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Dude's Crash - part 3 by The Hair King

"You getting tired, bro," Rob asked.

"Must be the f***ing drugs, dude," the smartmouthed punk said, "f***ing drugs."

"Well, you are in a recliner, dude. Why don't we just put the chair back, and you can have a nap. No problem."

The whiny brat didn't complain much as the adjusted the chair. In truth the drugs were knocking him out.
Leaning back in the chair, the dragon belt on his heavy jeans slide to below his crotch revealing an admirable
bulge in his bright yellow underwear that he liked flashing his ass at everybody in his saggers.
The boys smirked at one another.

Robert began snipping hair on the side of Ronny's head. The boy didn't move. In fact, his breathing
got deeper and his mouth opened a little. He was out, so he didn't hear the loud gasp from Ashley as the
huge blond swath of long hair came away from the boy's ear. His right ear was completely exposed now -
probably for the first time since he was eight years old.

"Oh my god," Ash said.

"I know," Robert replied smiling. "Isn't it awesome."

"I don't know, dude. Maybe this is too much." Robert looked at the chunk of stud's long hair in his
hands and shrugged. "Well It is too late now."

He started trimming right around the ear as Ash watched and adjusted himself in his jeans. He couldn't
believe he was having this reaction.

"Here you do the left side," Rob said and handed Ash the scissors. He took the scissors and began to
massacre the boy's long hair on the left side, exposing the other ear that had been hidden for years.
He liked the feeling of taking control of Ronny's long hair. The brat had been lording it over everyone
for years, and he was a mouthy little s**t sometimes anyway. A haircut would do him some good.
It wasn't long and the boy with long hair was becoming the boy with short hair.

Robert took control of the sheepdog bangs that Ron was so proud of. In a couple of moments, the
curly strands that coiled down over his face was gone. The curtain of hair fell like heavy rain to
the floor and the crotch of the boy with his spread legs and huge baggy saggers. Ron's cute face became
visible for the first time in years.
He looked like a baby in the chair now with his hair getting shortened and his diaper pants exposed.

The boys looked at Ron's now partly shorn head and shook their own heads. It was an awesome change.
The true boy was showing - not the man - not the punk - not the strutting, brooding, demanding spoiled brat. He was a little boy.
But the hair was a mess.

Ashley said, "We can't leave it like that."

"Of course not," Robert replied with a sly smile. He left and came back with a pair of clippers.
He'd used these clippers on his own head many times as he kept his hair shorn to a number two.

"Holy f***, holy f***," Ashley could not believe what they were about to do.

Robert shrugged and clipped the number one guard onto the clippers. He adjusted the blades to
decrease the amount of hair that would remain on the boy's head.
Once the clippers started up, Ashley thought Ronny would wake up and save what was left of his
long blond hair, but the boy stayed out of it for the first few minutes giving Robert time to
run the humming clippers right down the middle of the stud's head.
The hair that was removed was astonishing, the strands simply fell away and scattered like
naughty children all over the place. The beautiful proud long strands of hair were being
turned into trash - no longer the powerhouse of punk arrogance and pride.

Suddenly Ronny woke and started a little. Ashley held onto him to try to calm him as Robert
had already taken three passes, and several inches of the centre of Ron's head were almost balded by the clippers.

BALDED! Ashley could not believe it. Ronny BALD - the hair king BALD!

The saggy jeaned punk's eyes grew huge under some still long swaths of blond hair that hung
over his face and in moments the tears began. This only encouraged Robert to cut more hair
as he saw the little boy rather than the tough mouthy punk. Now that the tears flowed, the kid was returning.
Besides, the long hair was already ruined. Soon there would be no more long blond hair on the punk.

Ronny fell into shock. Perhaps he thought he was dreaming or rather having a wet dream because
his hotrod rose in the boxers lifting above his saggy drawers now.
Both the older boys smirked at the reaction. The boy really could not control himself anymore.
As the long hair continued to fall though, the tears turned into sobs and finally, the boy screamed.

"No! Nobody cuts my hair! My f***ing long hair!"
Instead of the old punk call to arms, he sounded like a little brat who couldn't do anything
about his long hair.
The shears took all the hair from around his protruding ears and over his forehead, the long
bangs cascading to the floor without ceremony. Well, maybe a little ceremony as Ronny began to piss himself.
The boys laughed at the young stud who now looked like a baby boy for sure.
"You're pissing your diaper, Ronny," Robert scoffed at him.

The strutting - or waddling - young punk who lorded his long hair over everyone and
teased barbers and dad with his long blond hair was now reduced to a sniveling wee boy
with wet pants and tears rolling down his cheeks. No longer the long haired dude with
one hand stroking his hair and the other on his crotch as he admired himself in the
full length mirror. Robert thought there wouldn't be so many stains and blotches
on the vanity mirror now that the kid had no more hair to wank off to.

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