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My Balding Pate... the follow up by Teddy Boy

It had been about seven weeks since I had my haircut by the strict matriarch, which had been my first visit there, I decided to make an appointment with her for a second haircut. I arrived just before my time and she remembered me when I walked in.

"The young man with his phone, how are you?"

"I’m good thanks Mam, I have the 10.30 appointment."

She went to her book

"Ashley Russel or is it, Russel Ashley?"

"Ashley Russel Mam, but either works."

"I hope you’ve remembered to switch off your phone this time."

"Yes, it’s all switched off."

"So, no friends phoning while I’m working on your hair."

"No Mam, you’ll have my full attention, but I was hoping you might let me take a selfie, perhaps when the haircuts finished. "

"You mean a photo of yourself, taken on your phone."

"That’s right Mam."

"I suppose so, but your mask stays on."

"Of course, Mam and maybe one before you start as well."

"One at the start and one at the end but no more mind."

I was shown to the chair and the cape was fitted, having asked her consent, I took the selfie of me ready to have my haircut, then I asked her if I could take one of the back of my head.

"Alright if it makes you happy."


I took a photo of the back of my head then the phone went back in the pocket of my shorts. She combed my hair.

"Not just the young man with the phone, but with the balding pate."

"Yes, that’s me."

"I think last time you had a two, sides and back and trimmed on top."

"Yes, that’s right."

"So would you like me to give you that again?"

"I had thought about that Mam, but now I have a new job."

"Oh, congratulations you must so be relieved to be working again, what are you doing now?"

"It’s in a warehouse so I’m not so governed by my appearance like in retail, so I thought you might do it shorter."

"What do you have in mind?"

"I was thinking a number one all over."

"You’re quite sure?"

"Yes Mam."

"It’s very hot at the moment so it’s a good time to try it."

"That’s what I thought."

She went to her guards and found the number 1 and snapped it on to her clippers.

"Last chance to change your mind."

I knew that it was going to be shorter than I had ever had my hair before, but that was the reason I had come to her. It was the thrill of a very short haircut given by an older woman, a strict older woman.

"Number one please Mam."

"Are your arms folded Ashley?"

"Yes Mam."

"Unfold them and rest them by your sides for me."

I unfolded them and rested them by my sides, I remembered what she had said when I first met her about from her experience it was better to be strict with males when it came to haircuts.

"Is there a reason Mam why you wanted me to unfold my arms?"

"I can move your head more freely as you are not locked so to speak in an arms folded position and folded arms is a defence mechanism which makes you less likely to quickly respond to my instructions."

Her hand went on the top of my head and she bent it forward.

"Please keep your head very still for me Ashley."

The clippers sprang into action as the electricity began to flow through the cable, the clippers soon were moving up the back of my head. It was a very smooth operation as she took them right up above my crown, soon the back and sides had been done, with her moving the straps of my face mask as required. She then moved my head right and stripped off the hair on top, it was a strange feeling having my head tilted backwards and clipper ploughing through my hair. When she returned my head to its normal position the deed was done, a velvet pelt where once a full head of hair had been. She brushed away all the loose hairs with a soft bristled brush.

"So, what do you think Ashley, are you happy with it?"

"Yes Mam, I love it"

I really didn’t want the haircut to be over.

"I’ll just tidy up your neck with the razor"

As she opened up the razor and the worked on my neck, it occurred to me to ask for a bit more of a haircut.

"Would you shave above my ears Mam?"

"Are you saying you want bare skin above your ears?"

"Yes Mam"

"How high?"

"Quite high please"

She traced the back of my head with her finger

"That will mean shaving here too, so it’s in proportion."

"Whatever you think Mam."

"It’s your choice Ashley."

"That is my choice Mam, please."

She took out a shaving brush and mug and filled the mug with some water, soon having applied some shaving soap soon the sides and back of my head had been well lathered up.

"I have given some short haircuts in my time but this is one of the shortest Ashley"

"I love having my hair cut short"

"Just as well with that balding pate of yours, very soon you won’t even have a choice, it’s going to be very short haircuts"

Moving the tie on my face mask out of the way she began to shave above my left ear, it was a smooth operation, with her wiping the blade in between swathes. Having taken care of the hair from the right ear too, she then took away some of the hair at the back of my head. Once the job was done and the razor once again closed, she wiped my head with a small towel. Holding the mirror for me to see the back she said that she hoped I liked it.

"Its great Mam, thank you."

"Glad you like it, Ashley."

"No one has ever cut my hair as well as you do,"

"That’s very nice of you to say that, now its short maybe not leave it so long between haircuts."

"Yes Mam."

Having first checked with her, I took out my phone and took the selfies of my new haircut, before the cape was removed. Having wiped my neck with the tissue, it was time to go over to the till to pay for my haircut, my first haircut there had been on the house.

"Now young Ashley, I am sure you may have one or two friends who you might like to recommend me to, start earning yourself a small discount."

"I’ll do must best Mam."

"Good lad, after years of doing ladies perms and styles, these clipper cuts seem to me to be a nice little earner for me."

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