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Time for some fun by Geo

“I’m tired of saying the same old things to you again and again!", Nate’s father yelled as Nate went upstairs to his room. “Then just shut up" Nate all but whispered so his father wouldn’t hear. “Do better in school! Come home by curfew! Keep your hair clean and neat!" Same old s**t. He laid there listening to music, frustrated, until he fell asleep.

Downstairs his parents were discussing their frustration. “He’s a good kid and I think he’s looking for help put doesn’t know what he needs." Said Nate’s mother. “I’d be glad to do whatever it takes to turn him around even if he gets mad in the process!" Said his dad. “We’ll let’s see what happens and be ready to choose a course of action." His Mother suggested. Dad just grunted as they left the house to spend the day doing errands.

Nate woke up an hour later, his fathers words still ringing in his ears. The irony was he'd love to go back to the super short, parted cut, slicked to the side he was forced to get as a child but he’d fought for longer hair so hard his pride wouldn’t let him go back now. His hair was messy so no one would suspect how much he wanted it short, shiny and sharp, as his father used to say. The dirty hair was usually some pomade whose scent kept him aroused all day.

He went downstairs to get something to drink and saw a note from his mom saying they’d be gone til late that night. Nate felt a stirring in his crotch. He had time for some exciting hair play. He rushed upstairs and starting gathering the things he’d need, grease, comb, scissors, clippers? (Dangerous but yes), mirror, razor, he set them up and got naked in front of the mirror. He was already hard and he hadn’t done anything but get hornier

He decided to heavily grease his hair and put a large mound of Brylcreem on his hand and worked it thru his hair. He then combed it tight to his head with a DA and a tall pomp in front. Stroking as he did it he had gotten quite hard and was breathing heavily. He took the scissors and started snipping off strands of hair. Definitely dangerous, he was very hard and his dick was now in charge. He combed the pomp down and toyed with cutting it short. He stopped, closed his eyes and imagined he cut it off. He snapped the scissors, getting hornier and hornier. He bent over so the bangs hung down. With his eyes closed he started snipping at the bangs imagining he cut them short. He was almost moaning from the pleasure. He snipped off a larger piece and got worried and stopped. He’d gone too far to stop long, though. He plugged in the clippers and grabbed some Vaseline Hair Tonic for lube and turned on the clippers. The clipper hand got a little lube on it so he had to be careful not to drop and break it.

He combed the hair from behind his ears and trimmed the longest hair around the ears. It’d be covered when his hair was messed up. He was beyond thinking. He needed to release! He picked up the clippers to shave his neck, it felt so good. He crept up higher and higher, just as he was about to stop he fumbled the clippers and shaved a 1" patch out of his back hairline on the right side. He immediately shot to the ceiling, took a breath and checked out the damage. Not good, but if he was careful he could hide it all under the longer hair. He just couldn’t get to close to his parents or they’d be likely to spot it. How could he explain what happened! Nate spent the rest of the night in his room making sure he seemed asleep when his folks got home.

He woke the next morning and instantly reached back to check his hair. There is was, a patch shaved to the skin. Just then his dad called from downstairs and told him they’d be doing errands that morning. This wasn’t going to be easy. He dressed and sat at the table for breakfast. He felt like his parents were looking too closely. Before he could say anything his dad said, “I was hoping you’d at least brush your hair" very nervous, Nate pretended not to hear. His dad listed the 4 errands that had to be done all in the old Main st part of town. After breakfast they headed outside and Nates dad tossed him the car keys, “here, you drive", not good! That put the shaved patch on his fathers side. He tried to back out but hid dad just got in the car.

Ok, first stop, the hardware store. As they drove, Nate felt very self conscious.
His dad suddenly reached up and pulled the hair out from behind his ear. “Nate! Some beginning grooming! I fully support that!" Nate tried to pull away and hid bald patch got exposed. “ looks like another good attempt, let’s go for it, park right here"
Nate felt sick! He had no idea what was coming. Dad got out of the car and walked to the old barbershop right there. He called Nate firmly and opened the door. Nate was terrified and very excited about what might happen

As he walked in the shop he heard his day say, yeah, George, I want you to shave it all off and bring back my son!" He pushed Nate to the chair and said sit! Terrified he walked begging his father to leave his hair. “I would but you never take care of it"" I will, I swear,""keeping it greased combed and parted ALL THE TIME?" “Yes, anything, I promise just leave me some hair, please," “ ok, if I have your word but if I see it dry or uncombed 3 times it all goes, deal?""yes, sir" Nate can barely speak.

Ok I’ll only cut the parts you did. George give him a high and tight, shave the sides and back and blend in the top.""dad, please!""another word and it all comes off" Nate sat as he watched his hair fall to the cape, he was torn between crying and cumming. He didn’t cry…

At the end after it was clippered and shaved (that was the deciding point about crying or not) he looked in the mirror. It felt good but could maybe be shorter… on the way home his father said he that the cut was a good compromise. Nate agreed. They continued the day and went to bed.

The next morning Nate rolled out of bed and went to the kitchen, hi father greeted him with a surprised look. “What?" Asked Nate. “ “I’m just surprised you came down looking like that. Strike One…"

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