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Haircut Addiction On My Work Trip by Jonah Chu

Prior to the world taking a pause, I would travel to the Philippines for work every 6 months staying for a couple weeks. This is the story about my haircut addiction on one of my trips. On one of my trips there I had forgotten to get my haircut before flying over but I hadn’t really cut my hair in a while so didn’t think anything of it. My hair was a little long and the bangs were close to my eyes " I hadn’t had a haircut in about 2 months and let it grow out a bit scruffy. When in Philippines it was hot and humid and having product in my hair made it even more sticky but I wasn’t ready for anything drastic but on my first weekend I thought I would get a trim haircut. But the barbers around the shopping centers looked a bit risky and communicating with them was a bit tough. On a Sunday afternoon as I was walking around the Mall of Asia in Manila, I kept walking past a few barbers trying to get the courage to go into one of them. Finally I got the guts and went into one and asked for a slight trim. The barber was polite and knew what they were doing and I got my trim and left. I got back to my hotel and couldn’t even tell I got a haircut.

As the week went by I kept thinking about going shorter with my hair but that would be a big change and I hadn’t had my hair short since I was a kid. But the thought kept staying within me. Over and over. I also was staying in Philippines for an extended period " 6 weeks to be exact so part of my justification in my head was I had 6 weeks for it to grow back. On the second weekend I went back to the Mall of Asia back to the same barber and thought it was time to get rid of the bangs. I told them I wanted it cut short but not too short but the bangs had to go. My hair was cut pretty short and I had it spikey on top and what was a 3 or 4 on the sides. Not an extreme haircut but it was different to what I had for a long time. I liked the look too " I thought it aged me up better than the teenager look I had been going with for years. It also got me more attention too and I went to a club that weekend where I did well with the local guys.

On the third week I was loving the new look but there was a part of me going why not go shorter. My style influence was Justin Timberlake and the old JT. I was obsessed when he shaved his head as it changed everything about him. He went from dork to HOT…HOT…HOT when he did that. My goal was to shave my head like him and thought it would give me a whole new edge. But I wasn’t ready yet…on the Friday night after work I went downstairs for a walk and found a few old school barbers. These ones looked like they had been there since time begun and just walking inside I thought the whole building would collapse. I saw one which had nobody in it and walked in there asking if he could give me a haircut and told him I just wanted the sides a bit shorter and he did a number 2 and trimmed a bit more on the top. The top was again shorter than I had before. I really wanted him to just buzz the top but I had never done that and my nerves overtook my desires.

On the fourth week one of my work colleagues arrived to join me for the last couple weeks. The great thing about him was he rocked a buzzcut. And he arrived with it a bit scruffier than usual. I thought perhaps he was the motivation I needed to go for it. Through the week I kept mentioning his hair in conversation and suggested we go for a haircut on the Saturday and he nodded in agreement. On the Saturday we were doing errands but never got to the haircut. I was disappointed but didn’t want to sound too pushy or crazy bringing up his hair all the time. That afternoon I was in my room when he called me up asking if I could help him with something in his room so I went up and walked in to see him half naked and he asked me to help him cut his hair. He brought his own clippers and was going to cut his own hair. He asked me if I felt comfortable to help him out and without sounding too keen I agreed and put on the number2 guard and clipped away as he stood standing with just his jocks in the hotel bathroom. I was trying to be so cool about it but the feeling of shaving his head was really erotic and I couldn’t contain myself. When it was done he thanked me and went to get a few beers from the mini-bar for us to drink. We were on his balcony drinking the beers when he randomly looked at me and said if I wanted him to shave my head too. I just stared at him and tried to play it cool. I looked at him and acted like I hadn’t thought of it before. He told me I would look good with a buzzcut and said he could do it now. He was quite keen and stood up leaving me still in the chair in disbelief he asked me this. This was the moment I was wanting. I polished off the beer and said to him why not and we went to the bathroom. I sat on the bathtub and he told me he would give me the same clipper as him and then buzzed me down to the Justin Timberlake look I had been wanting. I loved it but tried to act like it was no big deal. We found a connection there too as I learnt he was into guys like me and single and we had a great weekend hitting the clubs and meeting lots of guys. The haircut gave me liberation and felt so free. My confidence was stronger too.

But I wasn’t done yet. On the fifth week me and Ryan had become really close. We spent all day working and then the nights drinking, eating, exploring and having the best of fun. I was starting to like him too but he didn’t give me any signs back. On the weekend, he asked me up to his room to give us fresh cuts for the weekend. When I arrived he gave me a beer and said he was making an executive decision on something. I didn’t know what he meant and I sat down on the bathtub ready for my shearing. Ryan started to buzz me down again and then he said he had made a decision that I was going to have a zero blade tonight. I freaked a bit and looked in the mirror and I was down to the brittle on my head. There was nothing barely left except a 5:00 shadow. I liked it but it was a shock. After all I had bangs only few weeks ago and now I was pretty much bald. Ryan was done and then asked me to return the favor and I did. It took me a few hours but I finally not only liked it but loved the look. The one thing that happened was when I was buzzing Ryan I was in my underwear and my big bulge was noticeable to Ryan who then asked me if I was horny doing that to him. Ryan was confident and always said what was on his mind. I was the opposite " shy and nervous and I felt embarrassed. I was nervous and went red-faced but Ryan said it was a turn on to him and we actually kissed in his Hotel bathroom half way through buzzing his head. We had a great weekend together and explored everything with each other. That weekend as we were checking out malls he even convinced me to get my ear pierced. People in the Philippines office continued to be amazed every Monday by my continuous new changes. It was quite the Monday conversation in the office!

On the sixth weekend it was our last weekend in Philippines together. On the Friday night after I finished work I had one last weekend there with Ryan. He promised it was going to be a big one. He told me to meet him downstairs and not in his room so I thought we were growing out hair out as we were returning back home so didn’t think anything about it. As we left the Hotel we walked through the streets and he told me that he had some ideas. He took me to a barber and said he always wanted to go bald, bald. He said he wanted us to go skinhead-bald. I was nervous and I was about to fly home the following week so by doing this it wasn’t going to grow back by the time I reached home so a lot of people will be asking me questions. But then the thrill of it was already making me horny. Ryan and I walked in and asked for a skin heads have and we sat in the chairs and both become skinheads. It looked very different but doing it with Ryan was really sexy. Ryan wasn’t done yet and we then had a couple drinks and then went to a tattoo parlor which was recommended to us from the staff. I had always wanted a tattoo and had told Ryan earlier that I had it on my list to do on the trip but never did it. Ryan and I walked in and both got tattoos each. Mine was a tribal one I had drawn up years earlier. After that we hit the Casino and ended up in his hotel room that night where I had one of the best nights of my life.

The following week we both returned home. We talked about our time together while on the plane home but knew we couldn’t make it work as we lived in different cities so we agreed to remain as friends. My family went crazy when I returned home bald, with an earring and a tattoo. My work colleagues too were a little surprised but eventually like everything people move on and forget. My Mum took a while because her innocent son with bangs was no longer. For some reason she thought I had changed but I really hadn’t. I was just more within my own skin. I came home really confident too. The funny thing is I thought I would grow my hair when I returned home and take out the earring but I kept the look. Ryan and I chatted a lot and by the end of the year we realized we were too compatible and I moved cities and relocated my job up north. Ryan and I moved in together. Ryan had grown his hair back to a #3 buzzcut but the first weekend I moved in with him I forced him back into a skinhead which I took pleasure in doing. I was so submissive when I met him but was now in total control which he loved. I made a ritual too every Sunday night we would shave each other’s heads and then have the best sex of the week. Ryan and I lasted about 5 years and eventually we realized we had different goals but then I found my current partner Roger. Roger had a lot of hair when I met him but today there is rarely a hair left on his head thanks to my doing.

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