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Nurse assistant: best haircut game ever by Julian


I couldn’t sleep well. Having electrodes attached to my body and head, straps, and cables all over and tons of medical equipment around was uncomfortable. But that was OK. The problem was the next morning. A nurse disconnected the cables and started to pull the electrodes with quick movements. It was not painful. It felt like when a band aid is removed. But there were many, and my body hair got pulled every time.

I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe, I started crying. I was shaking all over. I had a panic attack. I have had them few times during the last couple of years, but this one was particularly strong, especially when the nurses were trying to get that sticky gel from my hair, it wouldn’t come out easily and they kept pulling it with a comb.


My name is Xavier, I am 30 years old (gay) and I am a nursing assistant. I have experience with seniors and with people with Alzheimer.
Jobs that I perform:
- Assist with personal cleanliness and basic care (massages and haircuts)
- Medicine administration
- Cleanliness of the house and organizing the space
- Prepare food
- Ludic activities and cognitive stimulation
- Informing the family about any incident that can affect the patient


Sandra: good afternoon, Xavier. I am Sandra W. Nurse. I saw your post in Craigslist and I would like to know if you still take care of ill people. I have a potential job for you on September the 7th.

Xavier: hello, good afternoon. Yes.

Sandra: I’m glad to meet you.

Xavier: same here

Sandra: One of my regular patients’ needs to be prepared for a medical exam and I am looking for a nursing assistant to perform the body shave the doctor has ordered.
It’s a patient with depression and anxiety who will be subject to a polysomnography, and it requires that electrodes are placed in his body and head.

Normally, this procedure does not require hair removal, but due to the patient conditions and the panic attacks he had suffered in the past when the electrodes were removed, the doctor has asked to shave him. This way it will be easy on him and the nurses.

For the exam its required to shave legs, arms, and chest, however, the family has asked me to also shave armpits and the genital area because that would facilitate the hygiene of the patient.

I am looking for a male attendant because that would make the procedure less embarrassing for the patient and I need someone who feels comfortable handling intimate areas.

Xavier: I have experience and I have no problem with the task. I am available that day. Can you please send me the address?

Sandra: Sure, I will get it for you tomorrow. I just wanted to make sure I could count on you.

Xavier: yes, thanks a lot. And you have all the materials at home. Right?

Sandra: yes, everything you need will be available.

Xavier: Thanks

Sandra: And you give massages also, right?

Xavier: yes, I do

Sandra: Excellent. Then we are confirmed, and I will send you details during the next few days.

Xavier: but can you please send me the address as soon as you can so I can organize my schedule?

Sandra: Sure, here it is: Calle Punta de Marvella, 18, 9A.

Xavier: Thanks.


Sandra: Good morning, Xavier, I have talked to Mr. David’s sister, and she told me she was going to leave everything ready for next Tuesday (shaving soap, razor, sponge, towels). She only wants to know if you can provide the massage oil.

Xavier: No problem, I will bring some.

Sandra: We haven’t talked about your payment. How much will it be?

Xavier: I really don’t know

Sandra: I think the whole thing would take about two hours, but due to the special procedure we are requiring, I think it should not be by hour, but for the session.

Xavier: I would charge €40

Sandra: I think it’s fair. His family had given me a lower budget, but I am going to tell them that you will give him a great massage in order to make the experience less traumatic and that I am convinced you are the right person. In fact, I am going to tell them that it would be €45.

Xavier: Perfect!

Sandra: Thanks



Sandra: I have talked to the family. They are ok with the price.

Xavier: Great. I will be there. What’s the name of the patient?

Sandra: His name is David

Xavier: Thanks. I’ll be there. A hug. Thanks

Sandra: Thanks to you. Tomorrow I will send you the indications about how to get into the apartment. They have an autonomous system so you can enter.

Xavier: Thanks. I really hope he is not a too complicated person. Ah! And please let me know if there are more job opportunities.

Sandra: Of course! And David is not complicated at all. He is just mortified because of the procedure, but I trust he will be in good hands with you.

Xavier: Cool. And what exactly should I shave? Chest and genitals?

Sandra: Full body shave; legs, arms, chest, armpits, and genitals. Do you have experience with that kind of procedures?

Xavier: yes, of course. And you will provide all the required materials, right?

Sandra: Yes. I talked to his sister today. They are going to leave everything ready for you.

Xavier: thanks, perfect.

Sandra: Thanks to you. I am very happy to be able to count on you. It’s very important that you have experience, that you are a guy. I could have done it, but it would have been too embarrassing for him if I did. He is very mortified because he thinks he is going to look bad.

Xavier: When you say "mortified", what do you mean. There are certain expressions from Spain that I don’t fully understand.

Sandra: Mortified means that he is kind of sad, ashamed, he doesn’t want to be shaved down. And please remember we are talking about shaving him, not trimming his body hair.

Xavier: Yes… all down to zero.

Sandra: The doctor asked that David also had short hair. His sister told me he got a haircut recently, therefore I don’t think it would be necessary to give him a haircut, however I have asked her to also leave clippers in case it’s necessary.

Xavier: OK, I will see how long it is

Sandra: You have all the authority to cut as much as you think its required

Xavier: All right. Thanks. Will Mr. David be alone at his place?

Sandra: Yes, he will be alone. That would be easier that way. Ah, and don’t imagine he is an old guy. He is relatively young, but has this condition, so he might need your help getting undressed.

Xavier: all right, understood. It’s really sad. I know many people with depression and anxiety. One question. Is he gay?

Sandra: yes

Xavier: it’s important to know. I don’t want to screw up.

Sandra: Thanks. That’s why I prefer that a male shaves him.

Xavier: All right, we are all set. Who is going to pay me?

Sandra: his sister will leave the money in cash.

Xavier: Great. Thanks.

Sandra: good morning. I hope everything is ok with you. Mr David’s sister sent me a message telling me that everything is ready. Here it is what she said:

"Good day Sandra. I left everything ready at David’s apartment. In one place there is all what’s needed for the shaving, as you suggested (razor, soap, electric razor, sponge, towel, etc.).

I also left €45 in cash as we have discussed earlier. And also, I left a pair of clippers in case the attendant you have hired decides to cut David’s hair. I left an extra €5 to cover the cost of that service if he chooses to do it."

Xavier: Hello. Thanks. Who is going to open the door?

Sandra: I sent you by email the instructions for the autonomous entry.

Xavier: Thanks.

Sandra: I trust in your criteria about the haircut. Did you notice that she left 5€ extra for that?

Xavier: I have to evaluate it when I’m there

Sandra: yes. I have to work this afternoon, so I won’t be available to help you decide. Please, if you have doubts, cut it. If we go too short, no big deal, but if the gel they use for the electrodes is hard to remove, we will face a panic attack for sure. Thanks for everything and enjoy this job.

Xavier: Thanks a lot


Alone in my apartment, wearing my pajamas, waiting for the guy who was going to shave me down. I’m not happy about it. I think my chest hair makes me look very masculine. The door opens. A good-looking guy enters and say hi. He called me by my name and asked me how I am feeling.

I’m OK I said. He told me he was there to help me prepare for the medical procedure. I just nodded. He checked all the implements my sister had left over a table. He said he was going to start by the chest. I didn’t react. He came closer. He asked me again if it was OK that he started with my chest. I nodded. He pulled off my t-shirt. I noticed how long my chest hair was. I really liked it.

He said his name was Xavier and he soaked a shaving brush with shaving soap and spread the foam all over my chest. The hair got wet and soft. He took the razor and started to pass it with short, firm strokes, leaving white paths and removing tuft of hair with each pass.

After a short while, my chest was smooth and clean. I felt like naked, the nipples were now very noticeable, and I couldn’t stop from passing my hands over my now shaved chest.

He asked me to raise my arm and started to apply shaving soap over my left armpit. I told him that in the armpits they were not going to place any electrodes. He said that it was going to be much more hygienic and easier to clean. I really didn’t want to be shaved, I told him that I would look like a woman, but he just started to pass the razor, removing very quickly my hair. After he was done, he applied soap again, and shaved it again, making sure it was completely smooth. My armpits hair was thin and soft, but now it was gone. Xavier gently took my right arm, lifting it and soaping my other armpit. In few minutes it was completely smooth too.

"We are going down, so I would need you to take off your pants". It was so embarrassing. I didn’t want him to shave my pubis. I asked if he could do the legs instead. He said he would go in order and told me not to be ashamed. He was a nurse, and he has seen tons of penis before. I just nodded and he took my pajama pants off. I was wearing my white, old-style briefs, which were also removed.

I was now completely naked. My pubic hair was very long, and I felt very ashamed. He took the shaving brush again and scrubbed the whole area. I got hard with all that movement around my private parts, but he didn’t seem to mind. He started by the testicles, again with short and fast movements. The hair over them was removed very efficiently. I was at the same time, very excited and very ashamed.

When he was going to use the razor over the pubic area, I stopped him and told him that in the past I had a bad razor burn over that area. He went back to the table with all the materials and took a pair of scissors. He started to cut my pubic hair, very short, pulling it and cutting it close to the skin. After a short while, it was short all over. He then took the electric razor my sister had left for him and passed over with fast and circle movements. It was not as efficient as the razor, but the hair was removed, and he kept passing it over and over, until not a single hair was left.

He was very thorough, and even when it seemed clean, he kept looking and cutting any left hairs until he was sure the whole area was completely bare. I looked like a little boy and had a turmoil of emotions.

He gave me a break and went to the bathroom to clean the razor and the bowl with water he was using. I had the time to touch my chest, armpits, and pubic area, completely smooth. When he came back, he was ready to go for the legs.

I didn’t want them to be shaved, I always thought that shaved legs were very feminine. It was like he was taking, bit by bit my masculinity. But there was nothing to do about it. He again soaked me with shaving soap and started to remove my legs hair. I am tall and I have long legs, but it was not a problem for him. This time he used longer passes and white strips of skin started to be revealed. He kept cleaning the lose hairs with a towel and I could see how my right leg was becoming hairless and soft. He repeated the procedure with the left one and in few minutes my legs were done, or that’s what I thought.

He asked me to turn over and lie face down. He carefully shaved the back of my legs. And he didn’t stop there. He went up and shaved my butt, which is not very hairy, and used the razor in the crack. That was humiliating, but not as much as when he asked me to get down on all fours which I did, feeling like crying of shame, and he shaved me down.

As I said, he was very thorough. He made sure every single hair was gone. Two or three hairs on the feet, the knees, all around. There I was, lying naked, shaved, and being observed, inch by inch to eliminate any hidden hair.

I think the whole process lasted way more than an hour. I had been hard most of the time and he just commented how people were "sensitive" in different ways, and that I was sexually sensitive. I was both very aroused and exhausted. Excited and ashamed to watch my completely shaven body.

He took his time to clean everything. The tools, the floor, the towels. And there I was, over the bed, naked.

I thought it was over. But he then approached and sat on the bed, close to my face. He started to look at my hair and gently played with it.

It was short. I have had a haircut two weeks ago. The barber had cut it very short on the sides and back and had left only an inch on top. It was much shorter than I like it.

Xavier passed his hand over my head, sticking his fingers through my hair. It was so nice, so exciting to be touched that way. He noticed I was enjoining it very much and even asked me if I liked it. I nodded. He then said, "it’s not long" and then he seemed to be considering what to do. Finally, he said, "I am going to cut your hair".

My hair!!! Nooo. I definitely didn’t want my hair to be cut shorter. It was already way too short. But I didn’t say anything. Inside there was a turmoil, outside I was hard as hell. But I just remained there. Speechless.

He went to the table where my sister had left the clippers and placed a chair in the middle of the room. There was no mirror. He asked me to sit down. I complied. I stood up, naked, shaved and sat down in the chair. I put my phone in a small tripod I had and started to record. It allowed me also to watch my image, although it was very small, and I couldn’t really see much.

He put a very small cape on me. I was so nervous. I knew this shouldn’t be happening. I knew that if I speak up, I might be able to stop him from cutting it. I noticed that he hesitated about cutting it or not, but I didn’t say a word. I just watch him as he took the guard #4. I didn’t want to be buzzed. I really thought my hair was just perfect as it was and #4 is way too short. I wanted to cry. But I didn’t say or do anything.

He passed the clippers over my neck, moving it up to the crown. Not much hair was cut. As I said, it was already way too short. Only some hair was cut near the top. He tried the sides and again, he didn’t cut much. But he then went for the top. When the clippers passed over the upper part of my head, locks of hair started to fall over the cape. I lost about half of what I had, maybe more. I was sad but very aroused and I could feel the clippers running over and over, cutting hair, and buzzing me. I was hopping he would leave the fringe longer, but he didn’t. He passed the clippers over the front, no mercy.

Now I was buzzed and shaved. He swiped away the fallen hair and remove the guard from the clippers. He was not a barber; he was a nurse. I noticed he didn’t have much experience. He made an attempt to do the contours with the bare clippers, but he had no I idea how to do it, so he quit it before making a big damage. He carefully studied the guards that were spread over the table. I knew them well. They have been in the family for a while now and I knew exactly which number corresponded to each color. He took the pink one. #1.5. He placed it over the clippers and turned them on.

I thought the haircut was over, but it seemed I was wrong. He passed the clippers over the sides. This time hair was cut. With such short guard, the classic sound of hair being cut was very clear. He started on the sideburns and went up, way to high in my opinion. I hate to have it short on the upper part of the sides and back, I never let a barber go shorter than a #3 there, and this guy was cutting it to 1.5. My heart was pumping hard. I wanted to stop him, to say something but I didn’t.

He was not a barber. He was a nurse. I noticed how clumsy he was, the clippers didn’t move in an organized way, but more like here and there. He went to the back and cut my hair short. And then, without any warning, any word, any hint I could read… he made a pass on the top. Not as the barbers do, from front to back, but from one side to the other.

OMG. That took me completely by surprise. Right in the middle of my head he had passed the clippers. A big chunk of hair felt over the cape. I was stunned. One second later, he passed the clippers again, but this time, again from one side to the other but over the fringe.

In that moment I knew I was screwed. I knew my fringe had been reduced to stubble. I wanted to cry. I didn’t say a word. There was nothing to do. After those two first passes, he just went for it. He passed the clippers all over my head. Again, kind of randomly. He was buzzing me completely down.

Lots of hair on the cape. Tears wanting to fall. After a while, he swiped the hair from my face, neck and cape and told me to get a shower. It was time for a massage.

I was in shock. I knew it was going to be bad. I stood up and went into the bathroom. I saw at my reflection in the mirror. I was practically bald. I had never, ever, had my hair that short. There was almost none. The skin was visible all over. My head completely round. I passed my hand all over. Just stubble. I was so excited and so sad at the same time.

He was waiting for me. I took a quick shower. Trying not to touch myself too much. I went out and watch at myself while drying my shaved body with a towel. How the hell did this happen? Was it a nightmare?

I told him "You buzzed it all, I am bald". And he just replied, it will grow back, and you look very handsome with or without hair. I decided to enjoy the massage, but I couldn’t stop myself from thinking how short my hair was.

When he was done and cleaning the room while I was laying down, buzzed, shaved and still naked, I asked him "I am curious, why did you cut it that short? You said I didn’t have it long and then cut it with the clippers, but why did you cut it again shorter?". He said "I didn’t like it how it looked. I don’t know. But you look good, and it will grow back"

So, he didn’t know. He just felt like it. And there I was, shaved and practically bald. He had said he was in a hurry because he had another job. And I wanted him to go so I could see the damage carefully and relief myself. But strangely instead of leaving, he sat down over the bed, looking at me. He gave me a good look. All smooth, buzzed. He then went for my penis and started to look at it carefully. He removed a couple of hairs he found and started to count freckles I didn’t know I had. That made me hard again, and this time, he acted on it. He started to rub me and touch me all over. I was soo excited and just let me do. It was a happy ending.

Not that happy when I look at myself in the mirror, but it was worth it.


Many of you know me and are aware that I am a haircut fetishist. And what excites me is not getting a short haircut but getting a short UNWANTED haircut. That means that to really enjoy my fetish, I play what I call haircut games to put me in situations where I get those unwanted haircuts. And for me, the more realistic the situation is, the more exciting will be.

The story you just read is 100% real and accurate with what happened. I see this part of my life as living a reality show where I am at the same time the main character and the director and producer.

The whole game was designed and performed by me, and I had some attempts with the same scenario and different nursing assistants, but this one was the best experience ever in my whole life as fetishist. It took me more than a year to create it and decide to do it, and it was worth it.

Creating this game required me to study depression, panic attacks and medical exams and to really get into my role to make it credible and enjoyable. I learned from previous experiences that the nursing assistants won’t force you nor act against your will, that’s why this time I forced a rule on myself to not intervene nor complain or say anything during the haircut and let him do whatever he wanted. This proved to be both very risky (you can see the result) and very exciting.

I guess it’s obvious that I played the role of David and a good friend of mine helped me with the role of nurse Sandra. The dialogs are exact transcriptions of the real messages that were interchanged. Xavier (not his real name), the nursing assistant, it’s completely real and he never knew I was a fetishist. He just did a job, very professionally, and I am deeply grateful for what he did. Lucky me, he is very handsome, and he found me handsome enough to give me an extra bonus at the end of our encounter.

If you want to contact me, find me in Instagram, Facebook or Youtube as julianclippers or write to julianclippers@gmail.com.

I am sharing this experience with you because I have many friends who wanted to know the details of such a short haircut. I have shared openly and willingly and I if for some reason you don't like it or find it offensive, my appologies and please do not leave harsh comments. This has been shared with my best intentions.

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