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BUN MAN - the End by George Wheeler

By George Wheeler


With Peter on his knees in the barber chair and all his carpet mane streaming down all the chair, cape, and him I turned the chair around to face the huge mirror in front of the desk.

This way I could enjoy both Peter’s beautiful face and little girl baby bangs as well as his huge sexy ass and overwhelming marvelous mane.

I lifted the cape above his hot ass and parted the giant mane down the middle and pushed it aside. Then I slowly entered his huge, wonderful ass. Peter moaned. I grabbed a huge chunk of his golden sink, pulled it, and moved further into his hot ass.

I looked at Peter in the mirror, while slowly pumping him. He had closed his eyes but the expression on his face revealed how horny he was by my pumping.

This turned me further on. With my free hand I grabbed another huge chunk of wonderful long soft locks and used both the pigtails as handles riding him.

Peter groaned and moaned and sobbed from utter lust.

I started to work his huge sexy ass harder as I whispered into his ear: "I think sissy likes to be taken in his huge sexy ass, right?"

Peter nodded midst his lust.

"I think sissy has exceptionally long hair. Sissy needs a haircut. A real man’s short haircut. Which was the reason for visiting me right?"

This time Peter didn’t nod. Instead, his face changed and now expressed both lust and horror.

" Sissy loves his Rapunzel locks, but this is over sissy. All this extremely long girly hair belongs on the floor. Not on your head".

Peter tried to protest but he was too horny and too scared at the same time and was not able to say a word.

I let go of his mane in my right hand and reached for Mr. Oster Classic 75 " without guard. I turned the clippers on the horrendous metallic snarl filled the barber shop. And sent shiver down Peter’s spine.

I placed the powerful mercies clippers under Peter’s new little girl bangs.

The sight of the clippers in Peter’s ridiculous micro bangs and his huge sea ass being pumped by my rock-hard shaft almost made me come. I had never seen a more exciting view than this.

I pulled the long locks in my left hand hard, pumped him harder and moved the clippers slowly backwards under Peter’s ultra-short thick bangs onto the hairline and above towards the top of his head. TONS of blond silk started to stream down the back of the chair unto the giant pile already on the floor.

Peter was now crying his heart out but seem to accept his fate and that of his beloved Rapunzel mane. Moving my clippers to the top of Peter’s head and back down his neck was the most thrilling experience of my life.

I moved the clippers back under Peter’s horrible baby bangs and started on the same journey again to the top of his head and down the neck.

Everything was now covered by thick beautiful 6 feet long locks. And much more to go.

I could hardly hold back any longer and when the clippers had freed both of his ears from hair, I shot a giant load all over his huge sexy ass.

"Time to sit down Peter" I whispered in his ear and napped it gently.

Peter turned around and sat down. I turned the chair around before he was able to see himself in the mirror.

I moved the clippers over his head and neck time and time again until he was buzzed down to the woods. Because of the color of his hair, he almost looked bald!
His giant mane now covered my ankles!

When I finally turned off the clippers the only sound in the room was Peter’s constant sobbing.

"Time to see the new Peter" I said and turned the chair around to face the mirror.

Nothing could have prepared Peter for the sight that met his eyes in the mirror.

His head buzzed down all over, his ears all free from hair, no hair down his neck and back.

He looked totally sharp. Like a real man. Incredibly attractive with his beautiful face although all red and swollen from all his crying but still extraordinary handsome.

"Peter, you look smashing without all that long hair" I said and kissed his almost bald skull. "You look marvelous without little girl bangs and more than floor long princess locks. I am sure you will love it when you have had some time to get used to it. And it will leave you a lot of free hours spent with you mother taking care of that heavy mop. Now you will be able to take care of your own hair yourself like all real men do. Not leave that to their mothers".

Peter was in a state of chock. Paralyzed he just stared at the unknown stranger in the mirror. It was not him. It could not be him. But when he glanced at the sea of shorn blond locks covering large parts of the barber shop floor, he gradually came to realize that his haircut was a reality.

I took the hand mirror and moved behind Peter to show him his hair " or rather lack of it " in the back. Peter stared in disbelief. Did not say a thing.
I put down the mirror. And released the cape still full of giant shorn thick blond locks. I removed the cape and tons of shorn locks slid to the floor to join the rest of the giant blond mass hiding the barber floor.

Then I dusted of Peter’s neck and removed the neck strip.

"We’re done Peter. Congratulations with your new super attractive haircut transforming you from sissy to real man".

With extreme difficulty Peter stepped out of the chair and onto his own wonderful soft long shorn locks on the floor. This was the ultimate humiliation. For Peter to walk on his precious overwhelming girly mane now taken from him by the merciless scissors and clippers.

Peter put on his underpants and pants. Still in a trance.

"This haircut is for free Peter. It has been an experience for life for me and I hope you will eventually feel so too. If you gather all the shorn hair, you can probably sell it for a good price or keep it as a dear memory".

Peter seemed neither able to want or to be able to gather his own wonderful hair now lying spread all over the floor. Instead, he moved towards the door.
Then suddenly he stood still and turned around.

"Actually, I have a kid brother. Believe it or not his hair is even longer than mine used to be. My mother’s also taking care of his long hair and she refuses him to get a haircut. She insists on doing trims and nothing more than that.

Many times, we had talked about our long manes that our mother had taught us to love but my kid brother more than once had dared to speak to me about his wish to get rid of his almost 10 feet long mane. He could hardly move around with it. He and my mother spent hours and hours on his hair. And he was unable to find a girlfriend since they all shied away when they saw his absurd mane.

He told me that he planned to visit a male barbershop one day without my mother’s knowledge and get a short male haircut.

I could tell him about you. Then one day he might pay you a visit….

After having closed the shop, I closed the blinds at the door and in the window, sat down in the barber chair, looked at the carpet of blond hair grazing the floor, then closed my eyes, started to wank my rock-hard cock and imagined the day Peter’s kid brother would enter my barbershop and ask for a short male haircut " a flat top perhaps. Soon after I shot a huge load that landed on all the shorn Rapunzel locks on the floor.


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