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Mom's New Favorite Clipper Pt. 2 by Buzz

I originally posted another review by "meg" from the old Epinions site earlier on this site. Someone had asked about another review by the same person, which I thought I had lost. However, it turns out I also had saved this one! Warning: This is a review about a mom who is really zealous about shaving male heads, so don't read if you are offended by such content. For those of us into being dominated by women, this is catnip. ;)

l own the more expensive, professional grade Oster Model 76 clipper, which I have reviewed earlier on epinions. I went with a more costly than average clipper because I clip, shave, or buzz the men in my household on a weekly basis and need a powerful, durable clipper. My sister liked the idea of purchasing Oster clippers to buzz the hair of her husband and three boys. However., she balked at paying over $100 for a clipper and instead purchased this less expensive Oster clipper.

Last weekend I drove the 300 miles to my sister's town to visit her and to do a little shopping. Since I have the reputation for being the barber in the family, my sister asked me to try out the clipper by giving her boys a good buzzing. I was immediately impressed by the quality of these Oster clippers. They have a solid, professional feel and you would assume that they cost more than $49.00. They have a very powerful motor that is designed to quickly buzz through thick hair. While not quite as powerful as the Model 76, I was still impressed by the power of the clipper and how quickily it can buzz off a thick head of hair. Oster calls this clipper "Fast Feed" and for good reason. It does not bog down or slow down at all, even when running it quickly over a full head of hair.

All three of my sisters boys were quite 'shaggy" (2-3 inches hair on top and an inch or so on the sides) by my standards, as I keep my boys hair buzzed into close-shaven, "Butch" style haircuts. I was able to quickly buzz off the hair of all three boys in less than ten minutes and the Oster handled it like a champ. The clippers are relatively lightweight, but heavy enough that you know they are very high quality. They don't come with many accessories. Oster prefers to put the money into the clipper. They do have four attachments from 1/8 to 1/2 inch. Without an attachment, the clipper will shave the hair down to 1/125 inch. The clipper also includes a blade guard, which protects the clipper when not in use and clipper oil. I recommend using the clipper oil after every use to extend blade life.

This is a five star clipper! You won't find a better clipper for the money.

HAIRCUT TIP: I've had lots of mom's asking me for tips on how to use a clipper, what haircut |
recommend, etc. Here are the steps to take for the perfect haircut:
1. Seat your boy in a good chair in a room where you don't mind hair falling on the floor. (I do all my barbering in the kitchen).
2. Wrap a cape (or towel) around your boy and secure at the neck with a safety pin.
3. Place the #1 attachment on the clipper. Starting at the top of the head and working from front to back, run the clipper over the boy's head until all the hair has been buzzed off and an even length of stubble remains.
4. Next, run the clipper up the back and sides starting at the bottom and moving up.
5. Go over the entire head until all of the hair is removed, except for an even length of stubble. The #1 attachment will leave 1/8 inch.
6. You can leave this length for a completed haircut, but what I like to do is remove the attachment and run the clipper up the back and sides again with no attachment This will completely shave the back and sides for a super clean and cool haircut. You can also shave the top, if desired. Either haircut will look super sharp and make your boys look handsome.

TRUST ME, MOMS. Maybe l'm just an old-fashioned farm girl, but I truly believe that you're doing your boys a disservice if you allow them to keep their hair. I've been giving crew-cuts, Butches, and headshaves for over 30 years--starting with my brothers back on the farm. I know there is no better haircut a boy can have. A buzzed or shaved head is neat, clean, and cool--and looks so neat and trim. It requires zero maintenance. Just a quick wipe of the washcloth is all that's needed to keep it clean and the bottom line is it's simply more hygienic. Once your boys hair is gone, you'll never miss it and neither will they! When I'm out in public and I see boys with those straggly, shaggy mops I'm so glad my boys have their heads buzzed clean. Try this haircut! You will love it!

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