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Of Myths and Mops by HCWriter_3

Of Myths and Mops

We all know that the ancient Greeks told how nature cyclicly renewed itself through the Persephone myth. Yet, they had another myth that told how young men could grow through harvesting their beauty. Unfortunately you won’t find it in any modern books.

Apollo famously possessed shining, wavy, golden, utterly gorgeous locks. The young sun god usually wore his hair cascading down to the shoulder. Every year at harvest time, he would divest himself of his beautiful hair with a razor. He did not know why exactly, it was a yearly tradition his mother Leto had started when he was a boy. After shaving, he’d ride his chariot across the sky. As the wind stimulated his denuded but extraordinarily fertile scalp, short golden hairs would sprout. By the time he touched the ground, he had grown a dense, blond buzzcut like soft gold velvet. It flet stimulating to the touch. Over the course of 12 months, he’d grow back his heavy locks - albeit at a speedier pace than any human could. Then when harvest time came around again, he’d start over the cycle of shaving and growing.

With his sculpted body and handsome face, it was impossible to say that Apollo deminished his beauty one bit by cutting off all that stunning hair. In fact, he went through a cycle of adopting all kinds of beautiful looks. From a macho shaved head to a buzz cut, a neat crop, mid length and finally the famous angelic free flowing locks.

One year he selfishly wanted to keep his magnificent hair after some nymph or mortal boy he was sleeping with at the time, expressed a particular passion for it. That year music disappeared. Not one letter was put on paper. All over the world people lost the capacity of imagination. The sun still shone though. However, through the strong reflection in all that blond hair the sun rays became unbearably strong. All that blazing warm light scorched every plant and evaporated every water source. Greece was well on its way to turn into a desert. By the time, Apollo’s hair reached his lower back, culture and civilisation had almost come to a complete halt. Then Zeus summoned Apollo and when the latter refused to cut an inch off his mane claiming it hadn’t harmed anyone directly, Zeus aimed a bolt of lightning at Apollo’s head instantly burning off the golden mass - leaving him slick bald without a trace of shadow. After this incident, Apollo faithfully kept up his shaving and growing cycle as a part of the natural order of things whose source lay firmly in the follicles of his hair.

This story taught people that young men ought to evolve, change and experiment in order to develop their talents. A guy ought to grow a strong body, just as he should expand his mind. He ought not to spill all his energy on a futile item such as hair.

Therefore starting from the onset of puberty, parents would shave their sons’ heads. In childhood boys mostly wore their hair long. During puberty they’d yearly go from a fully shaved head to a shaggy mop just like the Sun God. By the time they reached adulthood in their mid-20s and had completely formed their adult bodies and minds, men kept their hair cropped close to the scalp.

Fashion-wise, this ritual created an interesting tension. Quite a few guys preferred the shining, loose locks. Other counted the months until they could have only a few millimetres of hair on top again. Either way, both looks were like a flower that bloomed for only a few days before moving on to the next hairstyle.

The ritual always had most beneficial effects. Within days of the first head shave, boys started to grow a little taller, their minds became more lucid, their voices would drop or their testicles would start to descend. Guys who faithfully did this, grew into fine specimens with athletic physiques, handsome face and luscious plump genitalia. Those who refused to cooperate or whose parents did not want to loose that pretty children’s hair did not fair as well. Some even became quite ill. Doctors could not prescribe any effective cure in those cases other than a full head shave to be repeated until fully recovered.

Obviously some guys started offering their hair, specifically to obtain specific gains. The goal was to grow out the most beautiful offering crop so that Apollo would grant you just that extra definition in the abs, more sculpted glutes, fuller chest hair or just that extra girth in the cock. When the man pleased him, he would acquiesce those demands with pleasure. So every harvest time in gymnasia all over Greece, handsomely built young men - no rivals for the god, but close enough - gathered to take part in collective head shaving rituals. They all came with 12 months growth of thick, dense hair. The Greeks exercised in the buff, so naturally they considered this the most fitting attire to undertake something as messy as shaving off so much hair. Moreover, it was believed a good omen if the god could see the body parts which they wanted improved. Watching from Mount Olympus as swaths of hair fell away from the heads of all those handsome men with rippling muscles in various states of arousal, Apollo indeed felt engulfed by the glory of his divine existence.

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