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BUN MAN PART III by George Wheeler


By George Wheeler


" I think you and your mane deserves a special treatment before the haircut" I whispered in Peter’s ear. Squeezed his rock-hard cock extra hard and let go of it.

I moved behind the chair. Before me was a thick wonderful blond carpet reaching from the top of Peter’s head moving downwards and spreading more and more covering the barber chair completely. Reaching the floor, it spread out behind and around the chair.

I took of my shoes and stepped on this magnificent thick, soft carpet of hair. I almost made me cum.

I took off my trousers and underpants as well and stood half naked behind the barber chair with the most beautiful sight I had ever seen and with my cock never being so hard before.

This sight, the feeling of the soft blond hair carpet on my naked feet and the fact that I was now the ruler of this golden shining shrine. All of it was in my power and control. This thought made med dizzy from lust. Up till now I had only been interested in short male haircuts, preferably the flat top.

Peter’s impressive mane had turned this upside down. I had seen myself as a hair fetishist for short male haircuts and it had given me pleasure and satisfaction to make as perfect short haircuts as possible. But now I realized that extremely long male hair had a knockout effect on me.

I stepped up closely to Peter’s fabulous mane, grabbed a huge chunk, pulled it a little hard and made Peter’s head move backwards. I had the full control of this wonderful mane.

I placed my rock-hard shaft amid Peter’s blond, thick sea of hair and started to f*** his mane. I had to get hold of myself not to shoot a huge load of conditioner into his mane when I felt the thick hair carpet surround my hard cock and bury it in wonderful soft long locks. It felt fantastic to f*** the extra-long hair " I had never experienced anything remotely like this.

I moved my rock-hard cock slowly back and forth in the wonderful soft blond hair. I had to push away the thought that I was f***ing another guy’s extremely long and beautiful princess hair. Otherwise, I would explode immediately. And I wanted it too last a little longer.

Peter just sat there beautiful in the chair feeling the tuck of my hard cock on his mane but unable to see what was going on.

I whispered closely to his ear: "OMG Peter. This is so wonderful. Your magic mane feels so good on my rock-hard cock. I love f***ing your giant mane. Soon I will add further splendor too it with an incredibly special cumditioner. It will make your hair shine even more".

I grabbed my huge cock and twisted a giant lock of Peter’s glorious mane around it and started to wank into his hair.

"OMG Peter, this feels so good. Your hair is so long and thick and soft and beautiful. I love it. And it is all mine. I control it. And I decide which haircut you get".

And then I came in his lovely mane. A giant load of cumditioner slid down his long hair looking so good and extremely exciting.

I moved in front of the chair and kissed Peter and grabbed his cock and started to wank him.

"Thank you for the best hair job ever" I said and continued to French kiss him while wanking him. Then I grabbed a giant soft 8 feet long blond lock and twisted around Peter’s rock-hard cock. And then I started giving Peter a hair job with his own extremely long hair.

Peter could hardly breathe from excitement. His red turned all red and he wheezed and moved back and forth in the barber chair.

"I think this is the first time you use your own extra-long mane for a hair job right Peter?"

Peter just nodded and struggled to breathe.'

"I also think you like it very much Peter."

Again, he just managed to nod.

"Soon you will cumdition your own wonderful hair and make it even more shiny and healthy. Cumditioner is good for your hair".

I wanked him a little harder and Peter exploded in his own fabulous hair.

I kissed him. "Was it good to f*** your own long hair Peter?"

"Ohhh yes" Peter said with a big sigh. "I should have done this years ago. But I never thought about it. Thank you for showing it to me" Peter said and kissed me and grabbed my cock which had grown extremely hard again while giving Peter the hair job with and in his own long mane.

"Well Peter" I said. "After this wonderful pause it’s time to move forward to the next stage of your haircut".

Peter looked at me with ever so sad eyes. "Ohhh no. I can’t go through this. I cannot live without my long hair. I love it far too much. It is traumatic enough to have baby bangs. I can’t stand the thought of losing more hair".

I kissed Peter and said: "Peter remember the debt and your mother’s health. There’s no way out of a haircut".

Peter’s eyes soon filled with tears again.

"Hush hush" I said. "It’s only hair. And if you really want to and you feel that you cannot live without long hair you can always grow it out again. But here and now you will get a haircut".

Peter shook his head crying. "Please don’t cut my long hair. Please".

In a strange cruel way Peters begging for his extremely long mane avoiding its meeting with my extra sharp barber scissors and my best friend Mr. Oster Classic 75 turned me on a lot. I did not like feeling the way I did. I am extremely far from feeling satisfaction forcing other people to do something against their will.

But facing Peter’s immense mane and being in full control of it thrilled me to the point of fainting. I loved Peter begging to keep his extremely long princess locks. And tormenting him with the prospect of scissors and clippers destroying them.

At the same time, I had fallen in love with Peter’s magnificent mane.

My feeling was really mixed.

But I had to decide " and I did.

I moved behind the barber chair and started to comb out the wonder mane spreading the cum to ass much hair as possible.

I combed his hair for a long time enjoying it immensely until it hangs perfectly straight and thick and soft all around him and the floor around the chair.
Then I pumped up the chair. Higher and higher Peter went. I could hear him sob all the way upwards.

Even though I had pumped up the chair to its max. his monstrous mane still covered part of the floor around the chair.

I moved in front of Peter. Kissed him and wanked his little cock. It grew slowly to life.

"Peter, how tall are you?" I asked.

"6 feet and a bit" he answered trough the tears.

"Next stage of your haircut will take care of all that hair dragging behind you on the ground. It wears on the hair. It does not look very handsome and stylish. And it gets dirty all the time".

"But that’s why I always keep it in a bun" Peter protested.

"Peter, you will be grateful of my caretaking of your wonderful mane. Trust me". And with those words I closed the argument.

I opened one of the drawers in the desk and took out a measuring tape. Moved behind the chair ignoring Peter’s begging and placed the tape on top of Peter’s had and let it down his extraordinary mane. When it reached the 6 feet mark, I let go of it and then grabbed my scissors.

Without delay I placed it at the 6 feet point at the right side of Peter’s princess hair. Opened the extra sharp blades. Placed it into the beautiful hair carpet. And closed them around the soft vulnerable lock.

With a loud crunch 2 feet of wonderful blond golden silk raced to the floor and joined all the uncut hair lying all around the chair. It was a magnificent sight. All of Peter’s brilliant mane hanging down to the floor and on. And a sharp bite cut off at 6 feet length.

I moved the scissors further into the middle of the mane and huge thick locks of 2 feet fell to the floor and joined the rest rapidly piling up on my naked feet adding to my excitement.

Peter now cried his heart out. I felt sorry for him and his loss. And then again not. I felt a strange thrill cutting in that splendid mane destroying a considerable part of it.

I paused when I had cut half the way through Peter’s long mane. The sight was out of this world. To the left his mane hang whole and uninterrupted. On his right a perfectly cut blunt line 2 feet above the rest.

I had to wank my rock-hard cock looking at the beautiful, vulnerable, exciting hair.

Then I moved on a cut more and more long hair off to the left until all of Peter’s hair hung in a perfect straight blunt cut line in the back now just touching the floor. The ends were unbelievably thick and in perfect condition. It swayed from side to side.

"Peter, I can assure your hair looks even gorgeous now. It’s so healthy and in much better balance than the over long mane".

I put down my scissors on the desk and brushed aside the tears from Peter’s eyes and kissed him.

"Peter, I want you to get up from the chair. I want to show you just how marvelous your hair now looks after I’d taken 2 feet of the length".

Peter rose with extreme difficulty. Long locks of shorn frontal hair slid down the cape and onto the floor. He got out of the chair and looked back. When he saw the amount of shorn hair all over the floor covering it completely around the chair, he almost fainted.

I had to grab him and hold him. "OMG" was all he could say.

"Peter, I know it looks a bit overwhelming, but you still got 6 full feet of wonderful hair. That is more than most people. In fact, I don’t think there’re any guys out there with longer hair than you".

I asked Peter to move into the middle of the barber shop and stand with his back to the huge mirror above the desk. I handed him a hand mirror and he looked at the hair hanging down all over his back hiding the cape completely and ending just an inch above the floor " in extremely perfect blunt cut ends.

Once again Peter struggled to breathe and just whispered: "OMG".

"Peter, I want you to take a good look at the ends. Can you see how healthy and beautiful they are now? The haircut has done them good. They look amazing.
Peter stood frozen glancing at his cut hair.

I could not resist it anymore and went up behind Peter. I moved my hands under the cape to his trousers and took them off followed by his underpants. Then I gently and slowly started to wank his cock. Even though Peter was in a state of chock his cock responded rapidly to my caressing. Soon it stood rock hard.

"Peter, I want you" I whispered in his ear. "I want to f*** your huge sexy ass with a free view to your freshly cut beautiful ankle long mane. Then I dragged him back to the chair.

"Peter, I want you to place your knees on the seat and your back to me" I groaned.

To be continued …perhaps

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