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She Got What She Wanted by SheShavedMe

She Got What She Wanted

My girlfriend and I just came back from a short run around the neighborhood
It was mid summer and it was already burning hot by 9am
When we got inside we immediately peeled off some layers of clothing
I was down to my boxers and she was in her panties and bra
We had some water and slowed our breathing down
I ran a hand through my sweaty hair and my girlfriend watch me as i did so
She suddenly had a weird smile on her face and asked me if I wanted to get a haircut due to the heat
I had always kept my hair buzzed short year round
I don't like long hair, it makes me a itch and it annoys me
I wasn't surprised by her question because she had taken on the role of taking care of me
She made sure to take care of the stuff that annoys me to keep me comfortable and stress free, no matter what it was
Part of that was cutting my hair to save some money
I said "sure I could use a buzz i guess"
She led me to the bathroom where she's given me haircuts before
I sat on the little stool that usually sat in the corner while she grabbed the clippers
She insisted on buying these whal balding clippers when we were looking for some
So there she was half naked with her bare ass on display as she leaned over plugging the clippers in
There was something very erotic just coming from a hot outside sun to a cool house and about to lose your hair to a sexy woman
She was 5 1/2 feet tall with long chocolate hair that hung to her mid back
Soft brown eyes and an hourglass figure that made any man linger on her for to long
She flicked the clippers on with a "click bzzzzzz" and took one last look at me
She said "I have a thing for a man with a shaved head, I think its time you were shaved slick bald don't you"?
I was caught off-guard by her dominating demeaner
I just sat there wide eyed at my beautiful girl standing there threatening to shave my head
I heard myself say "Do what you want babe, I'm your man".
She smiled as sat on my lap, gave me a kiss, and drove the clippers from my forehead to the back of my head
She smiled and giggle as she saw and felt the white strip she left in the middle of my head
As she continued I kept getting harder and harder
She was pressing firmly into my head with the clippers trying to cut every hair as short as possible
It didn't hurt but it let know who was in charge
After shaving the top to nothing she gave me another long passionate kiss
My hands were all over her and hers were all over where she shaved my head
She pulled away and stood up to finish the job
She roughly pushed my head down and continued her reign of terror on my hair
The back of my head was shaved quickly and efficiently as she stuck to her mission
Then my head was pushed to the left as she shaved around my right ear leaving no hair behind my ear
She denuded my right side and pushed my head to the right to finish the job on the left side
She whispered in my ear "almost done baldy"
Quickly the clippers were ran around my left ear and the left side became white skin just like the rest of it
The clippers were ran all over my head multiple times to make sure every hair was uniformly shaved
She finally clicked the clippers off and set them on the counter
I stood up not caring that I was at full attention below and embraced her from behind
I kissed her neck and worked my hands from her chest to her waist where I grabbed and pulled her panties down to the floor
Then I undid her bra and flung it away as we passionately made out
We found ourselves in the shower where things became extremely heated
Her hands always on my freshly shaved head
She finally pulled away from me and said "not yet Baldy, you're not smooth and slick yet"
I watched her naked body leave the shower and come back with shaving cream and a razor
I kneeled in front of her as she lathered my head up and ran the razor over my head
It was surreal feeling my girlfriend shave my head completely bald
After the first pass she ran her hand over my head enjoying the feeling of her destruction
Then she relathered my head and ran the razor over it a second time making me completely smooth and slick just like she wanted
We toweled off and I carried her over to the bed
She laid there as worked my way down from kissing her lips, neck, breasts, stomach, and then her pussy.
She closed her legs around my head feeling the smooth shaved skin as I pleasured her
Eventually i came up for air and slid inside her and had the best f*** you could imagine
We cuddled up afterwards and she continued running her hand over my slick head saying "you're now the perfect bald man"

We eventually got married and had a wonderful family together
This became and weekly accurance after we found a reliable babysitter!

The end

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