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Family Visits the Barber by SheShavedMe

Family Visits the Barber

I was on my lunch break trying to relax a little before my next shift
It had been a hard push the last couple of weeks since summer was coming on and we needed to get some projects completed
My phone rang suddenly bringing me out of my much needed cat nap
I saw it was my wife calling and was slightly annoyed that she woke me up
I answered the phone and my wife informed me that we were invited to a party this weekend and the whole family needed to go to the barber to get cleaned up
I told her that it wasn't a great time to be going anywhere since i was swamped with work and (I didn't tell her this) I just didn't want to go to another social event
But she held firm telling me that this was a vary important party and that it would be embarrassing not to go
My wife loved social gatherings and always tried to find ways to up our "social status"
I obviously could care less, but since I was a supportive husband that cared about his wife I agreed to go this weekend
She thanked me for giving in and said to meet her and the kids at the barbershop at 5:30pm
I finished the day and quickly made my way across town to the local barbershop
When I got there the shop was quite busy
I was very frustrated because I didn't see my family and realized we'd be waiting forever since it was so busy
Then I heard my name being called by a familiar voice and looked around
I saw my family waving at me from inside the shop
They must have gotten there early and held a place in line while they waited for me
I was relieved that we didn't have to wait for an hour just to get in the shop
I made my way inside and kissed my wife hello and hugged the kids
Ben my son is 10 and my daughter April is 12
The barber finished scalping a young boy and called "next"
My wife said that is us and walked to the chair
The barber caped her and asked what she wanted
I knew what she would ask for before she spoke a word
Chin length blunt bob
Her shoulder blade length blonde hair would slide down the cape to the floor sacrificed for the summer
Just as I thought the barber went to work with the scissors shaping the bob
I always enjoyed the sight of my wife loosing half of her hair at the barber shop
The fact that she didn't even think about it when May comes around aroused me
She just orders the barber "short chin length bob"
I watched as the barber finished the molding of the bob and used the trimmers to buzz up my wife's neck
She looked great with a short bob and something about it going from long to short really got to me
The cape was removed and my wife in her yellow sundress stood up and ran her hand through her now short hair
She smiled at me as she walked back to us and then ushered our daughter to the chair
My daughter hates getting haircuts so just a trim of 2-3 inches keeps her tidy and happy
We told she has to keep her brown hair well kept or else we will cut it shorter
So far she has minded our request so we will uphold our end of the deal
After a quick trim my daughter left the chair and my son was ushered up in the chair
My wife instructed the barber on how to cut everyone's hair
She was quite controlling when it came to certain things like appearances
I didn't really mind it because that certainly wasn't my expertise
She instructed the barber to buzz Ben's hair
A #3 on top and a #2 on the sides
This was the norm as Ben liked a shorter style and kept this year round
His sister teased him for it but he didn't mind since he liked it and he looked handsome with the short style
The barber got to work and buzzed the sides and back of his head
It had been awhile since we had been the shop and from the amount of hair on the floor we were in a bad need of some haircuts
The barber switched guards and buzzed the top of Ben's head and finished up with a edging from the straight razor
Ben stood up grinning as he looked in the mirror happy with his transformation
I walked to the chair ready for my own shearing
My wife walked over running a hand through my shaggy hair and told the barber "head-shave please, make him slick and bald"
The barber whisked the cape over me saying "yes ma'am"
I just sat back and relaxed as my usual summer shave commenced
The barber took the guard off the clippers and flicked them on
He aimed them at my forehead and ran them back over my head
He used firm pressure making sure he cut the hair as close as possible
After exposing my white scalp on the top of my head he pushed my head down and started on the back
The clippers quickly ran up the back of my head while hair rained down
I glanced up at my wife who was smiling back at me
She enjoyed seeing me get my head shaved more than I enjoyed seeing her hair get cut off
The barber tilted my head and removed the hair on my right side
He expertly buzzed around my ear leaving no stragglers
The sideburn was removed with ease and the clippers continued up to meet the already shaved top
A few more strokes and my head was tilted the other way and my left side followed the same fate as the right
Soon the clippers were turned off and I was staring at my 00000 haircut
I could feel the cool breeze of the A/C and closed my eyes enjoying the feeling
Then the shock of a hot towel being wrapped around my head made me open my eyes
I watch as the barber worked up some lather in bowl and sharpened his razor
Then the towel was removed and the lather was applied to my head
It felt nice feeling the bush work the lather on my head
I looked at my wife again as the barber reached for the razor
She was smiling, obviously in anticipating the shave
Then the razor was placed on my crown and pulled down the back of my head
He always went with the grain on the first pass and then against the grain on the second pass
He worked his way around my head quickly and efficiently removing my hair
Then he ran the razor on the top of my head to my forehead completing the fist pass
I was quickly re-lathered and the shaving commenced once again
I could feel the increased tension of the razor as it shaves against the grain
Taking the hair down to the skin's surface creating the slick smooth feeling my wife loves so much
The barber took his time making sure no hair was missed and no nicks were created
After another 10 minutes he wiped my head down with a cool wet towel
He then rubbed some after shave and moisturizer on my head
Then after a quick powder brushing the cape was removed and I was free to stand up
My wife ran a hand over my now smooth head and flashed a smile of approval
I paid for the cuts leaving a good tip and walked out of the shop back to the car
I met the family back home and we all sat down to a nice dinner
After dinner was ate, kitchen cleaned, kids taken care of and sent to bed my wife and I watched some TV admiring our fresh cuts
After a hour of peace and quite we made our way to the bedroom where she would make going to a party this weekend completely worth it


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