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The subject is in a school? by School grey shorts

I couldn't belive what my tutor was saying to me" I have to go to peterson high school for this"" yes tim" replied Mr Wilson " bloody hell, is there any other way sir" " no tim there isn't, you have a interview tomorrow morning " " great "
I got of the bus and walked through the school gates and headed to the school reception, behind the desk was a woman in her 40s " morning my name tim tyler, I have a interview at 10am please " the receptionist looked at her monitor " yes, the headmaster is expecting you, follow me tim please " the receptionist opened the in front of her, I walked in.
"A, you must be tim tyler," we shock hands " have a seat " I sat down when the receptionist came in with tea for the headmaster and non for me ' how rude ' I thought.
While the headmaster was talking to me he drank his tea, it wasn't about the school, what he did at the weekend ' he likes to hear the sound of his own voice, what a dick head ' i thought again " right, why you are here...yes to come to my school for the microbiology class "" that's right sir, for 4 weeks "" OK, you start Monday morning tim, hear is the school rule book look it over before you start, list of your school uniform "" uniform sir?""yes tim the school uniform ".

Got back to my flat and sat at the kitchen table, took out the school rule book from my shoulder bag and read it " all these rules, I have to follow, for 4 weeks at this school, s**t" then I saw " boys haircut have to be short back and sides, knee school socks pulled up at all times with band to hold them up.
The rules went on and on " respect your teachers and prefects at all times, no smoking or drinking at the school ".
"Prefects, 6th formers are allowed to leave school property for lunch and behave like adults, uniforms should be clean with a tied appearance, appearance should be with a clean and facial hair shaved , PE kits dark blue" ," I don't need one ".
In the morning I had breakfast, got dressed and left my flat when Patrick came walking out from his " tim where are you headed so early "" haircut Patrick "" we are headed to the park for a barbecue as it going to be hot this weekend "" sounds good, I see you there ".
I got to the barbershop and went in " morning sir"" morning, have a seat " I did " what can I do for you this morning "" short back and sides please "" I give you a real short back and sides " I looked as the barber put out clippers, scissors, flat board for the clippers, hair cut tool to cut in deep to the hair.
The barber picked up the clippers and started to cut away, my hair fell all over the barber chair, he picked up the hair tool and cut real deep into my hair, " keep your head down please " I did what he said.
Scissors was next, he started cutting and cutting " there all done young man " I looked at myself in the mirror OMG I thought" it's really, really short, I asked for a short back and sides not old fashioned short back and sides "" what's wrong with it young man " replied the barber " I forgot " he put on breal cream on my hair " I look half my age, great, thanks barber man" I paid him " come every 2 weeks and I trim it for you oh fix your shorts please before you leave " I did " good boy enjoy the rest of your day ".
Came to to the school uniform shop and walked in" hello sir I am here to pick up my school uniform, name tim tyler " " great old fashion haircut kid "" I think it's to short sir" I replied back to the man " nonsense kid it really suits you, there you go your uniform " the man handed me a bag " with your uniform and your haircut, you will look smart young man ".

I went to some coffee shops and they wouldn't let me in " sorry kid you are too young for coffee " that's what I got when I entered so got myself a milkshake instead, got back to my flat put the bag down and headed to the park.
The park was full, saw Patrick with the others and walked over to them " Patrick why is this kid coming over to us" Patrick turned round " don't know Steve " " Patrick "" s**t tim, I didn't recognise you with that really short hair, guys it's tim tyler from flat 4"" I felt not welcome " guys I invited tim to the barbecue, don't be ass holes"" it's OK Patrick, see you back at the flat " and walked off.

I got back to my flat and phoned up about a student flat that I saw , it was close to the high school " OK I be around to see it in half an hour ".
Walked into the flat and looked around " sir I take it ", got back to my other flat, packed all my stuff and left, it took me a while to unpack, took my school uniform out of the bag and ironed it.
Monday morning came I was up and dressed in my school uniform , it was a bit loose on me but it was for one day at a high school.
Walking up to the school I saw the other boys in their full school uniform with their
skull school caps and school grey shorts , they had the same haircut I had, prefects and 6th formers had their haircut ear Level, oops.

Went to the headmasters office " tim welcome to peterson high school "" thank you sir" " did you read the rule book "" I did" " it states boys haircut short back and sides "" the barber cut it to short sir"" rules are rules tim, no excuses " the headmaster got up from his chair " I am sorry to tell you this on your first day at school tim, you are in 4th year my boy, from today "" I can't be" I said with a surprise look on my face, " I am in 6th form "" if you read the rule book yes but it seems you didn't tim"" I leave " I replied " you are registered at the school and the university know you are here, but once I tell your tutor what has happened, you might be at my school for awhile " I looked at him " I be wearing the 4th year school uniform sir"" of course tim so go into that room over there, and change " I walked in and saw the uniform over a chair and got undressed, noticed a pair of white fronts under the school shorts.

The first thing I put on was the white fronts,white shirt, tie ,dark grey school shorts, knee socks, black shoes, grey school v neck with the school colours, black blazer, school skull cup " s**t it fits" left the room, stood in front of the headmaster " you suit the uniform tim, fits you perfectly " ok" " sorry"" I mean thank you sir" " tim instead of you be in my school just for one day, it's from now on"" I be here every day sir ?"" yes tim"" my university ""not for a while ".

The day went on I was treated like the rest of the 4th years but I did not know Mr Wilson my tutor and the headmaster were taking in his office.
"Mr Wilson about tim tyler "" yes that boy, I took his name of the university registion, he is no longer at university, birth certificate changed so he is 14years old"" parents " replied the headmaster " got a lovely couple who will raise tim, keep him in shorts permanently, have his parents looks"" plan has worķ?.

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