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The King and his Special Servant by CharlieBrown

In a faraway land there lived a lonely king named Sammy who was young but sadistic. King Sammy walked around his gargantuan castle all by himself he was only briefly accompanied by government officials who presented him domestic and foreign policy issues which he would hastily make decisions and have them immediately implemented. King Sammy longed for a fellow companion who he can talk to and degrade for his loneliness and sadistic emotions could no longer be contained. King Sammy then had the brilliant idea of hiring his own special servant. His wish was immediately implemented as he was soon presented with several young men all in their early twenties; however, one of them, in particular, captured his utmost attention.

King Sammy: Young man what’s your name and why are you interested in taking the position as my special servant?

Young Man: Your majesty my name is Omar and it would be an honor to serve you. To be quite frank I grew bored of the peasant life working in the fields and I’ve decided that serving you in this castle would be a great change of scenery.

King Sammy tried to hide a mischievous smile…

King Sammy: Well the honor is yours you will be my special servant. The rest of you are dismissed.

As the rest of the young men were dismissed King Sammy presented Omar a contract which he had to sign in order to start his position as the special servant. Omar excitedly signed the contract without reading it.

As Omar signed the contract King Sammy stared in lust at Omar’s unique features. King Sammy could hardly contain himself as he stared at Omar’s lush jet-black hair that was combed in a curtain hairstyle. King Sammy also admired Omar’s neatly trimmed beard that was so dense without any patches whatsoever. Omar’s tan skin, high cheekbones, and broad shoulders gave King Sammy goosebumps as he has never felt so sexually attracted to another human being.

As Omar finally signed off the last signature required, King Sammy clapped his hands and took a pair of clippers out of his pocket.

King Sammy: Wonderful, take your shirt off, get on your knees, and bow your head down you will be receiving your initiation cut.
Omar: (eyes widening) Your… Your majesty, what do you mean initiation cut?

King Sammy smugly replied: You’ve agreed to be my special servant and you will be receiving your special haircut.

Baffled Omar blurted out: Well that’s not what I’ve had in mind. I don’t want a haircut and I’m sorry but I don’t want to be your special servant either!
King Sammy: Oh do you now? Well, that’s a shame because you’ve signed the contract stating that you will work as my special servant for an entire year accepting every degrading task I ask you. Failure to do so will result in a life sentence in the Dungan.

King Sammy waved the contract in Omar’s face as Omar realized that the contract clearly stated the job description and the punishment for the failure to complete the requirements.

Omar meekly bowed his head and mumbled: Yes your majesty
King Sammy: Splendid you will look so cute with a shorn head!

King Sammy stared at Omar’s lush hair as his head was bowed down. Omar’s bangs fell over his face as he submitted to his humiliating initiation. King Sammy decided to use his scissors first as he grabbed a handful of Omar’s bangs and cut it down from 6 inches to only a fraction of an inch. As Omar’s bangs tumbled to the floor King Sammy gently raised Omar’s chin up to get a better look at the horrendous shearing that was inflicted on him. King Sammy laughed as he spat on Omar’s face.

King Sammy: You look so ridiculous without your bangs! At least you can see better; you no longer have to worry about your bangs covering your eyes anymore!

Omar winced as King Sammy’s spit dripped down his face. King Sammy was relentless at the shearing as he continued to cut off all of Omar’s dense hair. Lock after lock each of Omar’s dense hair was snipped off leaving about an inch of hair awkwardly standing in an upward direction.

King Sammy: Wonderful! Now comes the best part!

King Sammy tauntingly waved a pair of clippers in front of Omar’s face as he drove the clippers right down the middle of Omar’s butchered hair. As Omar’s hair fell down over his shoulders and face his head was shorn bare into microscopic stubble. Omar’s curtain-styled lush black locks were all gone now only leaving him with a rough gray scalp contrasting his tan skin.

To make matters worse and even more devastatingly humiliating King Sammy didn’t even put the effort to run the clippers over Omar’s head a few times to ensure that all the hair was shorn evenly. It only took King Sammy a mere minute to buzz off Omar’s head which left tufts of hair on Omar’s neckline, two strands of hair left in the front of Omar’s head, and some pieces of longer hair around the ears.

King Sammy laid his hand firmly on Omar’s shorn head and roughly rubbed it while smacking the back of Omar’s head.
King Sammy: That’s more like it a nice rough shorn head will teach you humility. No more gorgeous jet-black hair tumbling over your eyes! Next up your beard!

Omar winced as regret rained down on him. This extreme degradation wasn’t anything he was used to in fact he even misses his peasant life working long hours on the fields. Even the tiresome peasant life was still better than being degraded like this.

King Sam placed his hand on Omar’s shorn scalp to hold his head steady as he buzzed away his once attractive beard. The only silver lining to this ordeal was that at least King Sammy buzzed Omar’s beard in a uniform zero guard stubble, unlike the patchy hack job that was done to his head.

Omar’s last tuft of beard was shaved off his face as the hair tumbled down to a massive pile of hair right in front of Omar’s knees. The pile of hair on the floor consisted of Omar’s once soft jet black locks that were on his head as well as the hair of his once attractive beard.

King Sammy: You’re probably curious to look at how you look now. I’ll help you with that.
King Sammy grabbed a mirror that was lying next to him and lifted the mirror to Omar’s face. Omar’s bottom lip trembled and his eyes turned red as he saw his horrendous haircut transformation. Omar felt naked and vulnerable without his luscious black hair. Before the disastrous sheering Omar looked like a male model but now he looks like a prisoner instead.

After Omar was bathed he was seated on a pillow next to King Sammy’s throne. While government officials would present the king with numerous issues regarding the country King Sammy would listen while rubbing and patting Omar’s bald head. Unfortunately for Omar, his bald head was treated as an inanimate object by the king. Whenever the king would get frustrated with a policy proposal being presented he would slap Omar’s bald head as if he was slamming a table. When the king grew bored of sitting on his throne he would place his hand on Omar’s head as a way to lift himself up.

All of this degradation happened in mere hours which felt like months for poor Omar. King Sammy yelled: Omar fetch me a turkey sandwich and make sure you bring ranch on the side!

Omar: Yes your majesty!
Omar ran to the kitchen as he tried making the king a turkey sandwich.

King Sammy: Hurry up you imbecile!

Omar became flustered as he grabbed the sandwich and a bottle of ranch as he ran to the king.

King Sammy: You didn’t bring a plate? How am I supposed to dip the sandwich with ranch without a plate?
Omar stammered as the king stared at him.
King Sammy: Very well since I have such a kind heart I’ll use your bald head as my plate. Now get on your knees.
After Omar got down on his knees in front of King as King Sammy squirted the ranch all over Omar’s bald head. Ranch was dripping down Omar’s head as the king dipped the sandwich on Omar’s ranch-covered scalp. While the king ate his sandwich with glee some of the contents of the sandwich fell on Omar’s head but it didn’t matter Omar’s head was objectified as the King’s dinner plate. All Omar has to do is endure another 364 days with King Sammy until he can return to his peasant life. Omar never thought he would appreciate his former humble life in the fields until now.

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