gone to Supercuts his whole life. He also always shaved his face with an electric razor. He told Cole to take his shirt off so he could shave every hair. Pat next pushed Cole's head back down, this time more gently. He lathered up Cole's neck and behind the ears and shaved downwards. Cole liked the feeling, he felt like a man. His dad wiped off the excess and shaved again, this time upwards. He wiped off the excess and was proud of his work. Cole felt satisfaction as he felt his smooth neck.

"Looks good, thanks. I’m gonna want to go to a real barbershop soon." said Cole.
Cole's dad continued to clean him up every 2 weeks for the next 2 months.

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