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Ethan's Dad's Surprise by Shant

Thanks for the positive comments about the story I just submitted about Ethan getting his flattop. A couple guys mentioned that they would have liked to have known what Ethan’s dad thought about the new haircut. I really hadn’t thought about writing a sequel because I didn’t know if I would have enough material to make the story interesting, but I thought I would try, so here goes. I hope you’ll let me know what you think.

Ethan’s Haircut - Part 2:

As Ethan left the barbershop he could not quit running his hands all over his head. He loved the feeling of the bristle as he ran his hands from the back of his neck all the way up and across the top. His hair was so thick on the top and front that it actually felt like a bristle brush. He just couldn’t keep his hands off it! He couldn’t believe that he had actually gone through with it and had his hair all cut off.

What surprised him most however was how much he liked it. It was going to be so much easier to take care of over the summer and he liked the idea that it made him stand out from people around him.

Allan, the barber, had said that almost anyone can just get a typical haircut and look okay and not stand out, but if a guy had a really great head of hair he should show it off! Try something different every now and then and you would probably end up with some really impressive looking haircuts. Don’t be afraid to go for something new. If your hair is one of your best features you should definitely show it off.

Ethan couldn’t wait for his friends to see him with all his hair gone. Everyone had always told him how beautiful his hair looked, but this haircut was really sharp. He didn’t think it would be possible for him to end up looking good with short hair, but boy, was he ever wrong.

He loved how his hair looked and he couldn’t wait for the semester to end. He also couldn’t wait to walk into his parent’s house and see the look on his father’s face when he first saw it. His dad had really never given him any grief about the length of his hair, but every once in awhile he would say how much he would like to see him with a shorter haircut and tried to encourage him to cut it, but Ethan never gave in to his father’s request.

The semester ended in a little over two weeks and Ethan decided to set up an appointment with Allan right before he went home to be certain that his flattop looked the best it could. His dad was really going to be blown away and he couldn’t wait to see his reaction. Ethan hated to admit it, but he had kept his hair long just to be defiant, but he had to admit that his dad had been right all along and he wished he had cut his hair a lot sooner.

When Ethan got back to his room, the first thing he did was look up Allan’s number at the barber shop. He definitely wanted to be certain that he would be able to get his hair cut again before going home.

First thing in the morning he called and made an appointment. Allan was a little surprised to be hearing from Ethan so soon and said that he hoped Ethan had not regretted getting his flattop. Ethan replied that nothing could be further from the truth and he just wanted to be certain that he could get his hair cut again before going home for the summer. He also said that maybe he would even have Allan cut it a little shorter if he thought it would look good, maybe tighten up the sides and back more, showing a little skin even, but keeping the length on top. Allan couldn’t believe it! Yesterday was the greatest haircut fantasy day he had ever experienced and now he had two weeks to look forward to reliving it again. The thought of going even shorter really excited him.

The day came before the school year ended and when Allan got to his shop, there was Ethan waiting for him. "So what was the reaction from your friends about your new haircut?" Allan asked.

"People were shocked at first because to be honest, I had always kind of been known to be the guy with the awesome hair. Once they got over the shock however, most people really liked it. I know that I am definitely going to keep it this way for awhile. I was thinking it might really help make a good first impression at job interviews." The thought of giving him flattops all throughout the year was a real turn on.

"So do you want me to cut your hair the way we talked about the other day?" Allan asked, hoping that Ethan had not changed his mind and still wanted to go even shorter.

"Yeah. I’d like to keep the top the way it is now, but cut it shorter on the sides and back, still keeping it square looking. Can you do that? I’d like to see what it looks like with a little skin showing."

This was going to be a lot of fun. "No problem at all," I said. "With your thick, black hair it is going to look even more striking with the sides being shorter. I think you’re going to love it. Most guys after they get their first flattop, if they like it, decide to take it down even shorter the next time they get it cut."

Ethan practically jumped into the chair. Last time he was a little nervous but this time he was really excited. It was amazing how just taking a little hair off could really change the way your hair looked. Allan wasted no time in caping him up and then proceeded to brush his hair into place. It really was wonderful to play with his hair a little before beginning the haircut and Ethan certainly didn’t seem to mind. It had only grown out a little, but it would definitely look sharper being cleaned up a bit.

Allan went through the same routine as before, but of course, it didn’t take as long this time. When he finished he thought it looked even better than the first time.

Ethan loved it! "I can’t wait to see my dad tomorrow! Man, is he going to be surprised. If you like, I’ll call you after, and tell you what he thought about the haircut." "That would be great," I said. "I have no doubt that he is going to be thrilled with your new look."

As Ethan walked out the door he said that he would see me in a few weeks because what was the point in having a flattop if you did not keep it looking sharp? "I’ll be looking forward to seeing you," I said, and off he went.

The next morning Ethan drove home so that he would arrive around noon because he knew that his dad always came home for lunch. Sure enough, as he pulled into the driveway he saw his dad’s truck in front of the garage and knew that he would be in the kitchen. He couldn’t wait to see what his father’s reaction was going to be!

As he opened the door, he shouted out that he was home. His dad said, "Come on in the kitchen. You’re just in time for lunch and your mother made your favorite meal because she is so happy about you being home for the summer."

"Well, here goes," Ethan thought as he walked through the living room towards the back of the house. When he entered the kitchen, his father had his back to him so he didn’t see Ethan at first and did not realize the shock that was in store for him.

Without turning around his dad asked, "Are you ready for another summer of helping me with the outside work? It’s supposed to be a really hot summer so that hair of yours will probably be a pain in the neck as usual."

"No problem," Ethan said as he walked towards the other end of the table so his father could see him. His dad looked up, did a double take and literally dropped his fork!

Ethan’s dad’s face beamed. "Wow! What a surprise! You look absolutely fantastic! I can’t believe how handsome you look! You know that I have always wanted to have you cut your hair short, but what caused you to do it now? I couldn’t be happier or more proud of the way you look! You look like an entirely different person."

"I just thought that now would be the perfect time to go ahead and try something new, and to be honest, I wanted to do it for you as a way of thanking you for always being the great dad that you have always been. I know you’ve always wished that I would get a haircut more like yours and I decided that this would be the perfect way to say thank you for all you have done for me. I wish I had done this years ago because much to my surprise, I love the way it looks. I think you’ll be seeing it like this for a long time."

"I couldn’t be more pleased and it means a lot to me that you would do this for me. And now, I have a surprise for you. I had planned on doing this in the spring as sort of a graduation present, but how about after we finish lunch we go out car shopping? I’ve had my eye on a car that I think you would really like."

I definitely knew that I had made the right decision getting rid of the hair and that this was going to be the start of a great summer and all because I simply got a haircut. I couldn’t wait to call Allan!

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