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BUN MAN PART II by George Wheeler


By George Wheeler


I kept Peter’s magnificent tail in a firm grip. This was the first time I kissed a man. I had dated a few women " without much success. Until now I had not felt any attraction to other men. But Peter brought something unknown, apparently very well hidden deep down inside of me " and both a little dangerous, forbidden " but most of all frightfully exciting.

Peter’s beautiful face and his out of this world wonderful blond carpet of beautiful hair covering everything had awoken a hitherto inaccessible desire. So strong that I could not suppress it, ignore it, or make it go away. It felt far too amazing to let go.

I went behind the barber chair still holding Peter’s 8 feet tail of beautiful thick blond hair in my hands. I eyeballed Peter in the mirror. His face was all red. Full of fear. But what I interpreted also with an expression of lust.

I held Peter’s splendid tail as high in the air as possible. And then let go of it. Tons of golden thick locks tumbled down all-around Peter and once again covered him, the cape, the chair, and the floor around the chair in a sea of unbelievable beauty. How could I ever destroy this perfection " and transform it into a flattop?

I went to the desk and picked up my broad teeth comb, went behind the chair and started to comb out this miracle mane. Peter just sat there with a completely empty look. I combed the mane from the top of his head, down over his neck, shoulders, down the back of the barber chair " that was totally invisible by all the infinitely long hair " past the seat and all the way to the floor.

When I reached the floor, tons of wonderful hair still waited to be combed out, so I lifted the remaining part of his mane " a good 3 feet " and hold it in my hand while combing it out gently.

Once finished I started all over again. I could sense that Peter started to relax " and even small tokens of pleasure on his face became visible.

My cock was rock hard from combing and feeling and handling, caressing, and holding all this shining silk in my hand. And for each movement of the comb the magic mane became even more beautiful and attractive. To a flattop fetishist this was a totally new experience " and feeling.

After almost half an hour of emotional combing Peter’s flowing locks lay spread all over him, the chair and covered a circumference of 3 feet on the floor around the barber chair.

Only remaining part of the glorious mane was the frontal hair. I moved in front of the barber chair and started to comb down Peter’s extremely long "bangs" down over his face further down his chest onto his lap " where I made pause…. I moved the comb very slowly and gently through the thick long blond hair resting in his lap and pushed it on his genitals.

Peter sat completely hidden and caught behind an extremely dense curtain of hair " he could not see a thing. I pushed and moved the comb on his lap repeatedly pushing a little harder each time.

From behind the curtain, I could hear a very low moaning. Apparently, my massage was not without effect. When I put the comb down and moved my hand under the massive mane and the cape and onto his lap the bulge in his pants was more than evident.

I started to rub the bulge and whispered in his ear: "My poor little hair boy. All this over long golden silk. So much to lose. By the evil scissors and clippers of the mean old barber".

From behind the hair curtain groans and sighs. And Peter’s body started to shake, and his lap moved up and down in the rhythm of my massage of his huge bulge.
"Well, well beautiful boy. It seems that my comb and massage have a very apparent effect on you. These leather trousers seem to be too tight to contain that big thing hiding within them. Maybe we should set it free…".

Peter moaned even more as I released his belt and draw his trousers down. I gently moved my hand towards his rock-hard shaft and when I reached it Peter seemed almost to explode. I started wanking him ever so slowly and gently while whispering in his ear: "My beautiful hair boy. All that wonderful, beautiful hair. So extremely long and thick and in perfect condition thanks to Mummy. I think you actually enjoy sitting in my barber chair waiting for me to cut all your fantastic hair, don’t you?"

I squeezed his cock harder, and Peter got tears in his eyes from excitement and horror.

"Maybe we should take it all off in one stage. Or perhaps we should take it in more stages for you to get used to less and less hair. What do you think my little hair princess?"

Peter kept moaning behind the thick hair curtain.

"I think we should start by helping you breathe freely and have a clear vision, Peter. How about that?"

I let go of Peter’s hard cock and continued combing his frontal locks down his thighs onto his feet and beyond.

"So, Peter, here we go" I said and grabbed my extra sharp barber scissors.

I cut a few times around Peter’s head and the horrible noise made him tremble and sigh deeply.

"Curtain aside" I said and placed the scissors at the right side of Peters head moving it upwards and upwards and upwards! Until it was positioned less than an inch from the hairline. The cold steel on his forehead made Peter tremble all over his body.

My heart was pounding and my breath heavy. My cock hard as a rock in anticipation of what was soon to happen.

And then I squeezed the blades sloooowly together " and 8 feet long locks of gold started its journey towards the barber floor. My scissors slowly made its way through the ultra-thick curtain of hair leaving behind less than an inch. With each crunch Peter’s sobbing increased.

When we reached his right eye, I paused. "Welcome back to the world Peter" I said and placed a kiss on his exposed forehead.

All over the lap long shorn locks piled up.

Peter had tears in his eye.

"You should enjoy this, Peter. Soon you can breathe the free air again and see what’s going on outside your hair curtain".

The merciless scissors continued its tour straight across Peter’s forehead leaving a trace of 8 feet long wonderful blond longs behind it.

When it reached his left eye, Peter cried uncontrollably. I kissed his exposed forehead. "You look amazing with baby bangs Peter. You will love them".

The only sound in the barbershop was Peter crying and the cold steel of the scissors opening and closing around the beautiful vulnerable extremely long frontal locks.

As the scissors reached the end of its journey, Peter’s face was all red and swollen due to his crying. He looked even more attractive with the cute micro bangs.

I combed down the ultra-short thick bangs and adjusted them until they grazed his forehead in a perfect blunt cut line straight across his forehead. Way above his eyebrows.

I moved away from Peter and left his vision free to see himself in the mirror with baby bangs and tears running down his cheek.

Spread all over the cape, the armrest, the footrest, and all over the floor lay 8 feet long shorn blond golden locks.

I almost felt sorry for the hair princess having lost so much of her precious mane. Peter looked so sad and resigned surrendering to the fate of his beloved frontal hair now lying shorn on the floor " still shining but now away from its owner.

He was sitting in my barber chair totally paralyzed sobbing.

"Peter, I know this a big change. But trust me. You will get used to it soon and then enjoy it. Micro bangs are perfect to the shape of your beautiful face. They make it look sharper and highlight your best features".

Peter looked in the mirror " in horror and disbelief. He never had had bangs in his life before. Ever since his childhood his mother had left his long frontal hair parted in the middle " and then left it to grow and grow and grow.

He hated his new look. It made him look ridiculous. Like a little girl.

Then his eyes turn to all the shorn blond hair draped all over him. He could not take it in. It was too overwhelming. He needed time to make his brain realize what had just happened and the lost he had suffered.

I tried to comfort him praising his new looks " in vain. Peter was clearly not a bangs fan!

"Maybe we should get rid of all this hair before we continue" I said and grabbed the 8 feet long shorn locks spread all over Peter and put them gently on the floor all around the chair to make his lost seem even more drastic " and exciting to me.

But Peter still had a lot of hair to lose. In fact, tons of blond hair all around the chair and the floor " only a small strip of the cape visible in the front where the cute baby bangs had replaced 8 feet of lovely thick blond girly hair.

"Peter, you look wonderful. And I must admit extraordinary attractive and hot." I moved close to him, and French kissed him again while finding his cock " now little and weak " under the cape. Very slowly and gently I started to wank him with one hand, kissing him and with the other hand caressing all the wonderful soft beautiful blond hair surrounding Peter.

And after a short while Peter returned my kissing and his shaft started to grow until it stood attention rock hard.

"You see Peter" I whispered in his ear while gently biting his earlobe. "You’re already beginning to enjoy the free vision and feeling of fresh air on your forehead. A completely new and wonderful feeling. Can you imagine the same happening to your neck " the fresh and cooling air on your naked skin replacing the heavy, warm, uncomfortable feeling of thick hair imprisoning your neck. You truly have something to look forward to".

I interpreted Peter’s reaction to my words as mixed. On the one hand he froze in horror. On the other his shaft grew even harder and bigger " if possible. I think the thought of losing that more than floor long mop and feel the ensuing freedom thrilled him a lot. And at the same time scared the hell out of him.

Then I decided that it was time to go to the next stage!

I kissed Peter and wanked him " and then stopped doing both " leaving Peter extremely excited….

"Peter, time has now come to move to the next stage. This entails a cut with scissors of all that long hair dragging behind you on the floor. It does not do anything good to your appearance. It is not very graceful permanently threatening to throw over your balance. Getting dirty being dragged along the ground.
Taking up far too much of you and your mother’s time on washing, blow drying, brushing, and putting up in that giant bun".

Peter still looked horrified " but less than before. And more excited than before. It seemed the balance was tilting!

"Peter, I promised you the haircut of your life. Part of that is not to hurry. I think we shall enjoy this unique experience together. Every stage of it".

I kissed and rubbed the huge bulge underneath the cape " now made visible from all the hair that previously hid it. Peter moaned and for the first time I felt him move his arm from beneath the barber cape and hair cape, reaching for my lap " and starting to rub the giant bulge in my pants!

"OMG" I groaned. "OMG Peter, that’s wonderful". We French kissed long, deep, and passionately while rubbing each other huge bulges.

TO BE CONTINUED….. Suggestions welcome

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