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Waiting for Manny - version 2 by Shant

As a way of thanking Manny for contributing a new story, I thought I’d write version 2 of "Waiting for Manny." The first one I wrote back at the beginning of May. Manny was kind enough to write and say that he enjoyed it. When he quit writing, I never wrote a second version, but now seems to be the perfect time.

Manny, I hope you’ll like this one too. I hope you’ll also start submitting stories again because I looked so forward to them and it also encouraged me to write stories of my own.


I was 29 years old and had been a barber for over 10 years now. I had always known that I wanted to cut hair and I loved it that I could make a good living while enjoying something that I liked doing so much.

I was lucky enough to have very thick, wavey, sandy blond hair. While growing up, I think that I was so vain about my own hair that it resulted in me wanting to be a barber.

After becoming a barber, each year, a couple of months before going on vacation, I would grow my hair out so that it was as long as it could possibly be. Sometimes it even looked a little shaggy, but that was fine with me, especially with what I had planned.

Every year I would choose a different town/city for my vacation and while there would check out all the barber shops in the area and then decide which one I wanted to go to and have the barber cut my hair.

Last year I was in the midwest and really enjoyed everything about the town I had selected. I walked around and found all the barber shops. There were about a dozen to choose from and I enjoyed walking past them each day, trying to decide which barber I was going to have cut my hair.

There was this one shop that particularly caught my eye. It looked like a traditional barber shop with the words, "Manny’s Place" painted on the window. The shop looked very traditional, but the one barber that worked there certainly did not.

You would have expected the barber to be an old geezer sporting a short haircut in a shop like this, but as I passed the door, I could see this very handsome man with gleaming chestnut hair with fiery auburn highlights that hung to his shoulders, cutting a customer’s hair. It really was a surprise to see such a striking guy doing the cutting and it made me decide that this was definitely going to be the place to get my hair cut.

I assumed the guy’s name was Manny because he was the only person in the shop. I had five days left before I had to head back home. It turned me on to have a few days to fantasize before getting the big chop and I knew that I was going to enjoy every minute of it when it happened because the barber was really hot looking.

The next day as I walked past his shop I could see that no one was inside. Manny was actually standing behind his barber chair and was looking in the mirror, brushing his hair. Man, it was beautiful! It must have taken him almost two years to grow it out to the length it was. I wondered who in this town he would let cut his awesome tresses and I immediately wished that he lived in my town so I could cut his hair for him.

I thought I’d have a little fun and go in. When I opened the door he put his brush down and turned to me. I could see that he really liked the way my hair looked and probably was wondering what kind of haircut I was going to get. I told him that I was on vacation and was wondering if I needed an appointment to get a haircut or was it just first come, first serve?

"I usually only take walk ins," Manny replied, "but seeing that you’re on vacation, I’ll be glad to make an appointment with you for anytime you want. You have such great looking hair that I definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity to cut it." Him saying that sent shivers up and down my spine.

I told him that anytime Thursday would be a good time for me. "How about if we schedule your appointment as my last haircut for the day? That way, I can take all the time we want and give you the best haircut I can," he said. "Sounds perfect. I’ll see you on Thursday," I replied.

I now had three days to fantasize about Manny cutting my hair. I had cut my hair on vacation for the past ten years and I thought that this was probably going to be one of the hottest times ever! Manny was such a good looking man and had such beautiful hair that I hoped that somehow I would get a chance to at least brush his hair for him. I knew if I told him that I was a barber, I just might get to do it.

Thursday arrived and I couldn’t wait for the time for my appointment. I went a little early, just to see if by any chance another guy with great hair might be getting a haircut. No luck, Manny was just sitting, reading the paper. When I opened the door, he looked up and a big smile immediately appeared on his face.

"All ready?" It’s been a slow day and I’ve been looking forward to this haircut all afternoon," Manny said. I sat down in the chair and he caped me up and then proceeded to brush all my thick hair straight back.

"Man, you really do have great hair. What kind of work do you do?" Manny asked.

"Actually, I’ve been a barber myself for over 10 years now," I replied. "I always knew that I wanted to cut hair and I really enjoy doing it. I get my hair cut every year when I’m on vacation because I like seeing what another barber can do. I like changing it up."

"When I walked by your shop and saw that great head of hair that you have, I knew that you had to be the person to cut my hair. I like the idea of you cutting it however you think will look best. I don’t want it all shaved off, but I really don’t mind the sides and back being short, as long as there is still something to comb on top."

"I don’t know if you’re like me or not, but I like to change my hairstyle. It really doesn’t take all that long to grow out enough so that I’m happy with the way it looks. I would guess that by the length of your hair that you don’t get it cut short too often. Have you ever had a really short haircut or a flattop even? I bet that your hair would cut into an amazing flattop."

"I haven’t worn a flattop in a long time but I used to get them every now and then. I always liked changing my hairstyle too, but the last couple years I’ve gotten complacent and have just let it grow to the way it is now, mainly because I can’t find anyone in town to cut it the way that I like. Someday I’ll cut it short again. I really can’t see it getting any longer than it is now. Maybe I’ll come and visit you and let you do the honors when I decide to cut it," he joked.

As he continued brushing my hair he said, "Okay, so you say I can cut your hair however I want. I promise not to cut it all off because you really have a great head of hair too, and I’m sure it means as much to you as mine does to me. Do you want to face the mirror and watch the cut?"

"Definitely, I look forward to this haircut every year because this is usually the longest my hair gets and then usually it gets cut down to its shortest. I think most barbers feel pretty much the same and enjoy cutting off a guy's long hair."

Manny started by slightly wetting my hair and then brushed it all back, perfectly in place. My hair was long enough that the sides met together at the back of my head and the top was around 5 inches long. He then took his comb and scissors and starting in the back began cutting off a lot of hair. At first, I couldn’t see any change but when he started taking the sides down I got really excited. I could see that it was still going to be long enough to slightly brush back.

After he finished cutting the sides, he sprayed the top again and then proceeded to comb a lock of hair between his fingers and cut about 3 inches off. It really was looking sharp and I was having a great time! When he finished cutting my hair, I could not have been more pleased. "I need to just clean up your neck in back and we should be about done," Manny said. I thought that I saw a smile appear when he said this, but thought nothing of it.

Actually, I was slightly disappointed that he had not cut my hair shorter but it really did look great. He turned his clippers on to clean up the back, but with a quick move, ran them almost all the way up to the crown! I got an immediate hard on. "I wanted to just trim your hair at first because it really is so nice, but then I decided I wanted to give you the flattop I had been thinking would look great on you," Manny said. "I hope you’re not angry."

"Go ahead and go for it!" I replied. My hair on top was still about 3 inches long and the sides were just long enough to brush back. Before I knew it the sides were gone. He had cut them into a perfect square and then he brushed the top all back again and took the clippers and placed them about an inch above my forehead and proceeded to cut off about 2 more inches of hair! I loved how it looked! Even though I liked my hair long, I knew that it really looked better short, so the haircut didn’t bother me at all. Manny had given me the best flattop I had ever received!

After Manny removed the cape, I got up my nerve and asked him if I could just brush his hair. I said to him, "Being a barber, you know how it is, it’s not all that often that you get a really great head of hair in your chair and I’d really enjoy brushing your hair for you because it looks so fantastic."

"That sounds okay to me," Manny said. He proceeded to sit in the chair and I spun him around to face the mirror. I took a brush from his counter and started brushing his hair all straight back. God, it was beautiful and would do whatever you wanted it to do. I continued brushing all the sides back and then started working on the top, brushing it vigorously to see how high I could make it stand up.

"If you want to use a little product and make it stand up even more that would be fine with me," Manny said. "I’m enjoying this." I immediately did just that. The highlights he had were so beautiful. You just knew that they were natural. Any man would be blessed to have hair this great! I couldn’t imagine him ever cutting it.

As I finished brushing his hair, I asked him how he thought it looked. "I think it looks really good! As a matter of fact, seeing that you’re a barber and we’ve hit it off so well, you can even trim it a little for me if you’d like. I’m not ready to go short, but I could stand to have the ends evened up a little."

I couldn’t believe he was saying this! I had hoped that maybe I would be lucky enough to brush his hair. I never dreamed he would let me cut it. I caped him up and using the spray bottle, slightly wet his hair and then combed it all straight back. Starting at the front, using a comb, I lifted up a lock and cut about half an inch off. "Will that be okay I asked?"

"Sure, go ahead and take about that much off all over," Manny replied. Manny and I continued to share our haircutting experiences while I cut his hair. When I finished, he said it looked great and that he liked it so much that maybe next year, he’d take his vacation and come to where I lived. If we planned ahead, we could each grow our hair out long and really have some fun giving each other haircuts! I thought that was a great idea!

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