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Breakroom Encounter by P.J.

I was standing idly browsing through my phone, waiting for the Keurig to finish brewing my coffee when he just strolled casually into the break room.
The object of one of my wildest haircut fantasies. There were probably only a couple of guys at our company that had always attracted my attention, for their lush locks of course. This guy was tops on my list. I didn't know his name, not yet anyway, but I'd seen him almost daily in the cafeteria, pre Covid of course. I had a thing for a great looking head of hair on a guy, especially one that was a bit longer than the norm. I suppose you'd say it was a bit of a fetish. Very few guys had truly great looking hair, especially if it was longer. This guy did. Thick, with just the right amount of body and wave to it, and of course it was my favorite color, ginger. Of course it was quite long at the moment, which made it all the better. He was wearing it in an off center part, brushed to the sides. It was much too bulky to keep tucked behind his ears, but I noticed he kept trying in vain to tuck the thick heavy fringe back. It was nicely long, down solidly on his shoulders. Much longer than he would usually have worn it. I did know from a couple of years of noticing him, that he was the type who only got it cut once a year ish. Usually in the spring. Going from a lush full heavy mane to a crisp short back and sides. Of course Covid had thrown a wrench into that cycle for him, as it had with many of us.

I caught myself staring, daydreaming about what it would be like to be the one to take him from this lush grown out plush mane down to a nice short cut. He'd caught me looking, as he tried again to tuck that amazing fringe behind his left ear. He plunked his coffee mug and K cup down on the counter a short distance from me. Trying again to tuck the bulk back behind his ear. He gave an exasperated sigh, looking sheepishly over at me and giving me a shy smile.

"Boy, I sure wish the shops would open soon, I don't want to go through ANOTHER summer with this mop." He said quietly.
I smiled warmly back. "Well, if you don't take offense to a compliment from another guy, you look quite handsome with the 'MOP' as you refer to it as. Especially with that unique ginger color." I replied.

"Err, um, well, thanks." he said, smiling a bit more confidently this time. "Thanks to Covid, everything went on lock down last March, before I got a chance to get my summer cut. This is almost 2 years of growth. I've got to figure out a way to trim it down at least, before the summer heat hits full force. I'm just not sure how to go about it myself. I gave myself a small trim at holiday time, and that nerve rackingly took forever to accomplish.

"Well you've done a fine job though. You look great. Forgive me, but I have noticed that you're a once a year haircut guy if I'm not mistaken, yes?" I said quietly, smiling.
"Why yes, that's correct." He replied, eying me quizzically. "I had no idea it was that obvious though."

" It's probably not to most people , but a I have a soft spot for gingers so I can't help but notice you. Rest assured, it's quite a handsome mane, long or short. I do hope I'm not making you uncomfortable though."

"Not at all, I'm quite used to talking about my ginger locks. By the way, my names Ross. I'd normally shake hands, but, you know, Covid and all" He smiled warmly this time.
I nodded and said "I'm Donovan, my friends call me Van." My coffee was finished brewing by this time. I unloaded the Keurig and motioned that it was his turn. "Nice to meet you finally Ross."
I saw my opportunity and figured it was now or never. "You know Ross, since shops aren't going to be opening for awhile yet. I'll offer my amateur barber services. I've been cutting a few of my friends hair for quite some time now. Even manage to do a decent job on myself if I can't convince one of my buddies to help out. I'd be happy to take your mane down shorter for the summer if you like. No charge."

I could see him eying my own plush auburn locks critically. "Hmm, you clearly know what you're doing Van, You have a nice longer layered cut."

"Yes, I'm not into the bald fades and super short cuts, I'm a bit more laid back, I like to have it long enough to know what color it is," I said, chuckling.

"If you decide you'd like a cut, or even just a trim, stop by my office and we can discuss it further." I pointed to one of the nearby office cube farms. " I sit all the way at the east end, you won't have any trouble finding me. And even with Covid, I have to be here every day. Have a great rest of your morning." I replied, raising my coffee mug and smiling at him again. All I could do now was hope.

As he was loading up the Keurig he nodded "O.K. I'll certainly think about it." He sighed again as I watched him trying to flip that glorious fringe back while he was loading his K Cup into the machine.

I was on cloud nine. What were the odds of running into him, in the break room of all places. And finally getting introduced. Then to top it all off, I might, just might, get the opportunity to have a go at that amazing mane. Maybe even with my trusty Osters. It was turning out to be a good day indeed.

As it turns out, I didn't have to wait many days for Ross to turn up at my desk. His mane looking every bit as lustrous as it had a few days ago. He had a somewhat sheepish look on his face. "Err, hi Van," he started with. "Um, I was wondering, Is there any possibility I could take you up on your offer? For a trim, I mean." he said. Trying and failing to keep that heavy fringe out of his face.
My heart stopped for a moment. Was this actually happening? I'd have to try my best to not sound overly enthusiastic about this. I didn't want to scare him away.

"Oh, hi Ross, what's that. A sure, I can help you out." I could feel my face start to flush pink at the thought of taking him down sinfully short with the Osters. My groin was starting to stir also. Yikes.

"It would be more convenient if I could meet you at your place, if it's quiet, and there's no one to distract me? It's usually a bit chaotic at my place, I have 3 roommates."
He had a hopeful expression. "Yes, my place would be great. How about this Saturday, that is if you're free?"
"Um, sure," I replied. My heart going pitter patter. "What time would be convenient?"

"How about 6:30 or 7:00, after dinner? You could trim this mop, and when you've finished I could offer you a beer. I'd like to get to know a fellow employee better too, if you're up for it?"
I replied "6:30 is fine. That'll give me time to give you a proper haircut and a couple of beers without making it too late of a night."
"Perfect "Ross chirped. "6:30 it is then." He happily walked away, his plush mane radiant in the LED lights of the office.

I was beside myself. This was really going to happen. I hoped I'd be able to convince him to go really short instead of the trim he'd mentioned. I'm sure he wanted to test the waters first, before plunging right into a short back and sides. We'd have to see.

The rest of the week was a blur. Sleep time each night was a series of dreams in which I took Ross down tight. Each night's dream took it shorter than the last. By the time Saturday finally came, I could hardly contain myself I was so excited. My fantasy was going to become a reality.

I arrived a bit late at 6:45. Ross buzzed my up to his apartment. He was waiting with the door open when I got to the top step.
"Hi Van, come on in." Ross said. I noticed his smile was kind of nervous.

I walked in and he closed the door behind me. He smiled shyly, "I hope it's O.K., I set up a chair in my bathroom in front of the big mirror, and easier to clean up in there too."
"Um, sure," I replied. That'll work great. Oh well, no surprise transformation now, I thought to myself.

Ross was wearing gym shorts and a Tee shirt, and bare feet. "I hope you don't mind my casual clothes, It'll make it easier to clean up when we're done." I had cargo shorts on and tight skivvies to help control little Van. Transformations usually had a profound effect on little Van.

I smiled, "Nope not at all I quipped." He looked so handsome with the thick verdant locks brushing back and forth along his shoulders as he spoke. I could tell they'd been recently washed and conditioned. Staring unabashedly at the lush mane, my groin started to stir as I followed him into the bathroom.

He gave a nervous laugh. "I suppose we should get started then." He flopped into the swivel desk chair, heaving a sigh. He seemed resigned and reluctant.
"Ross, we don't have to do this if you don't want to." I said. I didn't want to scare him away. I really wanted a chance to have a go at his plush mane. Even if it was only going to be a trim. Maybe I could be his go to barber after that.

"Oh, it's just...argh, I don't know what to think anymore." Ross replied in frustration, pulling his fingers through the plush locks. "I really kinda like how I look with this shoulder length mane. It's kinda grown on me over the last year or so, pardon the pun. And everyone compliments me on my ginger color. I know it's going to get to be too much this summer though. I hated it last summer and it was much shorter then." He looked pensively at his reflection in the mirror, turning his head slowly from side to side.

"Alright, look," I replied. "How about if I just give you a trim up now, just to neaten it, and shorten it a bit. Maybe to just touching your shoulders? I suggestively picked up a lush lock, indicating how much I'd potentially be cutting. Then later this spring we can get together and I'll give you that handsome short back and sides like I've seen on you in past summers. I'll leave it as long or short as you want this time." I decided to play with him a little. "Or, I can give you a longer version of a short back and sides now, and then later this spring or summer, take you really short. I can cut it however you want guy. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable, it's only a haircut."

I patted his shoulder as he was staring intently at his reflection in the mirror. "I'll get you capped up while you're thinking it over, O.K.?" He gave a slow head nod.
I'd brought my dark blue cape. I thought the thick ginger locks would show up nicely against that color as they tumbled into his lap. Pushing the lush locks to the side, I wrapped the sterri strip and snapped the cape tightly around his neck. I noticed his shorts tenting a bit as I settled the cape into his lap. Hmm. I Finally sank my hands into his gorgeous mane as I pulled the long thick locks out from under the cape. They cascaded handsomely down onto the cape, long and lush. I was in heaven.

I had a hard time removing my hands again. It was so velvety soft and thick. I'd laid all my gear out on the counter. The trusty Oster 76's, comb, brush, shears, and peanut clippers, along with a few clips and the spray bottle. I picked up the brush and began to stroke through the lush locks, gazing into the big mirror, watching him wrestle with himself as to what to do. His mane was so glossy and thick. Subtle shades of ginger playing off of one another. I was itching to pick up the Osters and begin a massive divestiture. If I could take him short tonight, this would be epic. My own shorts were about to give away my excitement too, I had to be careful. Thinking quickly I grabbed my phone and snapped a few pics. He looked surprised. I quickly explained that he likely would never grow it out this long again right? He dejectedly agreed that I was probably right. "Well, here's some posterity pics for you then", I chirped. I quickly sent copies to his phone.
"So then, what'll it be big guy, made a decision yet?" I quipped, gently massaging his shoulders. Caressing the long waves that hung nearly to the top of his shoulder blades. Soft wavy mounds of ginger bulk, innocently waiting for the clippers.

He was very tentative in his reply. "Um, how about cutting it a bit shorter and evening it up for now Van?" His inquisitive reflection staring back at me in the big mirror.
I tried to hide my disappointment and said" O.K., one trim comin up big guy." I reached for my comb, clips and spray bottle. "So, a few inches off? How much were you thinking?" I indicated a length just off his shoulder on the side with my fingers. I'd be cutting a good 4-5 inches off.

He shrugged his shoulders. "Um, yeah, I guess that would be good. I wouldn't be able to tie it back anymore though right?"
"Ah, no probably not big guy" I quipped. "Is that important to you"?

"Um, well, no, I guess not. I don't really tie it back too often now, and it'd be shorter so, no."
Before I made the first snip I decided to ask one last thing. "Do you want to watch me, or I can turn you away from the mirror. This chair swivels, right?" He was still facing the mirror at the moment.
"Well, it's funny you should ask. When I used to get my short cut for summer, my old barber used to turn me away from the mirror. He always quipped that my imagination would come up with something far worse than anything he'd really inflict on me. He was only having fun though, I know. He'd been my barber for years so he and I both knew what he'd be doing. He wasn't the type to screw with me. You won't either, will you Van?", Ross added meekly.

I gave him a genuine smile back. "No, I'm considering this an audition to be your barber of choice going forward, if that's O.K. with you?"
Ross sighed, and then seemed to relax a bit. "Sure turn the chair around then" giving me a small nervous smile.
I nodded "YOU got it buddy" I loved doing surprise transformations.

The back of his shoulder blade length, lush, glossy, ginger mane was now reflected back at me in the mirror. Looking down at his face I could see knitted brows, trepidation apparent in his emerald green eyes. Blue eyed gingers were not very common. I cupped his chin in my hand and tipped his head up gently so we could look eye to eye. "Ross, relax buddy, it's only a haircut. You said yourself that you need to do something with it before summer, right?" I pushed my fingers through the thick shank on the side nearest me. "You'll feel better after I take the first cut, then you'll be committed, no turning back." I gave him an innocent smile.

It was best if I get right to it, I could sense that he might chicken out completely if I didn't take some action. I sectioned off his huge fringe and top locks, I'd work on them later. I was combing the back down, gauging where to make my first cut. I'd just picked up the shears and was going in for the kill when Ross quietly said "Van, wait, please." Arrgh, I thought, now what? I was hoping he wasn't putting a stop to the whole cut.

Ross meekly said, "Um, I changed my mind, let's go shorter now, then I can start growing it out again sooner rather than later. Sorry, I don't mean to jerk you around. Just don't clipper shave me, please. No skin showing. I usually get a longer taper cut for summer." My heart skipped a beat. Man, I thought, if you want me to take the clippers to this mane now, you can jerk me around all you want guy. Trying to act nonchalant I replied "No Problem Ross, your wish is my command." I was now starting to lose control of little Van. Yikes. The anticipation of sheaves of this amazing mane coming free with each clipper pass were almost too much for little Van.

I quickly swapped the shears out for my trusty Osters, and paused behind him for just a moment to appreciate the enormity of what was about to happen. I did remember what he looked like with the short cut. It was very plush, kind of like thick plush ginger cut pile carpet on the lower parts, no scalp visible, just a VERY handsome thick pelt of hair if I remembered correctly. I reminded myself, now wasn't the time to get greedy, I clipped on the #6 guard, just to remove most of the heavy length. This was going to be an incredible transformation. I just hope I could get through it without completely losing it. My tighty whities were no match for little Van at the moment. Good grief.

Ross was a big guy. I was about 6 feet tall, and when we were standing I had to look up just a tiny bit to look him in the eye. With respect to his hair, he could go short, but still needed some length to keep everything balanced. I figured I'd keep about 2 or 2 and a half inches along the ridge lines to start, I could always take it shorter if I needed to.
I had a momentary mental flash of what he might look like after a total shearing. His handsome head protruding through the neck opening on the cape freshly sheared down to a #1 butch. A shocked expression on his face as I turned the chair around and he saw his stubble covered noggin for the first time in the big mirror. I shook my head to clear the image. Maybe someday, but not today. Little Van had gone rigid with the thought though, yikes.

I sectioned him off with a wide horse shoe parting, low in the back. His thick heavy bang shank hanging low, covering his face.
Here goes nothing I thought. "Ready guy", I chirped. I decided to start on the right side and just work my way around. OMG. I slid the comb under the thick shank in front of his right ear and fired up the Osters, touching them gently down on his cheek below a glorious bushy side burn that I was also about to obliterate.
Ross flinched and gulped when the Osters clacked to life."Um, Yeah, I guess."

I slowly slid the Osters up the side. The lush wooly sideburn was the first to go. A little tumbleweed of fur drifting down onto the cape. I held the comb away from his head and down a couple of inches from the parting, so I could control the length along the ridge. The first huge thick shank of lush ginger bulk slid free and sailed down into his lap.
"Wuuh" Ross moaned. "It's been quite awhile since I've felt that sensation. It's weird, I'm looking forward to the change but mortified at the amount of hair coming off at the same time. I've almost forgotten what I look like with the short cut."

"Never fear Ross" I quipped. "Soon enough you'll be a whole new man." I landed the clippers behind his ear and moved up and around it. This time as I raked the clippers across the comb another huge handful freed itself and slid into his lap. Wow, only two passes and his lap was full. I could hardly contain myself. The #6 guard was a good choice to start. It took it down close enough to reveal his head shape without scalping him. I'd come back later and taper it in a little tighter at the bottom if he wanted me to. Before I moved around the back I reached down into his lap, ostensibly to pickup one of the thick locks, it was plainly evident, as I had suspected, he was also greatly aroused. I was happy to know this would be an enjoyable transformation for him too. Holding up the severed lock I commented, "Hmm, I guess if we'd have thought about it we probably could have donated this, it's certainly going to be long enough."

"Hmm" Ross replied. "Never gave it a thought, it isn't usually this long. Oh Well." He'd clearly noticed my accidental contact with his steel hard shaft but declined to comment on it.
I slipped behind him lifting the first of the great thick ginger shanks in back, gliding up and sliding along the comb teeth. Mound after thick heavy mound slid free as the Osters made their way across the back of his head. The amount of hair that I was clipping away was staggering. I had his head tilted down just enough that it all made its way into his lap. A continuous stream of lush ginger locks. Oh, my. The resulting short dark fur was divine too. Soft and supple. A darker shade of ginger, having never seen the sun.

"You aren't cutting it to close are you Van" Ross nervously said. I could detect a slight squirm as he said it. Maybe little Ross needed a bit of adjustment too, hmm.
"No sir" I replied. "The #6 guard is leaving plenty of length to work with. Especially considering how plush and thick your hair is Ross." I gently brushed the lower edge with my finger to indicate that I'd left an amount of hair there. The feeling was heavenly. As I slowly moved my fingers up, he sighed and nodded his head slightly and relaxed again.

As I cleared the long locks away on the back his nape slowly emerged. I remembered how his nape dropped low along his long neck, well below the bottom of his ears. The taper accentuated it nicely. Plush cut napes were a hot button for me. Oh, my. When I've finished the tapering it will look fantastic with the taper on the lower part, graduating into the plush thick bulk above this occipital bone. There was a lot of real-estate between the bottom edge of his nape and his crown. I couldn't resist stroking from the bottom up to the parting I'd made with the back of my fingers. I almost lost it. I hoped that the clipper noise masked my low moan. It felt like soft plush cut pile carpet alright, I was getting erotically lost in the feeling.

I had to snap myself back to reality so I could continue. As I finished up on the left side the furry sideburn was the last thing to land on the huge mountain of locks in his lap.
"Geeze, I forgot, you're taking my bushy sideburns off to, aren't you? Do I look skinned? Ross implored.

"No, quite the contrary, there's still a nice length to them yet also." I brushed my hand over the left one. "Feel that?" I asked.
"Ah, good, I don't want you to cut them too high. Please let me see them before you nip them off O.K.?"

"Oh, absolutely guy, no worries." I replied, giving his shoulder a reassuring light squeeze.

I shut the clippers down for a minute. Changing to a #2 guard. Then firing them up again. I began in back, blending his nape from a #2 up in to the #6 length, clipper over combing my way around his ears and along his nape.

Ross piped up "Oh, I hope you aren't taking me down to nothing at the bottom Van. I forgot to tell you, I don't like to start with skin at the bottom, or around my ears." This reminded my that I'd forgotten to ask before shortening the taper down there, oh well.

I chuckled "believe it or not, I remembered enough about what you looked like with your short cut that I knew that." I don't want to sound like a stalker, but, I've admired your hair for a long time. I'd often pass right behind you as I walked to my table in the cafeteria just to get a close look at your amazing mane." I didn't want to tell him I timed my lunch hour to coincide with his whenever I could too, just to get a look at him.( I told you I had a serious fetish, didn't I)

"Wow" Ross replied. "No, I'm not creeped out, I'm actually kind of flattered. I know my ginger mane attracts attention but I never seriously considered myself that good looking. I've always considered myself a shaggy mutt that gets a clean up once a year."

I laughed out loud."Yeah, O.K., shaggy in a hot AF kind of GQ sort of way." I could see his face start to flush pink. "I imagine when the mood strikes that you have no problem attracting the fairer sex. Or do you already have someone steady?" We were getting kind of personal but it was taking my mind off of What I was doing and giving little Van a chance to simmer down a bit.
"Ahem, well, actually Van, the fairer sex has never held my interest." Ross chuckled quietly. "I'm a same sex kind of guy if you must know. And I am unattached at the present time." Wow, I thought, I didn't see that one coming. This changed things dramatically.

Having finished the lower tapering and blending for now, I distracted myself by picking up the spray bottle. I unclipped his top locks and fringe while I pondered his latest declaration. Should I also disclose my attraction to the same gender? Now, or after I've finished? For a moment I daydreamed that maybe I could be more than just his barber, hmm. He was devastatingly handsome, and seemed to be a genuinely nice guy. He hadn't completely rebuffed my casual flirtations either.

I decided to wait, at least for a few minutes. "Now," I said, as I combed out the thick locks, "I remember that you keep the top nice and thick, side parted, on the left, I believe. About how long or short did you get the fringe trimmed to, do you remember?"

"Yes, a left parting, slightly angled fringe, starting around the tip of my nose, or maybe a bit longer, I think." Ross replied contemplatively. "And yes, I like it thick and heavy up top, not short, and more or less combed over. I wouldn't really call it a pomp, or a Quif, or a slick back. I'm not sure what to call it actually. I'm pretty sure its disconnected too along the sides anyway."
"Ross, you've been holding out on me man." I replied. " You do know at least more than a little bit about haircuts. I'm impressed."

Ross laughed . "Well, yeah, I guess. I'm not afraid to give myself a little trim while its growing out. As I said before, I did just that before the holidays last year. The grown out ends were really getting to me. I also always paid close attention when I was in the barbershop. I wasn't there often, but I made sure that when I was ready for a cut I went in on a very busy Saturday and assured myself of a long wait. That way I could watch a lot of haircuts and I managed to pick up a bit of the lingo along the way. I've tried more than once these last few months to muster up the courage to attack this mane myself. Even had myself almost talked into buzzing it at one time last summer when it got really hot. Never could bring myself to do it though." He sighed. "Truth be told, I prefer it on the longer side. Just not quite THIS long." He chuckled bouncing the huge mound of severed locks laying in his lap.

Now he tells me. After I've finished shearing off everything up to his part lines, yeesh. "you aren't having second thoughts about going short are you" I asked.

No, No, don't misunderstand me Van, This feels wonderful" he said chuckling softly. "I can't wait till you finish man. I just wanted to caution you not to chop the fringe too short is all".
I'd gotten all the thick fringe combed down while we chatted. Since he'd called specific attention to it, I decided to err on the side of caution this time and start a little on the long side. I started at the top of his lip on the left, trimming slightly upward, ending just below nose level on the right. A continuous stream of5-6 inch fringe fell away, landing in his lap.
"Ah, god that's a lot of hair Van", Ross lamented, moaning softly."

I know but it had to be done, eh." I replied. "Not to worry though, there's still plenty to play with" I remarked, running my hand through the lush bulk still hanging low over his face.
I started to brush it up and back over the top of his head. "Wow, daylight at last" Ross chirped.

"I know, right", I replied, laughing. It must feel a bit strange after all this time eh."
'My head feels so light, it's weird" he replied.

I proceed to do a small amount of judicious trimming to blend the longer top locks into the wonderfully thick drop taper in the back. It looked, and felt, amazing. I took advantage of the situation and came around front. Using one hand ,under his chin, I tipped his head up. I ruffled my fingers through the heavy top locks, gently pushing them back and a bit to the side. "Mmmn, I could do this all day", I mused. I caught Ross staring intently up at me.

His emerald green eyes locked onto mine. "Well, it sure feels different. Any chance you could turn the chair and let me have a look" Ross murmured?
Suddenly feeling all tingly, I smiled and said "I will big guy, but can you wait till I put the finishing touches on before the big reveal? I only have to shave your neck and touch up the side burns."
"Ah, God, O.K. but don't dawdle please, the suspense is killing me. I haven't had short hair in over two years."

Smiling to myself, I made short work of removing his extra long neck fuzzies, and squared up his sideburns to my liking. I hoped they were to his liking too.
I set the peanut clippers down. Running my hands through the thick fringe once more. Then on an impulse, I plunged my hand into the thick mound of severed locks in his lap. "Good lord man, but that's an incredible pile of hair. My hand also found a steel hard rod under that pile of hair. I thought so. Wow was this guy aroused or what.

I quickly withdrew my hand, reaching up and touching his shoulder, making the chair spin. I realized too that Ross was holding his breath.

I watched his reflection closely in the mirror. His hands were sliding out from under the cape. He reached for the huge mound of shorn locks in his lap, head tilted down. That fan of bang bulk slid down off the top of his head, partially covering his eye. How incredibly sexy I thought to myself. He reached up and worked his fingers into it while lifting his head. "Oh, Van", he whispered softly, accompanied by a sharp intake of breath. Those eyes were blazing again as he turned his head slowly from side to side. His other hand slowly running up the back of his head from nape to crown. His hand went back to his nape and tried to gage the length at his nape. "MMM, kinda tight at the bottom, but otherwise, wow, guy. This looks and feels fantastic. He looked down, bangs falling, then looked up, smoothing them back with his fingers again. His eyes caught mine. "Would you consider being my barber from now on Ross said"? Smiling warmly at me.

"Do you really like it, I mean other than the nape being a bit short? I started tapering before I asked. That's my fault. But I was only using a #2 guard for the 1st half inch or so, then it gets longer. I really am sorry. And yes, I would love to be you new barber!" I quickly brushed him down and unsnapped the cape, saying "I assume you don't want to change anything right?" Smiling from ear to ear, Ross quickly shook his head no. I slowly pulled the cape away and we both watched the huge mound of ginger bulk slide to the floor.

"Oh, my", Ross quipped. "I guess it was a little long, wasn't it."

We both laughed and smiled at each other. We each also noticed the bulge in the others shorts. And caught each other staring.

Hmm, the rest of the evening was going to be interesting to say the least.

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