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At the end of the school year. by Jajko

At the end of the school year.
I hope you forgive me for my weak English.
The school year soon ended. I was 14 years old and like most boys long hair. In class, we agreed to take a photo together as a souvenir on the last day of school.
About 2 weeks before the end of the school year, my father warned me that I should have a haircut. In the joint photo, however, I wanted to have as long hair as possible, and then I could get a haircut over the holidays.
There were only 2 days left until the end of the school year, when my father said to me in a stern voice in the evenings: If you are not cut tomorrow, I will shave all the hairs on your head with a razor blade. I didn't want to be completely hairless, so I wanted to have it cut the next day with my modern barber.
After class, we agreed to go to the field to play football. It was 17 hours when we finished. I hurried to my barber, who was open until 6 p.m. When I came to the door it was only 17:15 but the door was locked. I knocked on the door. When the barber opened them, he told me that he had a full store, and if I wanted to get a haircut, I should come the next day.
I could still hear my father's words in my ears: If you don't get a haircut tomorrow, I'll shave all the hair on your head with a razor blade. .... There was no other modern barber shop nearby, so I decided to go to the old barber Nickolas. He was a dreaded barber for the boys, but if I explain to him what hairstyle I'm interested in, it probably won't be bad.
After 10 minutes, I open the door to the Nickolas barber shop. There were 2 older gentlemen sitting on the waiting chairs, there was a boy with his mother who was already cut by an 8-year-old boy with a very short haircut. His older brother was probably sitting in Holič's chair. He could have been about 12 years old. The barber combed his hair, which he then began to cut. I looked at pictures with short hairstyles of men and boys. Soon the boy left the barber's chair and had the same short hair as his younger brother. I felt sorry for both of them. While I was thinking about the boys, the barber cut the men who were in the barber shop in front of me.
When another said: I was going to sit in the barber's chair. When he wrapped me in a tarp, he asked me how I wanted to cut it: I said just cut it by 1/2 inch. The barber asked me who sent me to him. I said my father sent me to get a haircut. The barber asked me again whether it was a boy's or a girl's hairstyle. I said I was a boy. The barber nodded and combed my hair. He tilted my head to one side. He held it tightly with his left hand. He took the electric scissors in his right hand. He put them under my hair. They resounded and walked over the temporal bone. As the barber turned his hand, my hair fell on the tarpaulin and on the ground. I noticed that I had short hair left on my head. I exclaimed: I just wanted to shorten !!! The barber told me that I was still a boy and he knew what to do and I just had to sit quietly.
The barber advanced toward the back and ended up on the other side of his head. I only saw very short hair on the sides of my head. With the help of a comb and scissors, he cut my hair on the top of my head. The barber changed his scissors, dripped some oil again, put his head on my side again, shaved my ear, and ran scissors over my head over my ear. A white stripe with very small hair bristles appeared. My throat went dry and I felt cramps in my stomach. The barber gradually worked with scissors and a white area grew on the side. The scissors are already running down the back of my head. When the barber turned off the scissors, I had a large white area above my other ear. Using hand scissors and a comb, he made the transition from the white area to the top of the head, where the hair was not an inch apart. He painted the white surface of his head with cream and began to scrape it off. When the barber finished his work, he just said. You look like a boy now. I don't know what short hair I have on the back of my head but on my hips and top of my head it's as short as the boys who were here with their mother.
The first trip home led to a mirror. I checked my hairstyle up close. With the help of a small mirror, I check the back of my head. I wasn't wrong at all when I thought my hairstyle was similar to that of a barber brother. Above my ears I saw 2 inches of white skin and then magnified the stubble to the top. My back was hairless, about 5 inches above the collar of my shirt. I don't remember ever having such short hair before. I had the shortest hairstyle in the photo together.
At home, I received praise for my new hairstyle, especially from my father. He promised me that at the end of the holidays we would go to Nickolas barber shop together. I hope that my father will forget his promise by then.

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