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Dude's Crash - Part 1 by The Hair King

This story was written by someone else for me. I have added a lot more to the story including more haircutting.


Ron skated towards his close friend’s Ashley’s place. Ash had just moved intoa small flat right in the heart of town, located above a shop it was comfortable and affordable to Ash, as he was a uni student funds were tight. To Ron it was a challenge, located above the towns barbers shop.
To get into Ash’s place you went into the entrance to the barbers, turn left and your in the shop or go straight up the steep stairs to the flat of Ash’s.
Now to most guys this would not be a challenge, but, to Ron it was, for you see his hair was his pride and joy. He loved his hair more than he loved his dick and he gave that item plenty of attention. In fact Ron had a hierarchy of loves of his life and they were his long blond hair, his skateboard, his well worn city boy boots then his sneaks. Nothing else came close. Cept maybe his dick, and he played with that a lot!Ron was totally paranoid about his long flowing golden locks. Never was a single hair out of place, always pristine clean. He took seeming hours washing, preening and getting it just perfect.

If he was occupying the bathroom at home the rest of his family would be cracking the s**ts at the timehe was taking. His older brother near kicked the door in to get him out on more than one occasion. "F*** goldilocks hurry up!" was the cry his brother used.

Ron did little, he was cunning at not having to, so he spent his days mostly hanging about downtown with various of his friends skating where they shouldn’t, generally harassing all and sundry or doing their favourite s**tstirring. This had to do with the barbers shop under Ashley’s new living place.The longhaired skaters would harass all and sundry going to the shop, schoolkids were their favourite as they had to get the school approved haircut. Cries of sucker, hello baldy and assorted other insults flowed from the group of longhairs skating around in the mall facing the shops.Ron got a perverse thrill actually going into the street entrance to the barbers, even though he never was entering the shop itself, just going straight up the stairs to Ashley’s. He got excited that someone he knew might see him and think he was gong to get his beautiful hair shaved off. Many a night he lay in his bed, hand on his favourite friend, dreaming about that scenario.

The week prior, his little dream had turned into almost reality.Ron skated to Ashley’s, he called into the bottle shop on the way grabbing some beers and some rum and cokes. He was careful skating, tonight he wasn’t after pulling moves on the board. With his cool, well worn street boy boots on, moves were not the go. Pull on, pointy toe with once a good heel now well worn down, the studded boot straps buckled around them they were super cool to our longhaired punk. But the boots didn’t have the grip, Ron had the best trendy cool skate shoes for grip when skating was for show, but tonight the skatey was transport that’s all. Ron as usual had his jeans saggin way down, the studded belt cinched tight under his arse cheeks and his satin boxers on show above his pants. Tonight he had his really baggy jeans on the crotch was down around his knees, the bottoms of the legs crumpled up around the ankles of his way cool boots. Walking in them was more of a waddle as they restricted the movement of his thighs. But he loved them that way, yep, he was Mister Super Cool.

Ron had some difficulty managing the steep stairs up to Ashley's but there was not way he was going to seriously pull up his pants. Are you f***ing crazy. He does not pull up his pants for nobody or nuthin. His legs were spread and the crotch almost dragged on the stairs. He did reach and yank up on the crotch a few times to try to keep them from getting stuck on the stairs, but no way would he pull up his pants over his ass.
Round at Ashley’s they were watching TV.

The phone rang and Ashley answered it, a brief conversation ending in
"It’s cool George, I’ll duck down and check it for you, call if there’s a problem otherwise just relax I’ll fix it."

"Whatsup dude?" asked Ron.

"That was George the hairdresser from downstairs he thinks he left his steriliser boiler thing on worried about the fire hazard. It would probably be fine but I said I’d go make sure."

"You got a key to his shop?"

"Yes, he said it made sense seeing I live here, he’s ok dude, even if he hates you." Ash laughed. "Come on you can help me, then you can say you been in the shop."

"Me! In a barbers shop, that’s a f***in laugh!"They both went downstairs. On the way down, Ron almost tripped over his baggy pants as they hung so low on his ass.

Ash laughed, "Pull up those diaper pants, Ron."

"F*** you," Ron laughed. "I ain't no f***ing baby."

"Begs the question why you wear diaper pants, then," Ash teased. "Seriously, pull up your pants before you hurt yourself, and get the hair away from your eyes so you can see where you're going."

"F*** off, I don't pull up my pants and I don't cut my f***ing hair. It's gold, dude - it's my style." Ash opened the shop and turned the lights on.

"No way Dude! I’ll ruin my reputation if I’m seen in here." Ron moaned.

"Stop being a pussy, the blinds are down anyway it’s only a f***in shop!"

Ron followed Ashley inside, as Ashley went to check things Ron looked around. "Hey Man! Check this out!" Ron had sat himself down in one of the two barbers chairs.

"F*** stupid, bet you never sat in one of those for a while." Ash laughed.

"Cool isn’t it."

"Here," Ashley took the cape from the back of the chair. He fastened it around Ron and carefully pulled Ron’s long golden locks from under the neck of it.

"How cool is that dude?" Ashley asked.

"First time for anything, but this cool dude is just pretending."

"Hey, sit there I’ll go get my camera. Be fun!"Laughing Ron said

"F*** man that will be a hoot!"He sat there waiting for Ash to come back. Under the barbers cape Ron had a major hard on happening. He wondered if Ash just might do something about it while he sat in the chair. That would be a real turn on!

Ash came back "Smile dude!" he joked as he took a pic or two. Then he carefully set the camera down on a bench and said "This will be ace!"Ash picked up the hair clippers and made like he was going to cut Ron’s hair. He leant and triggered the camera on its timer release, posing with the clippers stuck in the front of Ron’s head. Ron acted up by looking terrified. The camera clicked and they both pissed themselves laughing. But Ron was now raging beneath his super saggers and full of testosterone needing release.

"Come on, dude, keep playing with me," Ronny moaned almost.

No, come on, Ron, that's enough.

It ain't enough, dude - seriously. Don't leave me hanging, s**thead.

You heard me.

"No, that's enough, I said."

"And I said, I want more," the petulant punk demanded, flinging his long hair over the chair and temporarily out of his eyes.

"Fine, brat," Ashley smiled at the little bugger. "I'll be your dad for now. How's that?"

"Yeah, and what are you going to do, daddy!"
Ashley grabbed a whallop of Ron's long blond hair and yanked it up and out. "How be I chop this long girly s**t off your head little punk ass, diaper boy."

"You wouldn't f***ing dare, old man," Ron laughed but it was obvious that his hand was very busy under the cape.

"You've been nothing but a pain in the ass for years, and this long hair is what it's all about isn't it? This long disgusting blond hair."
After playing a little longer, Ashley insisted they leave.

"I don't want you staining the barber chair, little dude."

"F*** you. I ain't no little dude," Ronny laughed and carefully got out of the chair, legs spread. "Well, I guess I'd rather annoint your couch anyway," he smirked.

"Just keep your dick in your pants, Hairball."

Shop locked up and back upstairs Ashley phoned George "Yes it was on. I turned it off."Ron still had a raging hard on at the thought that he had actually sat in a barbers chair."No worries George it’s cool, any time." Ash finished the call.

"F***! That was fun dude, me in a barbers shop." Ron was still smirking with his saggers tenting like a bastard, his long fingers resting lightly on his crotch showing off.

"Tame your little monster, diaper boy."

"Yeah, kinda funny. Lets look at the pics. You wanna beer while we do?"
Lots of laughs followed as they sank a few cans and joked about Ron in the barbers chair.
Eventually they left the computer and sat back in the sitting room of the flat. Ashley slipped a good old fashioned vinyl record onto his turntable and they sat back Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon blaring as they settled into the rum and cokes Ron had brought around.

Several cans of beer and Rum and Cokes later Ron woke up, they had both fallen asleep

"F*** man I’m totally pissed." Ron said to no one in particular asAshley was asleep in the chair. He got up to head spins, picked up his skateboard and headed for the door. Like all drunks, although he tried to be quiet so not to wake Ashley, he managed to bang off the door frame

"Whoops! Bit pissed." He laughed. Ron carefully shut the door and turned to go down the stairs. But that was where it all turned to total s**t for our Ron! A combination of a bit much to drink, the restriction of his legs by his saggin Jeans and the smooth worn soles and heels of his trendy boy boots caused him to come unstuck, literally. His foot slipped having not quite got onto the next step properly, his leg slid out from under him and down he went straight onto is arse before tumbling head over heels down the steep flight of stairs. His head hit the front door outside the entrance to the Barbers shop. Dazed the last thing he saw before he passed out was his skateboard coming straight at him in the air.

It had bounced down the stairs with him, it smacked him a powerful blow on his head and Ron went into blackness.The noise woke Ashley who went to investigate, when he saw his best friend lying motionless at the foot of the stairs with blood pooling under him he did two things. Panicked but also seemed to sober up. He realized Ron was hurt, and unconscious. "Dude! Dude! F***! Talk to me Dude, Ron for f***s sake!" He tried.

Ashley finally thought straight, pulled his phone out and called emergency. Although the ambulance arrived very quickly to Ashley it felt like hours, he had taken his own tee shirt off and was using it as a pad on the nasty looking bleeding gash on Ron’s head. Ashley saw the blood soaking into some of Ron's gorgeous long blond hair and thought that the dude was not going to be happy to have blood in his long hair.

"It’s ok now we will look after him." The paramedic reassured Ash who was pretty shocked by what had happened.

The cops arrived and took Ron’s details saying they would contact his family. The paramedics loaded Ron into the Ambulance and sped off. "Would you like a lift to the hospital?" asked one of the cops. "That would be great thanks."

Now Ashley had to admit he had never voluntarily got in a police car before but he had to admit they couldn’t be nicer or more helpful over this. At the hospital he found his way to the emergency department he was told to wait. Soon a familiar face arrived in Ron’s brother Rob. They were asked to wait while Ron was checked over.Ash answered Robs million questions as to what had happened. Rob was sympathetic to his brothers plight. "I hope he’s going to be ok." Rob said.
They sat gathering thoughts when an ear piercing scream rent the air "That’s my brother." Yelled Rob jumping up. Ashley too had recognised the voice. They burst into the emergency ward from the waiting room. Clustered around a bed were doctors and nurses and on the bed the unconscious form of Ron.

When he had been wheeled in, Ron had been checked over, the nasty gash on his head would need urgent attention but the doctors also wanted to check him for other damage. A fall like he had it was likely he may have broken something.
They had stripped him while he was unconscious looking for anything obvious. By the swelling he would need x-rays of his ankle, "Probably broken." Said the Doctor feeling it carefully. They also determined he had a broken wrist as well. But Ron had stayed out to it throughout this inspection. The medics had turned their attention to the gash on his head, and were preparing to stitch it up.
When, at the moment that the Doctor had some hair clippers in his hand intending to shave a small area along the line where he would stitch the skin back together, Ron regained consciousness not knowing where he was or what had happened, to the sight of a white coated man holding a set of hair clippers over his head. He screamed, bringing the whole emergency section of the hospital to a stop. Now Ron would have been off the bed like a flash had he not immediately lost consciousness again.

The nurse stroked Ron's hair away from the wound and the doctor applied the clippers carefully. His own son had long hair, and he hated it. They had had several heated arguments about the length of his hair and his vanity over his long hair. His son was defiant and would not even trim the long hair anymore. One day, he thought, he was going to sneak into the kid's bedroom and strip enough of the silky long hair that the kid will have to get his hair chopped off. He smiled at the image of his bratty son waking to see his destroyed hair.

This boy's hair was even longer - much longer, and he imagined that his father probably would like him to get a haircut. In fact, he imagined they had fights over the long glorious hair. He could tell from the way he was dressed in those super sagging jeans and high heel boots that the kid was a spoiled brat who was very vain about his looks - probably never worked a day in his life. Well, maybe he could do the dad a favour. He really only needed to shave a small strip, but he could make it considerably wider and larger, and the boy's extra long blond locks won't look so good when the bandage is removed and he sees a bald stripe down his pretty head. The clippers did not hesitate. The lad's long hair could not stand up to them any more than a shorthaired church boy. Ron's proud hair was removed as he slept. The long blond strands of his pride and joy stripped away from his head. The doctor supressed a smile as he stripped the young punk's head of his ridiculous hair - imagining this was his own son that he was clipping the hair from.

Rob and Ashley got there as the medics around him regained some of their composure. Rob quickly explained how his brother was paranoid about his hair. "Ronny's long hair is his pride and joy. He is totally paranoid about anything bad happening to that long hair of his. He protects his hair with his life. That long blond hair means everything to him. Nobody can cut his hair."

"S**t! He scared the crap out of me when he did that!" said the Doctor starting to see the funny side of things. "I'm afraid I had to remove quite a bit of the long hair. It is going to look quite odd when the bandage comes off. He will probably want to cut his hair short."

Rob and Ashley both gasped at this news. Rob said, "Never. He will never want to cut his long hair. It has been a constant battle. Ronny is paranoid about even a tiny hair trim. He loves his long hair and won't ever let anyone come near him with scissors. "

The doctor smiled as if he understood, but he was just pleased that the boy would be shocked. "Well, he won't be able to take care of his long locks with his wrist messed up. He's going to need a lot of help with that hair if he keeps it."

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