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Dominic part 3 by Bald K

“ I will miss you," Dominic told Scott as Dominic put the suitcase in the boot of his father’s car.
“It is a pity you have to go," Scott sighed. “I would not have dreamt of getting my head shaved if I had not met you."
“Yeah, and now we have three weeks of hair on our heads due to school regulations," Dominic laughed. “I will call you, mate, and my father and I are up here for Christmas."
“Why not come up next summer? We could go bald again," Scott suggested.
“You would be welcome to stay over," Tom told Dominic. “Your grades have improved, and I will not force you to work so many hours in the shop."
“Ok, I will come up and stay again next summer and get my head shaved," Dominic told Scott as Dominic got into the passenger seat of the car.
Dominic waved to Scott as Dominic’s father pulled onto the road and started the drive home.
“Your time with my father seems to have served you well," Dominic’s father told Dominic.
“Yes, I think it has," Dominic sighed.

Dominic pulled on his school blazer and looked at his reflection in the mirror.
“I hate having hair now," Dominic thought to himself as he saw about half an inch of hair that had grown on his head.
Dominic made his way into the school grounds, made his way to his form room, walked in, and sat at his usual seat as other class members made their way into the classroom.
“Dominic’s a skinhead," Jake mocked. “Did your grandad make you lose your lovely curls when you had to stay with him?" Jake laughed.
“It was my choice," Dominic lied. “At least I had the guts to lose my hair, unlike you with your mummy boy stylists haircut."
“Do we have a new boy in our class?" Mr Long, the form tutor, said to Dominic as he walked in. “Oh no, It is Dominic, actually attending school."
“Dominic got a skinhead haircut, sir," Jake laughed.
“Say that one more f***ing time, and you will be f***ing sorry," Dominic hissed at Jake.
“Oh look, the skinhead threatened me," Jake mocked Dominic. “He thinks because he had a skinhead crop, he is a hard boy now."
Dominic got out of his chair, pulled Jake up off his, and headbutted him before pushing Jake to the ground and kicking him in the groin.
“Come on then! F***ing do me! Do the skinhead!" Dominic shouted at Jake as he kicked him in the groin again. “f***ing piece of s***!"
“Dominic Jones, get to the headmaster’s office now!" Mr Long shouted at Dominic.
“Don’t worry. I will not be coming back to this s***hole as I will be sixteen next week and can legally quit school," Dominic said as he picked up his bag and stormed out of the classroom and out of the school grounds.
Dominic made his way home and went straight to his bedroom, and changed out of his school uniform into a T-shirt. Dominic got an envelope out of his bedside cabinet and smiled at the money he had managed to steal off his grandad during his stay with him whilst working in the shop.
“Not bad for five weeks work," Dominic thought to himself as he took the sixty-five pounds out of the envelope and put it into his pocket before walking out of his bedroom.
Dominic made his way to the bus stop and waited for a bus to arrive to take him into town. A bus arrived after a few minutes, and Dominic boarded it and paid the driver for his return ticket into town. Arriving in town, Dominic thanked the driver as he got off the bus. Dominic made his way down a side street and to a barbers shop and pushed the door open.
“Take a seat, young man, while I just do this young mans haircut," The barber said to Dominic. “What can I do for you?" The barber asked the young man.
“A skinhead, like the pop group madness, has got, except shorter," The young man replied. “Take the whole lot off."
Dominic smiled to himself as the barber picked up the clippers and removed the guard from them.
“All off? Are you sure young man?" The barber asked the young man.
“That’s what I want, please," the young man replied.
Dominic watched as the barber made quick work of taking the young mans hair down to virtually nothing before switching the clippers off and placing them back on the bench.
“Perfect," the young man said to the barber as the barber showed the young man the back of his head.
“Wow, I like that look," Dominic thought to himself as the barber removed the cape from the young man to reveal the young man’s polo shirt and braces along with his cherry doc marten boots along with three steel rings in his left ear.
“That will be one pound then, young man," The barber told the young man.
“Cheers, see you in a few weeks to freshen the skinhead up," The young man replied as he handed over a pound note.
“I like your gear," Dominic told the young man. “Could we chat after I get my skinhead done?"
“Sure thing, I have nothing else on today," the young man replied.
“You are next young man," the barber said as he looked at Dominic. “I guess you require the same haircut as I have just done on the young man?"
“Yeah, take it all off, please, sir," Dominic replied as the barber placed the cape around Dominic.
“You young guys will put me out of business with you all getting this haircut," the barber laughed as he picked up the clippers.
“I had it shaved smooth whilst I with my grandad up in Wales," Dominic told the barber.
“You are f***ing kidding!" The young man exclaimed. “I would love to try that.
“If you want it shaved again, I will gladly do it for both of you," the barber said as he switched the clippers on.
“Are you up for it?" The young man asked Dominic.
“Yeah, why not?" Dominic replied as the barber started to shave Dominic head with the clippers.
The barber finished removing Dominic’s hair with the clippers and put a thick layer of hot shaving soap over the remaining stubble before sharpening his straight razor on the strop.
“Oh yeah, I love the hot shaving soap on my head, and the feel of the razor removing the stubble" Dominic sighed as the barber started to shave the stubble off Dominic’s head.
“I cannot wait to get mine done," the young man said to Dominic.
“You will love it," Dominic told the young man.
“One shaved head," the barber said to Dominic as he wiped the excess shaving soap off Dominic’s head with a towel. “I will charge you one pound, but it should have been another fifty pence."
Dominic paid the barber and sat down in the waiting area as the young man made his way back to the barber’s chair and sat down. The barber tucked a towel into the young man’s polo shirt before applying the shaving soap over the young man’s stubble. Dominic stood up and smiled as he rubbed his bald head.
“Oh, I could get used to this," the young man said as he felt the razor start to scrape away the remaining stubble from his head.
“Told you that you would love it," Dominic told the young man.
“That feels so weird having no hair at all," the young man said as he rubbed his bald head. “I am glad that you wanted to see me after your haircut."
“Thanks for hanging about," Dominic replied as they walked out of the barbers.
“So, how come you are not kitted out with the boots and braces?" The young man asked Dominic. “I am Christian, by the way, but my mates call me CJ."
“Nice to meet you, CJ. I am Dominic," Dominic replied.
“Fancy coming back to where I live?" CJ asked Dominic.
“Got nothing else to do until I face my dad after he finishes work," Dominic replied.
“It is only a five-minute walk," CJ told Dominic.
Dominic followed CJ to a house set back behind two others, and CJ got a key from under a paving slab and opened the door.
“Welcome to the manor Dom," CJ said as he and Dominic walked into the kitchen. “Fancy a beer?"
“I am only fifteen until next week," Dominic told CJ.
“I am coming up to seventeen, Dom, but I drink," CJ said as he handed Dominic a can of beer. “Come through to the lounge."
“Nice place mate, you live here with your parents?" Dominic asked CJ.
“Dad booted me onto the streets a few months back and now live with Hitch, Tommy and Ginger," CJ told Dominic as he flopped down into an armchair. “This is Hitch’s place that he rents of his grandparents, and me, Tommy and Ginger chuck in some money for food and beer."
“I reckon I could end up back up at my grandparents after I headbutted a snobbish prick in the classroom today," Dominic sighed.
“I could have a word with Hitch, and there are spare beds upstairs," CJ told Dominic. “Talk of the devil; here comes Hitch now."
“Nice baldie CJ, who is the other bald boy?" Hitch said to CJ as he walked in.
“This is Dom. I met him when I was getting my skinhead refreshed at Went’s place, and he asked to chat after he had his baldie done," CJ told Hitch.
“Nice to meet you Dom, are you a skinhead or just a bald boy?" Hitch asked Dominic.
“CJ was going to kit me out, and I do like the way CJ looks with the rings in his ear," Dominic told Hitch.
“Well, what are you doing drinking beer? Get him kitted out," Hitch told CJ.
“This way, Dom," CJ said to Dominic. “Time to make you a proper skinhead boy."
Dominic followed CJ up to a bedroom and looked as CJ opened the wardrobe door to reveal some polo shirts, bleached jeans and braces. CJ looked at Dominic to assess what sizes he would need before selecting the clothes and braces and handed them to Dominic.
“What size boot do you take?" CJ asked Dominic,
“Size nine," Dominic replied.
CJ looked at the cherry doc boots at the bottom of the wardrobe and found a pair of size nine boots for Dominic to try on.
Dominic stripped down to his boxer shorts and pulled on the polo shirt and jeans before CJ helped Dominic with the red braces.
Take a seat on the chair, mate, and I will show you how to lace the boots up," CJ told Dominic.
Dominic sat on the chair and put the boots on, and watched as CJ laced them up. Dominic stood up and looked down at his laced up boots and turned up bleacher jeans before looking in the mirror on the wardrobe door.
“Oh god! I f***ing love it!" Dominic shouted out as he saw his new look.
“Just think how much better it would look with a ladder of rings in your ear," CJ said to Dominic.
“My dad has forbidden me to get my ear pierced," Dominic sighed. “I had it pierced, and he forced me to remove it."
“F*** Dom, you are sixteen next week. It is time to get a life, man," CJ said to Dominic. “Anyway, let us go and show Hitch the new Dom."
Dominic followed CJ down the stairs and back into the kitchen, where Hitch was cooking a massive fry up.
“You look well hard in that gear," Hitch told Dominic. “Call into inkskinz tomorrow, and I will put some metal in your ear the same as CJ has got."
“His dad will not allow it," CJ told Hitch.
“Well, if you change your mind," Hitch said as he put the fried food onto some plates and placed them on the table. “Hope you like a full fried English breakfast, Dom,"
“Yeah, I love them," Dominic replied as he sat down. “Dad is more a toast and muesli person and verging veggie."
“Get the beers out CJ, we cannot eat this without a decent ale," Hitch told CJ.
Before opening his can, CJ got the beer out of the fridge and handed one to Hitch and Dominic. Dominic shrugged his shoulders and opened his can of beer, and took a mouthful before setting about eating the food on the plate.
“So, how did you manage to get your head shaved, Dom?" Hitch inquired.
Dominic explained to Hitch his dad decided to take him to his grandparents in Wales and mouthed off when his grandfather took him for a haircut, and his grandfather told the barber to shave him bald.
“You liked the bald head?" Hitch asked Dominic.
“When I got back, I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror more closely and decided to stay shaved for that week when my grandfather told me to grow hair," Dominic replied. “I got to school today and decked a boy and walked out of school."
“That is how I met Dom when we were both in the barbers, and I was in the chair waiting to get a zero crop, and then Dom asked to chat with me," CJ told Hitch.
“I asked for my head to be shaved, and CJ said he wanted his done as well." Dominic grinned. “Now all I want is to get some skinhead gear, but I know my father will not allow it,"
“There is a bed here if you ever want it," Hitch told Dominic. “You just chip in with some cash for booze and food."
“Thanks for the offer. I guess I had better get changed and go and get ready to face my dad," Dominic sighed as he finished his beer.
“You know where we are if you need us," CJ told Dominic as he walked up the stairs with him.
“Yeah, I know mate, is the key always kept under that slab?"
“If nobody is in, yeah, it is," CJ told Dominic.
“Could you look after my money?" Dominic asked CJ. “I nicked it off my grandad as he did not pay me for working in his shop."
“Of course I will, mate," CJ replied as he took the money off Dominic.
Dominic changed back into his clothes and put his shoes back on before walking down the stairs.
“It has been good to meet you, Hitch," Dominic said. “I will hopefully see you soon."
“It has been good to meet a young man who has the guts to get his head shaved, and as I said, if you need a place to call home, just come here," Hitch told Dominic.
“Thanks for the offer," Dominic replied as he walked out of the house to make his way home.

“And now the s*** hits the fan," Dominic thought to himself as he heard his father open the front door.
“Dominic Jones, get your backside down here this minute!" Dominic’s father shouted as he took his suit jacket off and hung it on a hook.
Dominic walked out of his bedroom and down the stairs into the living room where his father was standing.
“You were in school for less than ten minutes before you decided to headbutt Jake Woods and get suspended from school for three weeks!" Dominic’s father shouted at Dominic.
“He kept calling me a skinhead," Dominic replied.
“So you headbutt him and kick him before going into town and getting your head shaved, which is against school policy." Dominic’s father said.
“I am sixteen next week and legally can leave the school of my own accord," Dominic reminded his father.
“You will go upstairs and repack your suitcase ready for a return journey to my father, where you can apologise and hand back the money you stole from him before attending school there," Dominic’s father told Dominic. “Now get out of my sight until tomorrow morning!"
“I am not going back to Wales, no f***ing way," Dominic thought to himself as he walked back into his bedroom and got the suitcase from under the bed.
Dominic also took a small holdall from his wardrobe and put some of his possessions in the holdall. Dominic then placed the clothes his grandfather had bought him into the suitcase and closed it before taking it downstairs and placing it by the front door. Going back into his bedroom, Dominic got a notepad out of a drawer, picked up a pen, and started to write a note to his father saying that he was leaving but had a place to stay and would get in touch soon. Dominic placed the letter inside an envelope and sealed it before writing dad on front of the envelope.
“I will wait until he goes to bed before I leave," Dominic thought to himself as he laid on his bed.

“We will be leaving at six tomorrow morning," Dominic’s father said as he opened Dominic’s bedroom door. “Now, get to bed."
Dominic waited until he heard his father snore before quietly walking down the stairs with his holdall and placed the letter on the table in the lounge. Dominic quietly shut the front door before walking down the street and towards the house where CJ lived. After about thirty minutes, Dominic walked down the path to CJ and Hitch’s place and paused at the door before ringing the bell.
“Can I help you?" A young man with a shaved head asked Dominic as he opened the door.
“Is CJ or Hitch about?" Dominic inquired.
“Oi! CJ, somebody wants to see you!" The young skinhead shouted out.
“Who is it!" CJ shouted to the young skinhead.
“CJ! It’s me, Dom, mate!" Dominic shouted to CJ.
“Hey Dom, come on in mate, is everything ok?" CJ said as he walked to the front door. “It’s ok, Tommy. We met this morning." CJ told Tommy.
“Hey, Dom, nice to see you again," Hitch said as Dominic walked into the lounge.
“Is the offer still on for me to move in?" Dominic asked Hitch.
“Of course it is," CJ told Dominic. “What happened at home?"
“Dad wanted me to go back to my grandparents after I headbutted that c*** at school," Dominic sighed. “He also knew about me taking that money."
“You can stay as long as you need to," Hitch told Dominic. “We can sort out a job for you after you have settled in."
“I am Tommy, pleased to meet another skinhead, but where is your gear?" Tommy said to Dominic.
“He needs to sort that out tomorrow," CJ told Tommy. “Get Dom a beer, will you Tom,"
Tommy walked into the kitchen and came back with four cans of beer and handed them around.
“Do you smoke?" Tommy asked Dominic as he got a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket.
“Yeah, I do," Dominic replied as he took a cigarette out of the packet and lit it.
“F***ing great to see a young soon to be full-on skinhead drink and smoke," Tommy said to Dominic.
“Been smoking since I was fourteen," Dominic grinned. “The beer only since I met CJ."
“It’s late, and I have a tattoo studio to open tomorrow," Hitch said. “See you guys tomorrow sometime."
“It is getting late. You can sleep in the same room as me," CJ told Dominic.
“Yeah, ok, let me finish my beer and fag," Dominic told CJ.

Dominic woke the following morning and sat up. Looking around, Dominic saw that CJ had already left the bedroom and saw that some jeans, polo shirt and braces had been placed over a chair for him. Dominic got dressed and walked down to the kitchen, where he saw Hitch and Tom sitting at the table.
“How is my new lodger this morning?" Hitch asked Dominic.
“Yeah, good, I guess," Dominic replied. “Where is CJ?"
“CJ is on the early shift at the printing press on the industrial estate. He had to leave at five-thirty." Hitch told Dominic. “Help yourself to some sausages."
“Thanks," Dominic said as he put some sausages on a plate and poured himself a mug of tea. “So you are a tattoo artist?" Dominic asked Hitch as he took a cigarette out of a packet and lit it.
“Also do piercing," Hitch told Dominic. “If you are up for some metal, let me know."
“I work in a motorbike salesroom," Tommy told Dominic. “That is my bike at the end of the path, a 500cc Yamaha."
“I love motorbikes, and yeah, I will think about metal as CJ has got," Dominic said as he ate some sausage.
“We will get you some work when you hit sixteen," Hitch told Dominic. “Until then, I guess you can do the housework."
“And work on my drawings. I loved art at school," Dominic grinned. “I need to call in town and get a few bits."
“Right, we are off. Catch you later, skinhead." Tommy said as he put his leather jacket on and picked up his crash helmet.
“Have you got any of your art with you?" Hitch asked Dominic.
“Yeah, I will just go and get my drawing pad," Dominic replied as he stood up. “Here you go, I am more into fantasy art like dragons and that stuff," Dominic told Hitch as he handed Hitch the drawing pad.
“These are f***ing great," Hitch told Dominic. “You should think of a career as a tattooist."
“I am thinking of getting this one on my back when I am eighteen," Dominic said as he showed Hitch one of his drawings. “But that is two years away," Dominic sighed.
“Leave that with me. We might have a vacancy for a trainee at our place," Hitch grinned. “Do you mind if I take this with me and show Taylor?"
“Yeah, that is ok," Dominic replied. “I have another drawing pad in my bag."
“Great, see you about six tonight," Hitch said as he stood up. “Time for work."
“I will wash the dishes and wander into town later," Dominic told Hitch.

“Hey, how’s the skinhead?" CJ said as he walked in. “I called in and got some blades for the razor if you fancy shaving the head."
“I will do yours, and you can do mine before I go into town," Dominic replied.
“Let’s do it then," CJ told Dominic.
“I will go and get my razor from upstairs along with the shaving cream," CJ told Dominic as he walked upstairs.
CJ returned with his razor and shaving cream and put a chair next to the sink in the kitchen. Dominic sat down, and CJ got a good lather in the shaving bowl and put a thick layer of the soap over the stubble on Dominic’s head.
“I have never shaved anybody’s head before," CJ laughed as he put a new twin-blade razorblade into his razor.
“Just don’t f***ing cut me then," Dominic replied.
“So, who did you deck at school?" CJ asked Dominic as he started to shave Dominic’s head.
“A right mummy boy p****," Dominic replied. “Get’s his mum’s hairdresser just to trim the ends once a month."
“Perhaps in truth, he wants to be a skinhead," CJ suggested to Dominic. “Do you know where he lives?"
“Yeah, I know where he lives," Dominic told CJ. “I know what route he takes when he walks home as well."
“Maybe we should visit him? Or offer for him to come here?" CJ said to Dominic as he put the razor down on the table. “Your turn to shave my head."
“We could get him here with no problem," Dominic told CJ as he spread shaving soap over CJ’s stubble. “I could call him and say I was sorry and arrange to meet him in town."
“Let’s do it then, use the phone and arrange to meet him after school tomorrow," CJ told Dominic.
“See how he likes being with proper skinheads."
“I will call him after I finish shaving your head," Dominic said with a smile on his face.
Dominic finished shaving CJ’s head and wiped the excess soap off before CJ and Dominic walked into the lounge where the telephone was. Dominic picked up the phone and dialled Jake’s number, and waited for Jake to answer.
“49715, can I help you?" Jake said as he answered the phone.
“Jake, please don’t put the phone down. It’s Dominic from school," Dominic said to Jake. “I am sorry for yesterday and wondered if we could meet up in town and I buy you a coke or something."
“I suppose I could meet you after my dental appointment in town tomorrow," Jake replied. “Meet me outside the town all at four-thirty."
“Ok, I will see you then, and as I said, I am sorry about yesterday," Dominic said to Jake as Dominic put the phone down. “All set, are you coming with me?"
“Of course I will. We can bring Jake back here," CJ laughed.
“Maybe at the weekend would be better," Dominic suggested. “We could work on him, dress him in gear?"
“Get Hitch and Tommy on our side and play on his mind, a f***ing great idea, Dom," CJ laughed.
“Right, let us get in town. I need to get skinhead stuff for myself," Dominic told CJ.

After his dental appointment, Jake walked to the town hall and saw Dominic and CJ there waiting for him.
“Hi Jake, I am sorry about Tuesday, but I guess I was a bit uptight being back in the classroom," Dominic said to Jake. “Let’s go and get a drink."
“Yeah, I am sorry as well, you look so good with no hair, and with the clothes and boots even better," Jake admitted.
“So you like the skinhead look?" CJ asked Jake as they walked into a café.
I don’t know, it looks good but, well, you know," Jake replied as he shrugged his shoulders.
“Are you having a coke?" Dominic asked Jake.
“Yes, please," Jake replied.
“Three cokes please," CJ said to the waitress.
The waitress went behind the counter and took three bottles of coke out of the fridge and placed them on a tray along with three glasses with ice in them. The waitress walked back over to the table and set the bottles and glasses. CJ thanked the waitress as he paid for the cokes.
“You do know the police are looking for you as a missing person," Jake told Dominic.
“Next week, I will be sixteen and can legally leave home," Dominic told Jake.
“That is right. Dom will not be classed as a missing person if he keeps in contact with his father," CJ told Jake.
“I wrote him a letter saying that I had somewhere to stay," Dominic said to Jake. “So why are the police looking for me?"
“They came to my home and asked me a few questions about if I had seen or heard from you," Jake replied. “I told them I have not heard from you."
“Keep it that way," CJ told Jake.
“You can trust me," Jake replied.
“Why not come over and see where we live?" CJ suggested to Jake. “Stay over tomorrow night."
“I cannot as we are travelling to my cousin’s wedding tomorrow," Jake sighed.
“Next weekend then? We are having a bit of a party to celebrate Dom’s birthday," CJ said to Jake.
“Yeah, ok then," Jake grinned.
“Excellent, we will arrange a time next week," CJ said to Jake.

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