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Newby's Barber Shop by InnocentKink

Rick: Welcome back to Good Morning Rockingham! This morning’s guest provides a treatment for men that can be seen as a dream or a nightmare, depending on the guy. The treatment is called Chrome Dome, and my guest, Joe Newby, of Newby’s barber shop, is the only place in town that provides it. Joe is here to explain Chrome Dome and go over some of the myths and facts. Welcome Joe!

Joe: Thanks for having me. My shop is called Newby’s Barber Shop, and is located in Downtown Rockingham, close to Main and Fifth.

Rick: Our first question is, what is Chrome Dome, and why would I want it?

Joe: Chrome Dome is a scalp treatment that removes the hair follicles, it lasts at least six weeks. Its for men who wish to stay bald without shaving their heads all the time. Rick, you’re a regular in the shop, and have had multiple treatments, why did you want it?

Rick: I have shaved my head for years. I have very little fringe, and being on television every morning, I have to shave it every morning, and sometimes there is still a shadow. I saw an ad online and I was surprised to have somewhere in town that offered this, so I decided to try it out. Me, and my producer, loved it. I no longer need to spend so much time prepping for TV, I just visit your shop once every couple of months to ensure my hair doesn’t return.

What is your average customer like, how long have you been offering Chrome Dome, and how popular is it?

Joe: I started offering Chrome Dome a little over a year ago. My son had it done a couple of years ago in New Zealand and raved about it. When I saw how smooth his head was even a month after he got home, and how his full scalp eventually returned, I felt this would be a good service to provide.

Chrome Dome markets to middle aged men that already have significant hair loss or already shave their head. I would say that is the bulk of our business, but we do guys as young as 18, and even several guys in high school. Last summer, a couple of teachers got Chrome Domed and as soon as fall started, we had their students coming in here requesting it. I was initially a little hesitant, but their parents signed the waiver, and they had it done.

When we first started offering the treatment, our clients weren’t too receptive, we maybe had one or two a weekend. Its slowly picked up, and now, we can have a wait of two hours on weekends.

Rick: I’ve definitely noticed that the Chrome Dome room of your shop is busier every time I visit. I believe the top myth is that it hurts. I can tell you from experience, it does not hurt. After having Chrome Dome applied to my scalp, it tingled. After removal, Joe applies a couple of different lotions to soothe the scalp, and some care instructions are provided. At worst, after treatment, my head has felt like a mild sunburn.

Another myth is that it smells. While it definitely has a strong scent, its not like chemicals, its like a strong classic barbershop scent. Why is that?

Joe: The company wants the experience of getting Chrome Domed to be as much of a barbershop experience as getting a haircut. That barbershop scent is part of the experience. That’s one reason that we don’t do appointments, barbershops are supposed to be walk-in only.

Rick: Another rumor is that Chrome Dome can be permanent? Is it safe?

Joe: I believe it is safe. We’ve offered it to all sorts of guys, some regrow their hair, some continue the treatments. Its hard to tell if the guys that get repeat treatments experience any hair loss since they get treated when there’s only a couple of patches reappearing. Even in the worst case scenario, a bald head is not a bad thing. Nowadays, young guys get all kinds of tattoos, now those are permanent. This is minimal risk.

Rick: Have you ever had any clients regret it?

Joe: I don’t believe so. I’ve had several guys go from a full head of hair to a Chrome Dome, who react very surprised when the treatment is completed, and I’m sure they’re even more surprised when it is not growing back. I don’t think they regret it though, they chalk it up to life experience, most guys are good sports.

Rick: Have you ever turned down any clients?

Joe: One time we had a dad bring in his son to get Chrome Domed as punishment. I turned down that one, I did shave his head bald though.

Rick: Wow, harsh!

Joe: We also get a fair amount of guys that are unsure whether its for them. I usually offer a headshave for them, quite a few do go for the Chrome Dome though.

Rick: I’ve noticed the vibe in your shop is fun, and the Chrome Dome section is even funner. I imagine some guys try it just to hang out in the side room?

Joe: It can definitely be an amped up version of our barbershop atmosphere. Since the wait can be longer, and while the paste is working its magic, guys have to hang out for a while, and they’re all going for the same style, a comradery does form. Just be forewarned, if you walk back there with a full head of hair, you’ll probably get teased. Its even worse for guys that walk out of the room with hair, because they changed their mind.

Rick: Its all in good fun though. Once again, Newby’s Barbershop in Downtown Rockingham. Check it out. Get the Chrome Dome!

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