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Dude's Crash Part 2 by The Hair King

They told Rob and Ashley what they would do and suggested that really, Ron would be in no state to talk or probably would be asleep as they would be using anaesthetic
to set his ankle and wrist. Rob drove Ashley home and there together they cleaned up the mess at the foot of the stairs. Rob would call Ashley as soon as he had news.
Next morning Rob called Ashley and told him he would pick him up in half an hour. George the hairdresser had come up the stairs to thank Ash for checking things out. Ash
told the tale.
Surprisingly George said "Wish him well from me. He may be a loudmouth longhaired punk, but deep down I think he’s not too bad."
"S**t George I tell him that and his ego will be shot!" Ashley laughed. At the hospital they Found Ron propped up in a bed, both his ankle and wrist in plaster
and a white bandage wrapped around his head.
His long golden hair poking out in all directions from under the bandage.

"Well, how’s it feel?" asked Rob.
"I’m f***in sore all over."
After some small talk and Ron near choking when George’s message was passed on. The two could see Ron really was starting to nod off to sleep. As Rob drove Ash back home he asked
"Now which one of us is going to explain about the missing patch of hair when that bandage comes off?"
"You’re his brother."
"He fell down your stairs."
Neither game to do it, they continued the friendly banter all the way home. Ron could find out for himself.

And he did. The screams were reverberating off the walls for a long time when he saw the huge patch of missing hair. "My f***ing long hair. Who cut my f***ing long hair!
This is f***ing crazy!" The boy was storming in and out of the bathroom, still limping but refusing to wear anything but his saggers -
stocking feet though because he couldn't wear boots yet.
"My f***ing long blond hair! I look like a f***ing freak!"
He reached for the low hanging crotch with his good hand and yanked at his jeans. He looked like a little boy who needed a pee pee instead of the tough strutting
punk he wanted to be in his sagging jeans and tears. Yes, the ultra cool dude was now crying.

"I'll kill whoever did this to me! Who the f*** did this to my long hair!"

"Take it easy, Ronny," Robert said. "Maybe we can fix it a little."

"My f***ing long hair! My f***ing long hair! Nobody can do this to my f***ing long hair!"

Ashley and Robert tried not to life at the wee boy who used to look and sound punk but now sounded like a whiny little brat - and looked
it too with his pants falling off his ass - not able to keep his pants even at low ass level with one hand in a cast and the other fondling his long hair - the
waddle reminded both of them of a baby in a diaper. So much for Mr. cool.
Finally, they got Ron settled enough to sit down and let them look over his long locks. The blond hair was still massive in most places and impressive enough to get
ooohs and ahhhs from girls and some boys alike = and sounds of disgust from those who hated long hair on boys.
Robert had been waiting years for a chance to cut the long hair off his brother. While he didn't want to take advantage, he also saw an opportunity to at least start
the process.
They made some effort to restyle Ron's long blond hair to cover the patch that was missing, but the doctor had done a great job of making sure the bald spot would be
visible for months - if not years.
Robert smiled, Ashley saw it and smiled too - but keeping it from Ron.

"We might have to cut a little more hair to even it out," Robert suggested. As expected, Ron's nostrils flared and spittle came from his mouth as he screamed
expletives about how nobody but nobody was cutting any more f***ing long hair of his head.
"My f***ing hair is gold - do you understand - my f***ing long hair is gold! My f***ing long hair is legend."

They had heard all this before - often enough to make them sick of hearing about his hair. Still, Robert did feel a little sorry for the wee tyke as he looked
up at big brother through massive fronds of beautiful silky blond hair, the eyes looked grief stricken and pleading while his mouth continued to try to sound punk.
Could this be the same strutting - waddling - mouthy brat that ruled the world not so long ago with all his fabulous long blond hair? It didn't really look like it.
The kid was wiggling his legs back and forth in his super saggy jeans. He looked like a little kid who needed a pee pee.

"Do you need to take a piss, bro," Robert asked.

"F*** you," he spat back - face reddening again. But then, "yeah, I gotta go." He got up and waddled into the washroom, holding onto the low slung crotch of his jeans with
one hand, trying to keep his huge pants from falling to his ankles. Both Robert and Ashley watched him and then looked at each other.

Robert made the scissors sign with his fingers, and Ashley nodded his head saying yes. The grins grew massive as the idea of taking the hair of the mouthy brat was becoming
a reality.
Ronny didn't know what was transpiring as he stood in the washroom, pulling his longest strands away from his crotch so he didn't piss in his own precious long blond hair.
Robert grabbed a photo album and flipped it open to show Ashley who had never seen a picture of Ron when he was about eight with the shortest hair imaginable - just a wee
quiff in the front like a little cute cowlick.
Robert made a thumbs up and Ashely thought he would piss himself with the idea of the cool strutting baggy assed punk getting this haircut again.
All that long blond hair hitting the floor. This boy is gonna be in tears. This Ronny boy is really gonna be in tears.
When Ron hobbled back out of the washroom with his hand still on his crotch to hold on to the baggy drawers that threatened to fall constantly, the boys were laughing a little.

"What the f***!"

"Nothing, Ron. We've got to do something with that hair though. It looks like s**t. Let us trim it up a little to make it look more normal."

"You better f***ing not mess it up. My f***ing long hair is my f***ing life. F***!"

"Don't be a f***ing pussy, Ronny."
Ronny tried to look punk but he tripped over his sagging pants - not that this was the first time, but it was more dangerous in his compromised condition.
Robert walked over to his brother and grabbed onto his gigantic pants.
"Let me help you with your pants, bro."

"F*** off."

"You're going to hurt yourself, asshole," Robert scolded and yanked up the lad's jeans.

Ronny immediately freaked, "F***, don't pull them up that far!" his face
was beet red. "Don't f***ing pull my pants up. You know I don't f***ing pull my pants up like that."
Ashley was laughing more now as the young punks struggled to get his pants down below his ass for a real sag again. He had never seen anybody make Ronny pull
up his pants before. That was a first.

"F***ing diaper pants," Robert said.

"F*** you." Ronny was back to waddling with his legs spread.

The young punk sat down reluctantly and let Ashley put a towel around his neck, pulling the massive long strands of blond hair out over the towel and down the
boy's back to his ass. Ashley's fingers in his long hair got his bone excited immediately, and he smirked remembering the barber shop. Maybe Ash will finally get on his knees.
Robert pulled some of the long strands near the damaged area and pretended to consider what to do. He smiled at Ashley.
The scissors in his hand were trembling with excitement.

"F***ing get on with it, dude," Ron said.

"Okay, Ronny, remember you asked me to."

"Yeah yeah. Just do a good f***ing job."

Robert placed the scissors into the soft blond strands and ran the blades up and down the shafts as Ashley watched on. He looked shocked as
Robert placed the blades far up the hair near the bratty punks head. Ashley's mouth hung open in mock surprise.
Robert then closed the blades and years of hair came off in one swoop. Ashley audibly gasped at the release of hair. he thought Robert was joking about
that much coming off.
The gasp was like encouragement to Robert who slowly snatched another huge swath and slipped the scissors in - snipping the spoiled punk's hair again removing
many years of priming and primping, combing and brushing - bragging and swinging the long blond hair.
So far, it was all at the back, and Ronny was none the wiser but huge swatches of his incredible hair now lay dead on the floor. Ashley was nearly pissing himself
with shock at the damage done. Ronny truly had short hair on one side of the back of his head short hair on Ronny - no f***ing way - short hair on Ronny - the longhaired punk.

"What?" the punk asked.

"Nothing, dude," Ash said. "I just never thought I'd see the day when your brother Bob would have his scissors in your long hair."

"Well, don't get too much of a f***ing hardon, Ash, he's just tidying it up. He ain't giving me no f***ing haircut. Keep your dick in your pants." Ronny scoffed.

"True," Ash said and looked at Rob. They both knew that they couldn't keep cutting the hair that short once they got to the side or to the front.
Just at that moment, Ronny's head sort of nodded off.

"You getting tired, bro," Rob asked.

"Must be the f***ing drugs, dude," the smartmouthed punk said, "f***ing drugs."

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