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Dominic part 2 by Bald K

Dominic and his grandad walked out of Mr Evans barber shop and made their way to the car.
"Maybe next time, you will think about what you say before you say it, young man," Tom said to Dominic as they started the drive into the city.
"Yes, grandad," Dominic replied.
After a fifteen-minute drive, Tom pulled up in a car park and got out of the car and Dominic. Without saying a word, Dominic followed his grandad down a side road and into a shop with the wording Wilson’s gentlemen’s outfitter engraved in the window.
"Good morning, Terrence," Tom said to an elderly gentleman.
"Good morning to you, Thomas. I hope you are well," Mr Wilson replied.
" I am very well, thank you," Tom told Mr Wilson. "I wonder if you would be so kind as to supply my grandson with some suitable clothing instead of the disgusting clothes he has taken upon himself to wear."
"It will be my pleasure," Mr Wilson told Tom as he picked up a tape measure from the counter. "If you would be so kind as to remove your jacket, young man," Mr Wilson told Dominic.
Dominic removed his jacket and handed it to his grandad. "Mr Wilson took measurements of Dominic’s waist, inside leg and a few others.
"I presume it will be formal white shirts with a couple of ties?" Mr Wilson asked Tom.
"It will be indeed, and a formal three-piece suit is also required for when he attends church and other functions," Tom replied. "Also a trilby hat if you would be so kind."
"It will be my pleasure," Mr Wison replied as he selected a three-piece suit for Dominic in a dark grey colour.
"Go into the changing room and try on your suit, young man," Tom told Dominic. "And come out so we can ensure it is suitable for you."
Dominic took the suit off Mr Wilson and walked into the changing room and looked at himself in the mirror before removing his clothes and dressing in the formal shirt and the suit before walking out to show his grandad.
"A vast improvement, young man," Tom told Dominic as Tom handed Dominic a trilby.
"Thank you, sir," Dominic replied as he looked in the mirror and placed the trilby on his head. "I look a complete dork dressed like this," Dominic thought to himself as Mr Wilson proceeded to put the shirts and trousers his grandad had selected for him into carrier bags.
Tom thanked Mr Wilson as he paid for Dominic’s clothes before walking out of the shop and entered a shoe shop a couple of doors down and purchased a couple of pairs of black shoes.
"We left my old clothes with Mr Wilson. We had better call in to retrieve them, sir," Dominic said to his grandad.
"No need for that. I told Mr Wilson to dispose of them for you," Tom told Dominic as they walked back to the car.

"You look very smart in your new suit," Dominic’s nan said as Dominic walked into the house. "But you should have let him keep some of his hair, Tom."
"He would have had some hair left on his head if he had not been insolent saying I don’t know why you don’t just shave the rest off," Tom replied. "So I told Mr Evans to carry out his desire to have no hair."
"It will grow back," Dominic’s nan sighed.
"Go and change from your suit and put a new pair of trousers on," Tom told Dominic. "You are working in the shop this afternoon, so you can start paying off what you owe me for your clothes."
Dominic picked up the carrier bags, made his way upstairs, changed out of the suit, and put on a new pair of trousers before hanging his suit up in the wardrobe.
Making his way back to the main room, Dominic ate the sandwich that his gran had made him before following his grandad into the shop.
"Mr Wells will school you at the school from tomorrow," Tom told Dominic. "You will find him in his office as he head of year four, and you will attend from nine in the morning until one in the afternoon."
"Yes, sir," Dominic replied.
"You will then have your luncheon before working in here until we close," Tom told Dominic. "If your school work and work in the shop is satisfactory, you may have some free time."
"You are very kind, sir," Dominic replied in a sarcastic voice.
"Any more talk in that voice, Dominic, you will feel my slipper on your backside."
"Sorry, grandad," Dominic sighed.
"You can start by stacking the shelves, start with the tinned meat you will find in the storeroom," Tom told Dominic.
Dominic restocked the tinned meat on the shelves and the other chores Tom set him for that afternoon.
"Right, time to shut up for the day," Tom said to Dominic as Tom checked the time on his watch.
As Tom walked over to the door to lock it, Dominic quickly grabbed a packet of cigarettes from the shelf along with a box of matches and put them in his pocket.
"Will it be ok to take a walk after tea?" Dominic asked Tom.
"If you would like to do that, I can see no problem," Tom replied. "You might get to know a few of the local boys."

Walking down the street after his tea, Dominic opened the pack of cigarettes and took one out. Placing it in his mouth, Dominic took out the matches, lit the cigarette, and sat down on a bench.
"S***, don’t the young guys leave home after tea?" Dominic thought to himself as he took a drag on the cigarette.
"Hi, not seen you here before?" A boy about Dominic’s age sat down next to him. "Give us a fag, Please, mate."
"My dad has forced me to come and stay with my grandparents as I f***ed up at school where I live," Dominic told the boy.
"That is tough. I am Scott, by the way," Scott said to Dominic.
"Nice to meet you mate, I am Dominic, but you can call me Dom," Dominic replied.
"So, who are you staying with?" Scott asked Dominic.
"Mr Jones, who runs the grocery store," Dominic replied. "Five weeks of hell and being tutored by a bloke called Mr Wells."
"God, that is hell, mate," Scott told Dominic as Scott lit up another cigarette Dominic gave him. "You don’t look sixteen, though."
"I am fourteen mate, I nicked the fags off the shelf when he was not looking as he closed the shop," Dominic replied as he lit up a cigarette.
"Your grandad will hit the roof if he finds out," Scott told Dominic. "Did he make you get the extreme haircut?"
"When I arrived, I had just had it permed," Dominic sighed. "Grandad forced me into the barbers this morning, and Mr Evans gave me grade one when I mouthed off about I may as well not have any hair, so he told the barber to shave me smooth."
"Mind if I say something, Dom?" Scott inquired. "You look f***ing good with no hair. My dad has told me to get a decent haircut, and the grade one seems to be getting popular with teenagers like us."
"Thank’s for that. I appreciate it," Dominic told Scott. "I better get off home as I was only going out for a walk."
"Meet up tomorrow, mate, same time as there will be others with me," Scott suggested to Dominic. "It is army cadet night at the school tonight, and most of the boys are there."
"If I am allowed out, I would like that," Dominic replied. "Here, take the fags, mate, bring them back with you tomorrow."
"Yeah, I will do, mate, see you tomorrow," Scott told Dominic as Scott put the cigarettes in his pocket.
Dominic made his way back to his grandparent’s house and walked in, pausing before he walked into the main room.
"Have you been smoking?" Tom asked Dominic as he smelt the smoke on Dominic.
"The one I was chatting to was, cannot think of his name," Dominic lied.
"If I ever catch you smoking, you will regret it," Tom told Dominic in a stern voice. "Now to bed, young man, we open the shop at six in the morning."
"Yes, grandad, I will see you at six in the shop tomorrow morning before I attend school," Dominic sighed as he made his way to his bedroom.

The following morning after ensuring that he had tied the Windsor knot correctly on his tie, Dominic made his way downstairs and into the shop to see Tom unlocking the door and putting the open sign in the window.
"Good morning, Dominic. You look very smart in your new clothes," Tom told Dominic as a man walked into the shop.
"Good morning Mr Thompson. I trust you are well this fine morning," Tom said to Mr Thompson.
"I am well, thank you, Tom," Mr Thompson replied. "Did my boy Scott purchase any cigarettes from you yesterday?"
"I do not sell to underage boys or girls, Tony. You should know that," Tom replied.
"Scott came home last night, and he smelt of tobacco smoke. He said he was talking to a gentleman that had taken a wrong turning in his car." Tony told Tom. "Is this your grandson you were talking about on Friday?"
"Yes, this is Dominic. He is staying with us for the duration of the school holidays and having extra lessons with James to catch up on his schoolwork," Tom replied.
"Same as my boy, Scott," Tony said to Tom. "A pack of my usual cigarettes and my newspaper, if you would be as kind."
Tom handed Tony the cigarettes and newspaper and placed the money in the till.
"Young Scott needs a haircut, maybe like your grandsons on the back and sides and leaves a bit on the top," Tony said as he put his change in his pocket and walked to the door.
"Were you with Scott last night? And do not lie to me," Tom said to Dominic. "Did Scott have the cigarettes, or was it you?"
"No, I was not with this Scott last night," Dominic lied. "I told you what I did last night, and the young guy I was with was in his twenties."
"That Scott is nothing but trouble," Tom muttered under his breath. "Now lay the papers out on the counter."
"Me and Scott are going to get on well then," Dominic thought to himself as he set about laying the newspapers out.

Dominic made his way into the central school building and walked up a flight of stairs, where he saw Scott standing outside a door.
"Hey, your dad said you would be here," Dominic said to Scott. "How did it go with your dad and the smoke on your jacket?"
"I don’t think he believed me," Scott replied. "How about your grandad?"
"Same, what have you done with the ciggies?" Dominic asked Scott.
"Stored safely away so we can have one after this session with old man Wells," Scott replied.
"Enter the classroom," Mr Wells told Dominic and Scott as he walked down the corridor.
Dominic and Scott walked into the classroom and sat one desk away from each other.
"I see your grandfather has made you get rid of those girly curls, Dominic," Mr Wells said to Dominic as he placed a maths exercise bool in front of him and Scott. "You both have one hour to complete the exercises from page ten to twenty." Mr wells said as he placed a packet of cigarettes on his desk next to the ashtray.
"Oh s***!" Dominic thought to himself as he looked at the first exercise in the book. "If a greengrocer purchases twenty-five kilos of potatoes from a farmer at twenty pence per kilo and sells them at thirty-five pence per kilo a: what is the mark up as a percentage? B: what is the total profit if the greengrocer sells all the potatoes? C: the farmer sells sixty per cent of the at thirty-five pence but the rest at cost; what is the total profit? "How the f*** am I supposed to know this?"
"Excuse me, Mr Wells, sir, but can you help me, please?" Dominic asked Mr Wells.
Mr Wells put his cigarette in the ashtray and walked over to help first Dominic and then Scott with the first problem.

"Right, it is midday. I will see you both tomorrow at nine sharp," Mr Wells told Dominic and Scott.
Dominic and Scott handed in the other assignments they had been set and walked out of the school building and down the side of the school building, where Scott lifted a dustbin to reveal the cigarettes and handed one to Dominic.
"What are you doing this afternoon?" Scott asked Dominic.
"Working in the shop," Dominic sighed.
"Before that, do you fancy accompany me to see old man Evans so I can get a haircut?" Scott inquired.
"Why do you want me to accompany you?" Dominic asked Scott.
"Just for company," Scott said as he took a long drag on the cigarette.
"Yeah, ok, mate," Dominic replied as he exhaled the smoke.
Dominic and Scott finished their cigarettes and placed the butts in the dustbin before setting off to see Mr Evans in his barbershop.
"Great, nobody waiting," Scott said as he walked in, followed by Dominic.
"Yes, Scott, what can o do for you?" Mr Evans asked Scott.
"Same as you did on my mate yesterday," Scott replied.
"Very well if that is what you want, but I do not think your father will approve," Mr Evans told Scott as he secured the cape around Scott’s neck.
"Look, he warned me that if I did not get a short haircut today, he would drag me down here tomorrow morning, so do as I ask," Scott told Mr Evans in no uncertain terms.
Without saying another word, Me Evans picked up his Oster clippers and checked that the 00000 blades were attached to it before flicking the switch.
"You are quite sure that you want all your hair shaved off like Dominic had yesterday?" Mr Evan asked Scott.
"Look, just do it, ok?" Scott told Mr Evans as he got a bit angry.
Scott smile as he watched Mr Evans reduced Scott’s dark blonde hair to stubble before shaving the stubble off, so Scott was bald like Dominic.
"Yeah, looks great, thank Mr Evans," Scott said as he stood up and rubbed his bald head. "Jump in the chair, mate, get your stubble removed so we can be bald brothers," Scott said to Dominic.
"I have no money," Dominic sighed.
"I will do it free of charge for you on this occasion," Mr Evans told Dominic.
Dominic strolled over to the chair and sat down. Mr Evans draped a towel over Dominic’s shoulders before lathering up the small amount of stubble that had grown over that twenty-four hours since Dominic had his head shaved. Mr Evans carefully reshaved Dominic’s head and put the razor down.
"If you both want to keep it shaved, then it will cost you nothing, but you must come every day," Mr Evans told Dominic and Scott.
"What about Sunday?" Scott asked Mr Evans.
"That is the only you will not be having your heads shaved," Mr Evans replied as Scott paid for his haircut.
"See you after our school lessons with Mr Wells," Scott said with a grin on his face. "Come on, let’s get out of here."
You did not have to get your head shaved like me," Dominic told Scott.
"Look, you look brilliant with no hair, and my dad wanted me to get it cut short, and you cannot get it any shorter than this," Scott replied. "Anyway, I love it."
"I had better get home to the shop. See you this evening," Dominic sighed.
"Yeah, bring another pack of ciggies if you can," Scott told Dominic.
"No problem," Dominic replied as he pushed the door to the shop open.
"You were supposed to be here thirty minutes ago," Tom told Dominic.
"Sorry, I was talking to Scott, who has extra lessons like me," Dominic replied. "I also saw Mr Evans, who offered to reshave my head, which I thought you would have wanted."
"I was going to let you grow a bit of hair, but if that is how it is to be, then you will remain shaved until you go home," Tom told Dominic. "Now go and have your sandwich and then get back in here."
Walking into the house, Dominic made his way to the bathroom and looked at his reflection in the mirror.
"I agree with Scott, and the shaved head is a fantastic look to keep in the summer," Dominic thought to himself

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