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Never too bald. Never too hairy. by Etienne

The first time I saw him, it was three years ago, and from the back. He was sitting in the grass, sunbathing. Very still. I was fascinated by his very large back. The man was such a bear that he did seem to wear a furcoat. Big long black thick hairs. Very curly at the end, specially on the shoulders. I became immediatly horny. That was a real man. THE man. But something made him even more virile. It was the MBP. A very large one. Nothing anymore on the head. His top was totally naked, till deep in the neck. Only red bare skin. The guy just had a narrow crown of hair, as he wanted to show us he was really bald and not only shaved. I allways found MPB on men very attractive. It’s for me the perfect sign of male beauty. It’s a blessing to loose your curls as soon as possible. I had alas thick brown hair. A misfortune.

I wanted to approach, but it was too late. He was going. Il just saw him put on a shirt. His arms and hands were very hairy too, as I hoped. The man was going away and I could’nt do anything but look at the very chubby profile. I had to wait for the next occasion. But the day after was supposed to be sunny too. Very warm. I came a litle bit early and I waited. I was not desappointed. The guy came back some minutes after me. I saw him this time face to face. The same MBP, of course, but with a big, deep scar on the right side. I love scars too. He had not a real beard, but he did seem not to have shaven for at least a week. So, the lower face was black. And the short hairs of the chin continued on the throat. Without interruption. Black, like the ones he had on his chest. They were so long and curly between his heavily pierced nipples that you could’nt even see the skin under. I was starring at him. I tried not to be offensive. But impossible to look at anything else. It was too erotic. The guy noticed me quickly and began to touch his bald head and furry chest just to excite me more. He even had a look inside his pants.

The first step was done. It was easy after to enter in contact. We spoke a little. He was funny and nice. He did notice easily how hard I was horny. So he proposed soon to go with him to his home. «You’ll have the full treatment. Two or three loads.» I only asked for that. «It will probably hurt you the fist time. I’m big» Yes, I thought so. But I could play with all the gorgeous hair. It was our first real contact, but certainly not the last one. The next weeks, as we kept in touch, we had hard sex at his home. We walked a little bit after together. And one evening he took me with him to see his old pals. It was at a small bar, in the center of the town. Only men outside. Big bears with rough beards, strong manly perfumes and big bellies. Everybody was drinking beer. «Beer is good for the stomach», told me my mentor. I did’nt understand. «To make the stomach grow.» I could see the lights of the enormous cigars. Most of these wonderfull guys had short hair and, as I appreciated, big proud MBP. «The faster the hairs go away, the better it is» said to me with a smile one de the guys looking at my curls. I felt bad. I was an alien here. How could I quickly become as bald as these wonderfull men? I was also too thin. Much too thin. Almost skinny. How many beers should I drink before to be at least plump?

My companion noticed my complicated thoughts. «Tomorrow, I’ll take you to my barber. A real barber. You’ll like him. It’s a first step.» Interesting. The next day we were both into an old shop. The hairdresser was a man in his fifties, totally shaven. Tattoos everywhere. A pal too. «He did cut hair before in the army.» We shaked hands. He saw my brown mop. «Far too long. How much do I let you? A quarter of inch, less or far less?» My man said to him. «A quarter will be good for the moment.» The bald barber began to buzz me with a firm hand. I liked the feeling. It was my first, but certainly not last, clipper shearing. It was done in three minutes. Eight inches on the floor. «Now you look better» said the hairdresser. Yes and no. I still felt miserable, even if I loved immediately the short cut. But my partner had said after all: «Only the first step». It meant the severe haircut was just a beginning. «Exact. You said it. I think I’ll bring you soon to Dr Gallock. He helped lot of us to be what we are. You’ll like him too. I’ll take an appointement.»

Six days after I sat in Dr Gallock’s office. The man was something like forty five. Warm and selfconfident. My lover said to me he was THE specialist with hormones. He helped girls to become boys, boys to feel like men ans men to go into huge bears. That was my case. I knew it now. I just wanted to be hairy, mayby fat and certainly bald. As bald as my partner. I was absolutely sure of myself. Dr Gallock listened to us. He had the right treatment. «It will be quiet long, but your complete body will change. Hair will grow on your chest. And after, if everything goes right, on your back. You’ll probably take some pounds. Or even more weight. It’s up to you.» A had a deep breath. A dream came true. I was in trance. «You’ll loose some hair on your head too. Not if I do the light injections. But if you desire the strong treatment, as I think you want, you’ll risk to become someday hairless. Totally hairless» I was in heaven. I had my answer ready. «I hope to get as bald as an egg.» Dr Gallock smiled. «I can make your wish true. It will be the strong treatment.»

The first weeks, I hardly notices any changes. But it’s allways difficult to know what’s different when you look at yourself everyday. The pals of my boyfriend were happy that I did see the good doctor. «He will make out of you a bear in three years. Or even less. You’ll love the result. Don’t hesitate to go a little bit too far.» I drank beer with them. Much beer. It’s better to take some pounds with the best thing and the right people. After four months, I had the impression that my bodyhair began to grow. It was only an impression. But was it after all? My partner said he did see something now. He was as happy as me. We did agree. I convinced him. He wanted me bushy allover now. Furry was not enough for us. I had to break records of manhood. Two monthes later, the things were clearer. I had a little hair on the chest. Some in the back. And of course on the legs. The treatment was going on for more than half a year now. I took more pills as indicated by the doctor between the injections. It was not in vain. I gladly saw that I was soon ten pounds heavier. Then fifteen. Difficult to notice the change for the other people. As my partner said, «It’s only when you have much overweight that the things are becoming interesting.»

The next winter was a time of discretion. Nobody saw me getting bigger and more hairy. It was however like an explosion inside and outside. Bodyhair everywhere. Still a little bit thin and short. «But they will after become very long and thick», had said the doctor. And something happened too. I noticed that I began to loose hairs from my forehead. They were longer now because of the coldness. It was fantastic to see so many of them finish in the comb. More and more each day. My partner make his pleasure to pull my little locks when we were vigorously joking in bed. He was thrilled when some hairs remained between his fingers. He pulled then stronger and stronger. I was excited too. The big transformation had now began. Dr Gallock was amazed when I saw him again. «It goes much quicker as I tought.» He said he could make now the treatment less drastic. We could easily slow down. Even make a little break. What! A break! I of course did desagree with him. «Is it not possible to make it more violent. More radical?» The man had a big smile. It was just a jest from him. «Exactly what I thought. You want to become a heavy bear is’nt it. No limits?» I answered in half a second «You said it, doctor. No limits».

The new treatment was a little bit risky. Not quiet legal. But efficient. And, in fact, radical. The next six months, hairs began to grow very black on my belly and ass. My legs became spectacular. Bunches of bodyhairs. I had now a bush under my arms and around my dick. Lot of hairs on my hands and even my fingers. My favorite ones. Furry hands are so sexy. Everybody was looking at me when a was with the boys of the bar. Some of the guys carressed my chest. Other played with the hairs of my neck. One or two had even a lucky hand in my trousers. «It’s so hot.» My partner was a little bit jealous, of course.So I advise him to go to the good doctor to become even more hairy. What he did with good results. But two other things happened. I lost more and more hair on the top of my head, to my great satisfaction. It was a real improvement. I saw now the demarcation line in the back of my head. Only very thin hair above, over the now visible skin. Almost nothing anymore on the top. Thick brown hair still grew on the other hand under the line. The future crown. I decided lo let my beard grow. It was also very thick. And it covered my entire cheeks. What a satisfaction!

After two years, and not three as planed, the transformation was quite OK. I felt glad with the new me. Beer, steacks, cream and pastry had done their good job. Some months ago, I was already sixty pounds heavier. Not skinny anymore. Not plump anymore. Not even chubby. I was at least beefy, and it still remained a pleasure too see my body grow. To prove his agreement, my partner recently offered me two solid pairs of german braces. «You’ll need them soon to support your expanding stomach.» He’s right. I happily took twenty lovely pounds recently. And my head is now as bald as an egg. Forever bald. It’s shining in the sun. It’s smooth to lick. That nakedness creates even for some time big folds in the back of my neck. I really love these deep folds. So manly. They should become even bigger. Anyway, there is no turning back. I will allways remain bald, hairy and beefy. But as say often my man, «if there is no turning back, there is a big looking foreward.» Listening to that, I normally laugh and eat. He laughs too, kisses me and then pulls me down and f***s me bareback. We are an old couple now. I may enjoy his seed.

Everybody looks at me now, specially on the beach when I take off my tight shirt. Or if I walk in the streets with a dung leaving my shaggy back naked. I see the big eyes. «What a sexy man of forty», did I hear recently form two girls. «I adore older men with MBP.» It’s a good beginning. I love the idea. After all, I’m only twenty four! A twenty four years old bear of 240 pounds. In a near future I’ll be a glorious bear of 300 pounds with even more thick bodyhairs and a perfectly sleek chromed dome. The bigger the better! I’m not shy anymore. Thanks, Dr Gallock! You made of me a real man!

P.S.I am french speaking.

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