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Barber Fantasy Comes True by Shant

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a barber. I always noticed guys that had great hair and thought to myself how much I would like to cut their hair, especially if they would let me cut it short. I had to be careful and not let myself stare too long at anyone, but I was always on the lookout for guys with great hair.

I finished high school when I was 17 and immediately went to barber college. This was back in the 70’s and the legal drinking age was 18 at the time. I definitely did not want to go my entire freshman year of college without being able to go out and party with friends because I was not old enough to get into places.

My Uncle John, who was a barber and owned his own shop, encouraged me to go to barber school and said that when it was time to start college, I would have a way of making money to help pay for school and not end up graduating with a lot of debt. This made a lot of sense to me. I had a year that I needed to do something with before going to college and why waste the time at some low paying job when I could learn a profession and get the chance to fulfill my hair cutting fantasies at the same time.

Uncle John’s shop was in the same town where I would be going to school. I would be able to work at his shop whenever I needed to make a little extra money and I would also have a job each summer. It also gave me a sense of job security because I would not have to take the first job that came along upon graduating from college, and who knew, I just might decide to keep cutting hair if I really enjoyed it. I mean, I was only 17 and had plenty of time to figure out what I wanted to do with my future.

A little over a year passed, I finished the required number of hours at barber school and started working at Uncle John’s shop. I was really excited because secretly I knew that if I really enjoyed cutting hair, I might just keep doing it.

I think one of the reasons I became a barber was because John, in addition to being my uncle, was a really great guy. He was only eight years older than I was. From the earliest age, he too had always known that he wanted to be a barber. It must have been something in our genes. Both of us cut all our buddie’s hair while in high school and he taught me how to cut hair before I ever went to barber school.

I remember starting my first day at the shop. I was hoping to cut someone with a great head of hair right away. Every time the door opened I would quickly look to see if this was going to be the one! I looked forward to having a guy with a really great head of hair sit in my chair and tell me that I could cut his hair any way that I wanted.

I soon discovered that opportunity rarely came along. Uncle John said that every once in awhile a guy would walk in with a beautiful head of hair and totally surprise him by saying that he wanted to get his hair all cut off, but that usually happened in the spring, at the end of the school year.

Uncle John and I had similar hair. Our family originally came from Scotland and we both had thick wavy hair that was auburn with reddish highlights, like a lot of Scottish people have. We always cut each other’s hair and I really enjoyed getting to take his hair down whenever he decided he wanted to go short. He enjoyed cutting hair as much as I did. I also enjoyed him using the clippers on me.

As time passed, I was lucky enough to stay busy at the shop and make enough money to pay my school expenses. I still had not gotten the chance however to live out my haircut fantasy and cut someone’s long hair really short.

This was a college town and Uncle John told me just to be patient because he always got really busy at the end of each semester. A guy would typically start the school year and not get a haircut until he had to go home at the end of the semester. No one wanted to go home and have to deal with their parents complaining about their hair, especially if their parents were paying for school. That meant usually at least 3-4 inches of hair would be coming off a lot of these guys. I eagerly looked forward to the end of the semester.

Sure enough, about two weeks before the spring semester ended we really started getting busy. Guys with long, beautiful, thick hair would come in and leave with a very different look. A lot of great hair ended up on the floor.

Uncle John and I both did our best to encourage guys to try something really different with their hair because they would be going home for three months and then come back and start growing their hair out all over again. Sometimes we succeeded and got to give some really hot haircuts, but I still did not get the opportunity to cut my fantasy haircut.

The day finally came when I got the opportunity to give the haircut I had always fantasized about. It was getting near closing time and Uncle John was working on a customer and had one of his regulars waiting next for him. I was just sitting in my barber chair reading a magazine, hoping that I would get one more customer before the day ended.

The door to the shop opened and in walked a guy that looked to be in his early 20’s. His hair was so thick and was perfectly straight. It was coal black and literally shined and being slightly coarse, he brushed it all straight back and it stayed perfectly in place.

He looked like one of the guys I mentioned earlier, a college student that had let his hair grow out all fall and spring semester. That was almost 10 months and he probably started out with his hair 3 or 4 inches long so it was now about 8 or 9 inches in length on top. I couldn’t wait for him to sit in my chair, just hoping that he wanted most of it to come off.

Sure enough, he told me his name was Ethan and that he was going home for the summer and a lot of his hair had to be cut short. He said that his parents paid for his entire college education and that the only thing they insisted upon was that he kept his hair cut to a reasonable length. His dad had been in the military and he still wore a very short haircut and that probably had a lot to do with him insisting that his son keep his hair short too.

Ethan told me that he had just completed his junior year so this coming fall would be his last year of school. He knew that he was going to have to have shorter hair during the spring semester because he would be starting job interviews and he had decided that he was going to surprise his dad and cut his hair really short now before he went home. He knew it would please his father and he also knew that it would be a smart move to stay on his parents good side in case he needed any help after graduating.

I told him that I thought that was a smart move on his part. I knew that I would say anything to get him in my chair. I immediately got excited about the haircut I was about to give him. He had said that he wanted it really short and I was anxious to see what type of haircut he had in mind.

I took a wide toothed comb and proceeded to comb his hair perfectly into place while we talked about what kind of haircut he wanted to get. I couldn’t believe how high his hair could stand up without using any type of product at all. I would have loved to have given him a classic pompadour but I knew I would love even more to cut his hair all off, if given the opportunity.

Ethan had mentioned that his father wore a short military flattop. He looked at the chart we had on the wall showing different hairstyles and he pointed to a picture of a guy with a longer flattop that was square on the sides and the back and had a thick pile on top, maybe a little over an inch long. My heart started pounding with excitement just thinking about where this haircut could be heading. He said he didn’t want to go as short as his dad’s flattop, but he had always wondered if he would look good with a flattop. He knew that his father would be really pleased if he came home with that type of haircut. He asked me if I thought his hair would cut into a longer flattop like the one in the picture.

It was happening! I was going to get to cut the fantasy haircut I had always wanted to do! "I think you have the perfect hair to cut into a really sharp looking square, boxy flattop. It is so thick and being so black it will be really striking. Your father will flip out when he sees you and you will definitely earn some points for your senior year. How about if we take a before and after picture to see how different you are going to look?"

I combed his hair perfectly into place and took pictures from all angles. I told him that I thought he was going to look so good that I hoped he would let me put the pictures up on the wall so other guys could see how great they could look if they took the chance and cut their hair short.

"I enjoy cutting a flattop more than any other haircut, especially if the guy has a great head of hair and you certainly have that. Do you want to go for it?" I asked.

"Yeah, let’s go for it! It will be a blast to see the look on my father’s face and I’m hoping he’ll be so pleased that he will throw in some extra bucks to help me buy a decent car."

That’s all I needed to hear. I turned the chair so he faced the mirror and could watch the transformation because he really seemed to be looking forward to seeing all his hair come off. It was really going to be dramatic but I knew that he was going to look fantastic.

I wasted no time in putting the number 1 guard on my clippers, placed my hand on top of his head and pushed it downward so that his chin was almost touching his chest.

I gave him one last chance to bow out of his decision. "Are you sure you want to do this? You have such great hair. It really is beautiful. You’re really going to look different, but I know that it’s going to look really great. I just want you to be sure that is what you want to do. There’s no turning back once I get started."

"I’m actually excited to see how this is going to look," Ethan said. I’ve pretty much had my hair the same way forever. I’m sure I haven’t had short hair in over 10 years. The last time I even saw my ears was probably in junior high. It’s going to be a rush to see all this hair coming off. I’m ready for a change. Actually I’ve been looking forward to this for the last couple of months."

"Okay then. Here we go!" I started at the base of his neck and ran the clippers almost all the way up to the crown. I could not believe how much beautiful hair was coming off! Ethan looked like he was really enjoying the haircut which made me even more stoked to give him the sharpest flattop that I could.

With each run of the clippers up the side of his head, I flipped the hair so that it fell onto the cape. His lap was filled with mounds of his beautiful hair. I couldn’t believe how much hair there was in his lap and I had not even started the top, which was the longest part and was going to be the most fun to cut.

The store closed for the day as I was finishing running the clippers up the sides. I didn’t want this haircut to ever end, so I suggested to him that in order to give him the absolute best flattop that I could, that if he didn’t mind, I would like to wash his hair and then blow dry it all straight up and back and see how high it would stand up.

"That sounds great," said Ethan. "I’m really enjoying this haircut experience and I’m in no hurry to do anything after I leave, so do whatever you want that you think will make my haircut look the best it can. As you can probably tell, I’m really into my hair and this is a real turn on for me."

I took Ethan into the back of the shop and sat him in a chair and tipped it back so that his head was directly over the sink. I turned on the water and soaked his hair. I then took a large amount of shampoo and proceeded to totally work it into his hair. I loved getting to run my hands through such great hair. Remember, the sides were now short but the top was almost 10 inches long and was so thick that I could bury my hands in it and not even see them!

After I finished washing his hair, I sat him up and towel dried it a bit and while still damp, began brushing it all up and back. With his hair still being wet it absolutely glistened in the lights of the shop. Then using the blow dryer, I continued brushing it all straight up and back, working it from side to side until it was totally dry. I could tell it was going to be a perfect flattop.

"So what do you think so far about the haircut? You have a really edgy looking haircut right now that would certainly attract attention anywhere you went, but I doubt your dad would be crazy about it," I joked.

"I really like it so far! I can’t wait to see the top come off," he said. I asked him if he would like to brush his hair one last time. By this time Ethan was perfectly comfortable around me and said that he would really love to do that. When he had finished brushing his hair he said that he was ready for me to give him the big cut.

"No problem," I said as I took my clippers and placed them at the center of his forehead, about an inch above his hairline. "I wish I was shooting a video of this because it’s really going to be something, seeing most of this come off. Get ready, cause here we go!"

I ran the clippers straight back to the crown, taking off about 8-9 inches of gorgeous hair. It was so extreme seeing his hair about an inch long running right down the center of his head while both sides were almost 10 inches long and standing straight up. "Can I take of picture of this for my scrapbook of great haircuts?" I asked. "I’m going to remember this one for a long time!"

"Sure, go ahead," said Ethan. "This is really a blast!"

As I continued cutting, I definitely made certain that all his hair fell in his lap, more than doubling the amount that was already there. I could see that my Uncle John was watching me cut Ethan’s hair and was enjoying seeing all his beautiful hair come off as much as I was. I hated that this haircut was going to end.

Over and over I ran the clippers from front to back, taking off all but an inch of his hair. I then blended it in with the sides and back, taking extra time to make certain that it was perfectly flat from every angle. When I finished I took a little gel, rubbed it into my hands and then ran them through his hair. I used the blowdryer again and brushed his hair over and over from every direction because I didn’t want this to ever end. I was totally in heaven!

When I finished, his hair was so flat that I placed a comb on top and it stayed exactly where I placed it and it never even moved, it was perfectly level. It was probably the best haircut I had ever given, but when you have such great hair to work with, it definitely helps.

The smile on Ethan’s face was huge. I knew I didn’t have to worry about him not liking the haircut. With hair so thick and so black it really stood out with the sides cut down so short. He really did look amazingly different but actually looked even more handsome, if that were even possible. Any man would be envious to have hair like his and I can’t imagine anyone not noticing how striking it looked.

As I removed the cape Ethan said, "I really like how this looks! I think I might keep it this way for awhile. It’s just so amazingly different and I’m really glad that I did it! I can’t believe it’s even me when I look at myself."

"How about if we take some final pics so we can see the before and after? It just looks so great that you really need to have pictures of it." Ethan sat back down in the chair and I took several shots from every different angle. The entire time I was just wanting to run my hands all over his head and feel the bristle on top.

As he got up to leave I told him that one thing about a flattop, especially one that was as square as his, was that if he wanted to keep it looking as sharp as it now did, he would have to get it cut every couple of weeks to keep it looking like that. "No problem," Ethan said. "I only live about 30 miles from here so I can come see you whenever I need to get it cleaned up because I definitely want it to stay like this for awhile. I can’t wait for my Dad to see this! He’s really going to freak out! You are going to be the only guy that I let cut my hair from now on!"

That really thrilled me, just thinking about getting to cut his hair every couple of weeks and then hopefully his entire senior year. Maybe when he graduated he would end up with a job somewhere in the area because I was already fantasizing about all the different hairstyles I would like to try on him.

Hopefully one day I would get to give him that pompadour I had thought about when he first sat down and then I would surprise him and cut it all off it back into the flattop just like it now was!

What a great day this had been! Certainly one that I would never forget!

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