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Mom's New Favorite Hair Clipper! by Buzz

Note: Following is a review and two comments from the old Epinions website involving overzealous moms who are passionate about keeping their sons bald. Do not read if you are offended by such content.

I had used a Wahl clipper for over two years and still recommend it as a good clipper for the money. When I saw these clippers on the Image Supply website, however, I could not pass them up. These clippers are the real thing. They are the ones you see in real barber-shops, not the smaller type you see in beauty shops for ladies short haircuts/neck shaves or in the unisex chain salons. These clippers are designed for heavy-duty barber-type use. Every Saturday, I clip, buzz, or shave the heads of the men in my household (husband and two boys, 14 and 10,)

My husband wears a crew-cut, which is a style that is buzzed up the back and sides and buzzed flat on top. I had shaved my boys' heads from mid-May to mid September. This is a great haircut for boys in the summer as it requires absolutely no maintenance and helps keep them clean and cool. During the winter months, I had let the boys grow their hair on top and comb it forward. I then clipped the front into short, straight bangs. My boys had already accumulated a good two inches of thick growth on the top this fall. I had usually been content to maintain this length on the top with a scissors, while I kept the back and sides buzzed with a clipper throughout the year. This year is different, however, as my boys went out for basketball! For an hour every morning and 90 minutes every afternoon, my boys work out and practice in a hot gymnasium. They were then going to class or coming home with their hair a wet, unkempt and untidy mess. When I saw them walk in the door Friday afternoon with those sweaty mop-tops, I made the decision that all of that hair had to go.

I had received the Oster clipper a few days earlier, so it was oiled up and ready to go! I sat my 14 year-old down in the kitchen chair and, working from front to back, quickly ran the clipper over his head using the #00000 blade, completely shaving off that two inch growth and taking it down to 1/125 of an inch. I could not believe how quickly and smoothly the hair came off! The clipper did not bog down or slow down at all and it took no longer than 15 seconds to shave the top of his head. The back and sides were easier still as that hair had been kept short. I was able to completely shave my son's head in less than a minute! My younger boy's head-shave went just as smoothly, taking about a minute. I really appreciate this as my younger boy is not as patient as the 14 year old and has a harder time sitting still.

My boys now look super neat and tidy and are glad to be rid of those sweaty mops! There's no more time wasted in the morning combing those "precious locks," either! Just a quick wipe of the washcloth and they're ready to go. The Oster clipper includes the #1 blade (leaves hair 3/32 of an inch) and a #00000 blade (leaves hair 1/125 of an inch). The #1l blade leaves a small amount of stubble for "Butch" style haircuts. While the #00000 blade shaves the head (my favorite way to go!). The clipper also comes with a blade guard, which protects the clipper blade from damage; clipper oil, clipper grease, and cleaning brush. The clipper is made in the USA and comes with a one-year warranty. I recommend oiling the clipper after each use. This will preserve blade life and help the clipper stay as quiet as possible. Keep in mind that this is not as quiet as the "magnetic-type" cheaper clipper. This one has a more powerful motor and is louder, so your kitchen will sound like a barber shop while you are using the clipper, but this clipper takes the hair off so fast that it shouldn't be a problem. I have decided that I will now keep my boy's heads shaved or, at most, leave 1/8 inch stubble throughout the year.

The cost of the clipper may seem high, but when you think of what you pay each year in haircuts for even one boy, you can see that the clipper will pay for itself in just one year--and this is a clipper that will last for many, many years. Some moms have told me that they get frustrated using a clipper. This is usually because they are trying to keep the hair too long or trying to blend between longer hair and shorter. My advice is to just give your boys a good, simple buzz-cut. Don't worry about blending different lengths-just run the clipper over their entire head for a nice, tight head-shave. This is the best possible haircut a boy can have and it is now the only haircut I will give a boy. The ladies in my neighborhood know that if they bring their boy over to my house for a haircut, I will shave his head. Period. If you are not comfortable shaving the head, however, you can order a #2 blade on Oster's website for around S20. This will leave hair 1/4 inch all over for a perfect "Butch" haircut! (I have found that there is no reason a boy's hair ever needs to grow past 1/4 inch and a boy's hair should not be allowed to touch his ears or the back of his neck).

Please let me know if you have any questions about clipper cutting or to tell me about how this clipper worked for you!

UPDATE: Just a quick update for you. I attended my boys first game this afternoon and had parents coming up to me complementing me on my boys short buzzcuts and asking me where to go to get them. They were surprised when I said "my kitchen!" We live just two blocks from the school, so after the game I invited any boy brave enough to follow us home for a free haircut. Five of them did--although they didn't have much choice with their moms pulling them along by their ears!

Three of the five boys had longish hair on the top of their heads--three to four inches length--with the back and sides trimmed somewhat short. One boy had a typical "mop" type cut of 4-5 inches all over. And one boy, another 9th grader and friend of my son, had long hair almost to his shoulders. I've felt so sorry for that poor guy as he looked so miserable being so hot in the gym and struggling with all that long hair. I was thrilled when his mother requested that I shave his head!

Any other clipper would have really had a workout taking off all the hair of five boys, but my Oster clipper wasn't phased in the least. I buzzed off the hair of five boys in less than 10 minutes! (Three of the moms requested that I use the #1 blade on their boys, leaving 3/32 of an inch length. Two of the moms requested that I use the #00000 blade, for a total head-shave). Even the boy with the nearly shoulder-length hair was no match for the Oster. In less than two minutes, all of his hair was on my kitchen floor! The Oster clipper did not bog down or slow down at all. I guess this shouldn't be surprising as this clipper is used for military induction haircuts, but I was still impressed. So was the boy's mother as she has been nagging him to get a haircut for months. She has promised me one of her famous apple pies for doing such a great job buzzing her son's hair. I'll take the pie, but I give credit to the Oster clipper for the haircut. It is so powerful and takes the hair off so quickly that the boy doesn't have to sit under the cape forever. In just a minute or so, you're done!

ATTENTION ALL MOM'S OUT THERE! If your boys are involved in sports--or even if they are not--I urge you to shave their heads! I am now completely sold on this haircut! A quick wipe with a washcloth is all that's ever needed to keep them clean, so it's absolutely zero maintenance. Just a quick one minute buzz from the Oster per week is all that's ever needed to keep it shaved! Your boys will never miss their hair, once it's gone, and neither will you! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENT SECTION OF THIS REVIEW IF YOU HAVE TRIED THIS CLIPPER AND HOw IT WORKED FOR YOU!
This clipper is the greatest!

Thanks for your input. I had cut my three boys hair(1 1,9,6) with scissors two times, but it never came out right, so I gave up. When we go to the barber, my two youngest always throw fits, really embarrassing. We live in Florid and I always wanted to cut there hair very short. So....I ordered the Oyster clippers and received them three days later, wow fast shipping!
So, the next day I announced to my boys "it's haircut time". My oldest asked if we could stop to pick up a video game on the way home. I said, well, we can pick up the video game later, but we're not going to the barber, I'm going to cut your hair. Well, the oldest boy huffed and the two youngest started crying, it was expected. I told them to come back in the kitchen in fifteen minutes(so I could set everything up). I get everything ready to go, fifteen minutes past and no kids in the kitchen :(. So, I go out to the living room and all three were there playing video games. I make an announcement "who's first"? I get no response.
I ask again and get no reponse again. I said Kevin(1 1), your fist, lets go! Reluctly he gets up and follows me to the kitchen. I tell him to have a seat, put the cape around him and he lets out a gasp of air and says "don't mess it up, and NOT short"! I put on the number 00000 on the clipper. He sees this and says, "what are you doing". I said, I'm cutting your hair real short. He let out a BlG "NO"! As I turn on the clippers, I tell him to sit still and I start buzzing away, started on the sides and back. Meg, you were right, this clippers are the best, the hair came off real easy! I then finished off the top. My son got up and I told him not to got to the living room. I didn't want the other boys to know I shaved his head and that they were next!
I go back to the living room for my next victim, I said William(9), your next, lets go! He comes in crying, I calm him down and he stops crying. I put the cape on him, turned on the clippers and he turned at looked at me, I told him to tun, face front and hold still and we will be done in one minute. I started buzzing away and was done very fast again. He started crying uncontrollably, I felt bad, but it was 97 degrees out that day. And victim number three was done in the same manner. Now I have three bald boys! They have come to terms with it, I told them that I was going to keep it buzzed real short from now on. This happened about two weeks ago and my middle guy said, "I need a buzz mom"! He now likes it!
THANKS again meg!
I picked up the 76! I have three boys 11,9,6 and I have cut there are twice before, with not so good results. Going to the barber is a mission almost impossible. Living in Florida, it gets real hot and humid, so I wanted to cut there hair real short. When I announced to the boys, "its haircut time". My oldest boy asked if we could stop to pick up a video game on the way home. I said,"well, we can get the video game later, but we're not going to the barber, I'm cutting your hair". They all said "NO"! After calming everyone down and telling them itll be fine, I asked, "whos first"?

My oldest stepped forward, I told him to have a seat. As soon as he saw clippers instead of scissors, he freaked out and said, "NO" again. I said, "YES, I'm cutting your hair real short" I put on the 00000 blade, turned on the clippers and my son got up. I told him to sit or he was not getting any video game. Of coarse he sat down real quick! I turned on the clippers again and he squirmeda bit, I told him to hold still and ran the clippers from the front to back over the crown. I was done in about two minutes. He was very angry with me, but I told him to get over it and I was going to keep it that short.

I then called in my next son, told him to have a seat. Turned on the clippers and buzzed away, no yelling, crying or anything. I called my third boy. He asked me not to cut it too short. He has a thing for the military, so I asked him if he would like to look like an army man, "I can cut your hair to look like your in the army and we'll go out later and get a uniform. He smiled reluctantly and said okay. So I buzzed away and was done just as fast as the other two. My youngest was the happiest. I now have three bald boys and I'm loving it!!!

BTW, I was surprised at how short that blade cuts the hair, without cutting the scalp. I mean, the next step IS completely BALD. That might be next;)


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