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Now You've Done It (Ken's House, pt. 3) by InnocentKink

"Are you sure you’re not going to get a buzzcut today? It was a lot of fun last time when I got to buzz yours" I said to Ken. He is standing in back of a patio chair, waiting for me to sit down so he can give me a buzzcut. He has a curious look on his face.

I nervously sat down in the patio chair and Ken threw his black barber’s cape over me, and snapped it snugly around my neck.

Ken replied, "Are you saying that you want to buzz my head? If that’s the case, I don’t know that I can say no. You can buzz my head, and I’ll tell my wife that you goaded me into it. It sure is hard to keep hair on my head when the temperatures are in the triple digits, don’t you think?" I am very excited for our impending mutual haircuts.

"Decisions, decisions, decisions" said Ken. "#2, #1, or #0?, I’m going with a #2, it’ll clean me up, you should definitely go shorter though. I know you like the #1 you had last time, the #0 is even shorter. It leaves you with about a millimeter of hair. Do you want to try it on?"

I can’t believe I have an out. I know I don’t want to "try on" a baldie! There’s no trying it on, I’d be bald for the foreseeable future. Ken firmly pressed the palm of his hand into my shoulder, and said "You’re gonna go for it, aren’t you?" I didn’t have any way out of this, the smirk on his face was just too tantalizing.

Before I knew it, the clippers clicked on into life, and plowed them right down the center of the top of my head. The vibration on my skull was much more intense this time. After dozens of passes, and Ken firmly gripping my head, I was buzzed bald.

Ken ran his hands vigorously through my newly denuded scalp. I couldn’t believe how good it felt as he continued to massage me, including my ears, temples, neck, and shoulders. I was living a true fantasy.

When he was done, I was bewildered. The deep, intimate, unfiltered attention from Ken had put me in a trance. He told me that he knew I’d love it, and I certainly did. He shook the cape off in the grass and proclaimed that it was now his turn.

Ken took a seat and I nervously caped him up. I clicked the clippers on and shakily ran them through the center of his head. I was in serious shock when I realized I hadn’t attached the #2 guard to them, and I was inadvertently making Ken just as bald as me. This was going to be fun! I had no idea what to expect.

I continued buzzing his head to nothing as Ken’s beautifully tanned scalp is revealed to me. I was also wondering whether Ken would like it. Surely, he’s buzzed himself bald before? His wife may not love it, but it will grow back. After all, he was sure pushy about getting all the hair off of my head.

As I finished buzzing Ken down with the bare blade, he commented "hurry up, baldie, buzzcuts aren’t for pretty boys, it should only take a few minutes." Then, he reached up on his head to check out what I had done. As he felt his bald head, he had a big smile on his face.

"You forgot the guard didn’t you?" Ken said, as he somewhat gleefully checks out the rest of his new head. "Now you’ve done it, I’m practically a baldie, just like you!"

"Yeah", I responded. "Good thing it looks good on you!" It truly did. The faintest hint of salt and pepper stubble complimented his tanned and tattooed body and tough, yet gentle personality. I don’t understand why his wife isn’t a fan.

"Oh yeah, I love it" says Ken, "but my wife will not! She is going to make me pay! And when she does, I’m going to pass it on to you, and boy, you will pay dearly!" Ken said to me playfully. I wonder if he’s just making conversation, or will he have me take this poolside transformation to another level?

I apologized and said it was a mistake. He said that he understood, and particularly enjoyed my "mistake", but said his wife would not see things that way. She already didn’t care for his buzzcuts, and absolutely hated having a skinhead for a husband. She knew that he really preferred the look and feel for himself, and would assume that it was all his idea.

Ken then said "Relax! I’m the one in real trouble, we both love our new haircuts, and you might actually like what’s in store for you!" as he picks me up and tosses me into the deep end of his swimming pool. He then jumped in and we had another amazing afternoon filled with further bonding over our baldies.


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