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The Bus rides - PART II by George Wheeler

The Bus rides " Part II

By George Wheeler


I struggled to breathe, and my throat was all sore so I couldn’t say a word. This magnificent guy kept a very firm grip on my giant tail. And kept pulling it quite hard. I loved to have my mane manhandled in this way. Him in complete control of my most precious asset. Thrilling and scary.

He whispered in my ear: "Would you like me to give you a haircut gorgeous hair boy?".

I was totally split. Part of me was dying of excitement of the prospect of having this beautiful tall strong man take my long girly mane for a ride under the scissors and clippers. Another part of me was on full alert. The mere thought of losing just a bit of my pride and glory filled me with fear.

The only thing I could come up with in this situation was a: "a small trim perhaps?" uttered in a very low and very shaky voice.

He almost lifted me up from my seat with his tight grip on my 5 feet long thick ponytail. "I think more than just a trim is indicated cutie, but it’s better than nothing so let’s start with that. You can come home with me now". He tightened his grip on my tail and I couldn’t my head at all. "OK" I whispered " desperately and ever so thrilled.

We kept riding and he kept my enormous mane in a very firm grip smelling it and occasionally kissing it. "Ohhh we’re going to have so much hair fun tonight sissy boy" he whispered at me.

Eventually he pressed the "stop" button and we both rose " him still with my giant tail in a very tight grip as if he feared I might try to escape. An indeed part of me desperately wanted that. But the excitement of that wonderful guy doing my long girly hair got the upper hand.

I left the bus with him close behind me and my tail under his total control.

Under his complete hair command, we walked to his apartment. People stared at us and turned their heads. Him smiling at them me looking awfully shameful and embarrassed being led like an animal by my own knee long mane.

Once inside the apartment he lifted my giant tail high above my head and let go of it. My long blond wavy locks cascaded down all over me like a waterfall and covered most of me in a hair carpet down to my knees.

"My ohh my pretty boy. You sure got a lot of beautiful girly hair. Can’t wait to play with it and do thousands of wonderful things with it".
My cock immediately stood attention.

"Come inside" he said and showed me into his living room.

We had a couple of drinks, talking about my long hair and why I hadn’t had a serious haircut for so many years. I started to relax and at the same time getting increasingly horny. I wanted this wonderful muscular tall strong mane to take full control of my knee long mane.

So I went to the bathroom, undressed, and went back into the living room " naked. At first, he didn’t react. Probably because my mane covered me like a coat down to my knees. But then he smiled and said: "Wow sissy boy " you’re a real lady Godiva. Come here and let me feel all that sexy long blond hair".

I moved close to him. He reached down to my lap and put his hand through my thick curtain of blond silk and started to caress my rock-hard shaft. I felt like fainting. It was the most sensational experience I ever had standing naked in front of this gorgeous man with all my wavy hair down all over me and him wanking me very slowly.

I managed to whisper at him: "You got too many clothes on. I want to see your amazing body all naked"

He started to undress and revealed the most perfect body I’d ever seen. Amazingly sculptured and with his blond crewcut making him the perfect man.

We stood close, me with his giant cock in my hands and him with my rock-hard shaft in his. We wanked slowly and French kissed. I was at the point of exploding. I had to stand on my toes to kiss this wonderful tall strong guy " making me feel like his woman.

"I think it’s time we do a little hair playing. Would you like that my little longhaired princess?".

He lifted my giant mane high above me and dropped it down all around me, gathered it in a giant ponytail, pulled it hard and French kissed me while I wanked him. He went close behind me and put his giant cock through my dense hair carpet and into my huge sexy as.

He f***ed my mane and my ass at the same time while wanking me. I followed his rhythm with my ass and mane, and he grabbed it and pulled it very hard " used my mane as handle as he mounted me.

"Let’s see you with shorter hair sissy boy". He gathered my giant mane and twisted it around several times until it just reached my shoulders. "Look at that. Sissy boy got a serious haircut from knee long to shoulder long. That looks great although even more feminine sissy boy. How do you like the feeling of free and fresh air on your huge sexy ass and your back? Isn’t that nice instead of that enormous blond curtain hanging down all over the place?"

I found it sensational to feel my mane just graze my shoulders and no longer my ass back and ass and thigs. So short after all these years of growing longer and longer and thicker and thicker.

"Don’t you think it would be a shame to cut off so much of my magnificent mane?" I asked.

"I think you would look smashing but even more so much shorter!".

"One thing at a time" I replied. "We agreed on a trim. Let’s stick to that".

He let lose my mane and it flowed down over my shoulders and back over my huge sexy ass and thigs onto my knees.

I stood naked in my hair carpet with a giant hard on when he said: "All right sissy boy. Let’s get to work. You just stay there, and I will get my stuff".
He left and soon came back with " CLIPPERS " in his hand!

"Sissy boy let me introduce you to an any real man’s best friend: "Mr. OsterClassic75 Clippers". They have served me well for many years without any problems or complaints. I’m sure you will soon be the best of friends too".

I stared like hypnotized on the big, heavy red metallic instrument in his hand. It looks so powerful. So merciless. So, threatening.

"As you might have guessed from my haircut, I’m not a hairbrush man. Can you help me their sissy boy?"

As in a trance I went to my bag and took out my hairbrush that I always carried with me.

He put the dreaded clippers on the table and grabbed the hairbrush.

"This mop needs grooming" he said and went behind me.

"OMG so much hair. I can’t understand how you manage all that. It must take you hours to care for that mane every day."

I leaned forward so he had a free view to my huge sexy ass and naked body " all my hair in front of me like a thick carpet. Then I flipped it backwards " and buried him in my wonderful blond silk!

"Brush me big man" I said and moved my ass backwards, so it hit his rock-hard cock through the thick vail of girly long hair.

"Ohhh yes brushing it will be sissy. Let’s get all those gorgeous feminine waves moving".

He placed the brush on the top of my head and moved it slowly and thorough through my immense mane all the way to the knees.

I almost couldn’t hold back and turned around. "I must taste that wonderful giant cock you have" And then I kneeled and blew him.

He took up over long locks of girly hair. Admired them and then let the brush glide through them " and then slip them down all over me. He kissed my locks, pulled them, brushed them.

I grabbed a fistful of my soft long blond locks, twisted them around his rock-hard cock and started to wank him while blowing him. This hair job had an electric effect on both of us and soon he shot a huge load into my mane.

"You sure make good use of that mop sissy boy" he said and kissed me. "But you don’t get a haircut " sorry trim - if we continue like this. I need you to stand on that table so we can move on".

I climbed the table and stood naked with my mane all around me but a little in disarray after the hair job.

"Now that’s better sissy boy. Now I can brush that amazing mane without getting a pain in my back".

He started to brush my mane again " from the top of my head all the way down to my knees. He made sure to distribute his cum all over my mane.

He went on brushing my giant wavy mane until it hung down all around me in perfect condition, shining and ending in perfect blunt cut ends brushing the back of my knees.

He put down the brush and grabbed the clippers!

I started to tremble, shivers down my spine and a very sore throat.

"Ready for your small trim sissy boy?" he asked me to move in front of me and kissing me. I could see his cock standing even harder than before in anticipation of what was to come very soon.

"Don’t look so sad and scared sissy boy. It’s only a small trim. It won’t hurt and your fabulous mane will look even healthier and more perfect condition than ever".

He kissed me again and moved behind me. I followed the dreaded huge clippers in his hand with my eyes.

Then the room filled with a horrendous metallic noise. I startled and started to sway fearing I would lose my balance and tip over.

Seconds later I felt a horrific ice-cold metal pressed against the bare skin of my right lower thigh! And the metallic noise grew even worse as I felt the ice-cold merciless metal slowly move across my right lower tight to the left. It was a terrible snarl and I realized that I was in the process of getting my lovely knee long mane taken off around 5 inches up to my lower thighs! That was NOT a trim. That was a massacre on my pride and glory! I felt ever so miserable.

What felt like hours he kept trimming my ends.The horrible metallic noise was getting on my nerves. I just wanted him to stop and get away as quickly as possible. But he took his time to cut my ends perfectly straight across my lower thigs " blunt cut as if cut after a ruler.

Finally, he turned off those horrible clippers and the room was filled with silence " apart from me breathing heavily after the chocking experience and him breathing heavily " of excitement after having cut off part of my lovely long girly hair.

I stood as paralyzed on the table as he put down the clippers and moved in front of me.

"Ohh my cute little sissy boy. You’re trembling and " if I see it right " sobbing. Now come come sissy boy. It’s not that bad. In fact, I’m quite proud of the haircut " sorry trim " I have given you. Your awesome mane looks even more splendid now.

I heard him talk but couldn’t hear what he said.

He grabbed my cock which was very little and weak and started to wank it while at the same time French kissing me.

This brought me out of my trance and my cock started to rise.

"See sissy boy " still a man or at least kind of a man " even with a little less hair than before.
We kissed and I started to get excited.

But then he helped me down from the table and took me by my rock-hard cock into the bathroom. I didn’t dare to look how much golden silk was lying on the floor.
He had several floors to ceiling mirrors obviously to admire his perfect looks when satisfying himself. He placed me in front of one of them so I could see myself from the back.

The nightmare was even worse than I expected. My eyes just stared at the back of my knees which used to be covered by a thick blond carpet of perfect blunt cut hair. Now they were bare " naked " exposed!

I almost couldn’t get myself to look upwards " to see where my beloved mane was now.

Next chock. Even part of my lower thighs was exposed " no longer protected and grazed by fabulous long lovely wavy locks of thick girly hair. Naked, left alone, bare, vulnerable without the hair protection. I felt horrible.

Finally, my eyes found my hair. There it was. Cut in a perfect blunt cut line straight across the top of my lower thigs. I had to admit that the blunt cut was even more perfect with the clippers than with the scissors used so far. But that was also about the only one good thing above it.

He had taken almost 8 inches of my length!! I felt like crying. Miserable.

" See pretty boy. That was not so bad now, was it? I think you look smashing".

He reached out and pulled me close to him " my eyes still were on my freshly cut hair in the mirror.

He started to kiss me and wank me and once again my cock reacted almost immediately.

"I think I will f*** your wonderful huge sexy ass while you watch it and all your freshly cut hair in the mirror".

He moved behind me and mounted me. The sight of his huge cock working my big ass and all my freshly cut silk moving around my ass and his cock made med cum in no time. He shot a huge load of cum into my freshly cut mane with a big sigh.

We both stood naked in the bathroom, kissing, and caressing each other.

"Would you like me to cut off a bit more of your long girly mane sissy boy. There’s still plenty left".

Much to my surprise I heard myself answer:" Maybe"! "I have to get used to having such short hair and see how I feel about it. Right now, it just feels as a terrible loss".

" I would very much like to be your private barber sissy boy and take more of all that hair. To be completely honest I think a flattop would look perfect on you.

But I also loves to f*** your extra-long girly hair and watch your huge sexy ass with all that hair around when I f*** you. I must admit you also gives the best hair jobs I have ever had.

I love it when you wear your mane in two giant braids and twist them around my rock-hard cock and use them to wank me while you blow me " that’s hair heaven.
The same when you wear pigtails like a little schoolgirl. Those two enormous pigtails hopping and dancing around you when I f*** your wonderful as and watching them being bound around my rock-hard shaft and wanked till I cum in them " just marvelous.

Most of all perhaps I love your extraordinary tail. It’s so long and thick and soft. Watching it swinging around. Grabbing it. Pulling it. Hard. To show you who’s in control of all your sissy hair. In the bus hanging down all in front of me covering the back of your seat completely. Waiting for me to grab it and do with it whatever I want. Put it down my trousers and wank until I cum in it. Pure perfection.

All that would come to an end once you had a flattop. So, we must use every minute to enjoy it now.

I would love to see you with a giant perm. Tons of curls " lovely long soft big girly curls. I would also love to see your magic mane crimped " making it double the present already enormous volume.

Another wish " maybe a bit longer down the road " is to cut bangs on you. I get extremely aroused by the thought of brushing all that frontal hair down over your face hiding it completely in a vail of thick blond hair. Brushing it down over your lap and twist the ends around your rock-hard shaft " and then grab my clippers and place them VERY high above your brows " very close to your hairline " and cut all that long hair off and replace it with extremely short, thick blunt cut baby bangs straight across your foreheads. Ohh me would you look wonderful. The cutest little princess.

Let’s just see what happens as we go along and enjoy your over long lovely girly magic mane now".

I was not unaffected by his words. Not the least! On the contrary my cock could hardly fit in my pants when we dressed. Those words and those fantasies. WOW! He took me breathe away.

I left his apartment with a sadness since I hadn’t been able to feel my mane brush against my knees when I put on my pants. I missed my shorn locks.
But also, with butterflies in my belly. The thrill of being at a male barber " and what a barber! " for the first time in so many years and have more than "just a trim".

As we kissed goodbye in the doorway, we agreed to continue our magical hair rides on the bus.

Next day I threw my freshly washed and freshly cut mane behind my seat and down the back. I closed my eyes and started to wait and dream.

Nothing happened in the morning but in the afternoon after having repeated my long hair display, I felt the well-known and ever so beloved and welcomed pull on my long mane.

New hair adventures with my favorite "barber" lay ahead.

The End (?)

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