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Seeing Those Fiery Highlights Again! by Shant

Things were going really well at my barbershop in Key West. I was making more money than I had expected and it was fun to give some guy a really hot looking haircut, if given the opportunity.

Over time, there were a few haircuts that really did stand out more than all the others and I enjoyed thinking about them every now and then.

There were times after the shop closed that I would sit in my chair and relive some of my favorite haircuts that I had given. One of my all time favorites was last year, while at the beach, I met this guy named Eric.

He had the most beautiful auburn hair that hung to his shoulders, with the most striking, fiery highlights. When out in the bright sun, his highlights were a brilliant coppery color. His hair had so many natural highlights that I’d say he had about 60% auburn colored hair and 40% highlights. It was stunning! I doubt a person could walk past him without not noticing his hair.

We played the entire evening, ending up with my cutting about half his beautiful hair off, taking it down to about four inches on top and two or three inches on the sides. He said he wanted me to cut his hair more like mine and I was more than willing to oblige him.

When I had finished, his beautiful tresses literally covered the entire floor surrounding the barber chair. Under the bright lights of the shop, his fallen locks, especially his coppery highlights, were dazzling. It looked like someone had opened a treasure chest and had emptied all the gold and copper coins all over the floor.

We had such a great time that I ended up going to his hotel room and spent the night. He still had another week in Key West and we got together almost every evening. Neither of us could keep our hands out of each other’s hair.

About six months had passed since that memorable week. One day, much to my surprise, I received a letter from Eric. We had not communicated since we had met and I never really thought much about the possibility of our actually getting together again. I did remember how hot the evening and following week had been.

"Hope things are going well for you." he said. "I’m thinking about coming back to Key West in about six months for another vacation and was wondering if you would like to cut my hair again? I remember you saying that once I started cutting my hair, the more it would stand up, and the more my highlights would stand out, and the more that I would like it. You were definitely right!"

"I couldn’t believe all the positive comments from my friends when they saw me for the first time. I didn’t think it was possible for me to love my hair any more than I already did, but, boy, was I ever wrong! And you know how much I really love my hair! I can’t believe that I get turned on just looking at my own hair while I’m standing in front of a mirror and brushing it into place."

"I’ve thought about that haircut many times. I really enjoyed you cutting so much of my long hair off and realized that it was really not that big a deal after all, to cut it shorter. I’d love to relive that experience again, both before, during, and after the haircut." he said. "I’ve been letting my hair grow out again, just hoping you would like to get together. I think we really could have some fun again." I was instantly aroused just from reading his letter.

"If you’d like to get together when I’m there, just write back and let me know. If the answer is yes, I won’t cut my hair again before I come to Key West so it will be almost as long as it was last time. I’m also going to have a surprise for you that I hope you’ll really enjoy."

"I’d also love it if you would grow your hair out longer too, because I loved playing with it." Eric said. "I remember it was so beautiful and I think it would be even more of a turn on to run my hands through it and brush it, if it were even longer. That’s not a requirement, just a hopeful request."

I was super pumped after reading his entire letter. Six months seemed an eternity but definitely would be worth the wait. And this time when he came to Key West, we could get together at the very beginning of his vacation and have two weeks to spend together. We were really into each other’s hair, but we also really liked spending time with each other too, and I definitely looked forward to seeing him.

My hair was a little longer than when we had met last year. I really hadn’t changed it all that much. I decided right then and there that I would let my hair grow out like Eric requested. That would mean about an additional three inches in length by the time he got here. The top would be over seven inches long and the sides would be over five. I hadn’t had my hair that long in years. It was going to be a shaggy mess. The thought of Eric brushing it perfectly into place sent chills up and down my spine.

Who knows, I thought to myself? Maybe I’d even let Eric trim it for me if he wanted. I’m sure he would love to do that. He was into hair as much as I was. If I let him cut an inch or two off, I’d still be able to have my regular barber even it up, if needed. It would be a rush to have someone, other than a barber, cut my hair. I had never done that before and the thought of Eric cutting off my silken locks was really intriguing, exciting and scary.

I immediately wrote him back and told him that I would really enjoy our getting together again. I promised that I would also not cut my hair until he returned and that I might have a little surprise for him too.

As the months went by, we would drop little notes to each other saying how much we couldn’t wait to get together and play with each other’s hair. We sometimes teased each other a little, saying how we fantasized about what we would like to do to each other’s precious locks. What would be the most fun? Chop them all off or buzz them totally down?

The time finally came for Eric to come visit. I met him at the airport, hardly being able to contain myself while waiting for his plane to land. This had been a major six month long turn on, because knowing that it had been so fantastic the first time we got together, the odds were that it would be even better this time.

Eric got off the plane and we saw each other immediately. Walking towards me he came up and gave me the biggest hug. "Man, I have been waiting for this moment for so long. It’s practically all I have thought about for the past entire month." he said.

"Me too. How about we check you into your hotel and then we go on down to the beach to watch the sunset? It will be just like the first time we got together."

"Can we stop at your barbershop on our way to dinner? It would be nice to have a little privacy time before we go eat and I have been wanting to run my hands all through your hair and all over that body of yours for such a long time. I will explode if I have to wait until we are finished with our meal." Eric said.

"Sure," I said. "I think I’ll probably need to change my shirt before we go out to dinner anyway and we could always have another drink before we head out… and I really don’t know if I’m going to be all that hungry anyway." I said with a smile.

That first evening, we just played with each other’s hair. It was a wonderful, sensual experience, slow and relaxing. We took turns washing each other’s hair and then blow drying it out to see how we could make it look. My hair was almost as nice as his and I gave him a good run for his money in comparison, but there was nothing I could do that could match his highlights. Just looking at them and knowing that I was going to get to play with them as much as I wanted, nearly drove me out of my mind with anticipation.

At the end of the evening, we decided we wanted to spend a lot of time together while he was here. There was really no point in him staying and paying for a hotel room when I lived in an entire house by myself. We walked back to his hotel, cancelled his reservation, and moved him into my place.

The next day, being Monday, meant that the shop was closed. We slept in late, got up and had a leisurely breakfast and then decided to shower and go out and just spend the afternoon walking around town and just enjoy being with each other.

Over lunch, we discussed when I should cut his hair. Since he was here for two weeks, we decided why not delay cutting it, giving me more time to play with his tresses? I mean, it’s not that often I get my hands on such beautiful hair and the longer we postponed it, the more exciting the haircut would be.

He had continued brushing his hair back, getting rid of the part in the middle, and the top stood up really high. He looked so handsome. I still found myself totally amazed by the color of his hair and couldn’t keep my eyes off it, especially the highlights, which I knew he was so proud of and in love with. Really, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone with more beautiful hair.

To me, nothing is more of a rush than running my hands through long, extremely thick hair and getting to do all kinds of things with it. Eric’s hair was a fantasy come true. I thought to myself that I should definitely enjoy this now because the opportunity might never come along again.

A week passed and the night came for the haircut. All day long both of us were super excited and couldn’t wait for the evening we were going to have together.

After closing the shop and pulling down the blinds, Eric sat in my barber chair and I caped him up. I combed his long fiery tresses one last time before getting ready to begin the cut. Man, I was psyched!

I started by using my clippers, and cut his hair on the sides pretty much the same way I did last year, leaving them about three inches long above the ear so that I could then blend them into the top and back.

Eric had not said anything about the type of haircut he wanted so I thought I would just go ahead and cut it like I did last year, knowing that he was happy with that haircut. I then brushed all his long hair on top straight up and back and reached for my scissors again.

I couldn’t wait to start cutting his long locks on top down a good five or six inches! I could see that Eric was getting excited to see his long hair come off as much as I was!

Eric suddenly asked me if I could stop a moment because he had something he wanted to show me. He then reached under the cape and pulled out his wallet. He proceeded to pull out a picture of a guy with really thick hair like his, cut down into a square boxy flattop with the exception that the top was just slightly longer than a perfectly square flattop. It was basically a much shorter version of the haircut I had given him last year.

The front was just long enough to brush slightly back while the rest of the top was standing straight up as it went back towards the crown. The man looked really hot in the picture and Eric had the perfect hair for this cut. I just had never dreamed that he would cut his hair that short. I could already feel something coming alive in my pants just at the thought of giving him this haircut.

"You were right," he said. "The shorter I cut my hair, the more it stood up, and the more my highlights stood out. I started wondering to myself how it would look if I cut my hair even shorter, like this guy in the picture? Do you think the highlights would stand out even more? You know how much I love them and want them to stand out as much as they possibly can. Do you think cutting it shorter will make them stand out even more? I bet you would love to cut my hair that short and watch it fall into my lap." he said.

"You are right on both accounts. With your hair being so thick and having so many highlights, when it is standing up perfectly straight it is really going to show your highlights off the most they possibly can. You are going to look so amazing. I can’t wait to cut your hair like this. I never thought that you would consider going this short, but you are going to look even more handsome than you already do."

I put the #2 guard on the clippers and ran them up the sides and back, going a little higher up than last time. That three inches of hair he had on the sides was now going to get cut down to about an inch. I took my wide tooth comb and combed the remaining hair on the sides straight up and then clipped off any hair that stood out above the comb. I did all the back and sides, cutting it into a perfectly square box. With the short sides the way they now were, the highlights looked like they were just shooting out from his head. Even I was surprised by how much they now stood out.

It really was striking seeing all that long hair on top with the short, square sides. I couldn’t wait to run my clippers over the top of his head and remove all that long, beautiful hair. I lifted up the front with my wide tooth comb and said to Eric, "Are you ready to see all your pretty boy hair fall to the cape? You’re going to end up looking like a real stud. Get ready, cause here comes the first chop!"

I ran the clippers over the top of the comb and almost seven inches of Eric’s luscious locks fell into his lap. I definitely heard a soft moan come from him. I then proceeded to work my way towards the back, cutting it just a little shorter than the front, until it reached the crown. I then spent an eternity blending it all together, until it looked exactly the way it looked in the picture. The top was ever so slightly combed back, but all the rest of his hair was standing perfectly erect, just like I was.

I ran some product through his hair which made it shine even more. I then brushed it all into place. It was so perfect, so square all the way around the sides and back. The highlights were astounding. I couldn’t believe how great this haircut had turned out. Which made me want him even more!

"There you are, a totally different looking man. Really, your short hair shows off your highlights even more than they did when it was long. They look like copper spikes shooting out of your head. I hope you like it because I think it is awesome."

"I love it," Eric said. "I’m going to have a hard time finding someone to keep it looking sharp like this when I go home."

Now it was Eric’s turn to place me in the chair, but he thought that he was only going to brush my hair. After he washed and dried my hair, I told him that my surprise for him was that I was going to let him cut off a few inches of my hair if he would like. "I think that will really turn you on, because I know you are so much like me when it comes to beautiful hair. Do you want to cut it for me? I’d really like to see you do it. I’ve never had anyone other than a barber cut my hair, so this will be a wild experience for me."

"That’s absolutely perfect," Eric responded. "Your cutting my hair down to this length was only part of my surprise for you. After last time, I really think you turned me into a guy with a hair fetish. I remember I told you that I was always in love with my hair, but after the time we had together, I realized that not only was I in love with my own hair, but other guy’s hair too. When I saw a good looking guy with great hair, all I could think about was cutting it off!"

"If I could go back ten years or more in time, I’d probably have ended up going to barber school and being a barber. To make a living and getting turned on all at the same time! What could be better than that? I bet you totally get what I’m saying."

"Anyway, I got so many compliments from my buddies about my new haircut, that one of them asked me if I thought I could cut his hair to look like mine did?"

"I don’t know what came over me, but I told him that I thought I could and that I would really like to cut it for him. His hair was similar to mine, very thick, long, but dark brown. I told him that I would first just cut it down a bit and if he liked it, I could then cut it shorter. We could take it down in stages until he was pleased with how it looked. He wouldn’t have to worry if he didn’t like it because I would never cut it so short that he could not just go to a barber and have him even it up if necessary."

"The haircut turned out so well, that before I knew it, I was cutting all my friend’s hair. I guess I started a new trend because almost all my closest friends started to cut their hair short like mine and had me cut their hair for them. I was surprised to discover that I seemed to have a natural talent for it and I really did enjoy getting to give them all different kinds of haircuts, especially if the guy had really thick hair."

"As time went by, guys started showing me pictures of how they wanted to get their hair cut. I was more than glad to try to cut their hair into the style they wanted."

"I’m glad that you thought about me cutting your hair, because now that I’ve had so much practice, I was hoping you would let me cut your hair too. I would love to take those sexy locks of your’s down a little."

As Eric brushed my hair he said, "I’d love to see your beautiful hair falling to the cape. Actually, I’d like to see it cut down even shorter, but I can understand you not wanting to do that. How about if I just start by cutting off about two inches? I promise not to cut off any more than that."

"After I’ve finished, you can then see what you think about the haircut and we’ll take it from there. You have the absolute final word on how long you want your hair to be. I’ll just love cutting it, no matter what length it ends up being."

"To be totally honest, I think it would be a real rush to give you a haircut just like mine. All that thick blond hair standing straight up, with the top just brushed slightly back would look so awesome! I’ve thought about giving you that type of haircut all year. I’ve cut several haircuts like that, but none can compare to how great your's will look."

I was on cloud nine. At that moment, I would have let Eric shave my head if he wanted. I think that I was beginning to feel more than just a crush on him. "Go ahead and start cutting. I can’t wait to watch you cut my hair and see how it ends up looking. I’m ready for a change too!" I could feel my pulse racing just thinking about what was going to happen!

Eric took a spray bottle and lightly wet my hair. He then brushed it all straight back. My hair stood up almost six inches high. My ears were nearly totally covered and the sides met each other in the back hanging at least three or more inches below my collar.

"I can’t believe that I’m actually getting to do this," he said as he combed my hair. "I’m so glad you let it grow out longer. It really is beautiful. It has such a soft, silky feel to it, yet is so extremely thick and with such great body. I also love how it has a slight wave to it."

Eric then reached for his scissors and moved behind me to start cutting my hair. He combed the front straight up and back, and then taking his comb, sectioned off a lock and took off about two inches. "You really do have such fine hair," he purred. He methodically combed each section up and took off the two inches we had agreed upon. The moment I started watching him cut my hair I relaxed. I was confident he would do a good job.

When he finished the haircut he asked me if I liked how it had turned out. He really did do a great job. You would have never guessed that this guy had not gone to barber school because the cut was that good. "I really think you did a fantastic job and I felt totally comfortable all the time you were cutting my hair. Looks like I’ve found myself a new barber." I said.

"That’s really great! So, can I now go ahead and give you a haircut just like mine?" he asked. "When was the last time you had really short hair? I bet it’s been years! Come on! Go for it! You know that it will look really sharp! You said you were ready for a change! Let’s have the exact same haircut while I’m here. We’ll look really sharp going out as a couple, both sporting the same haircut!"

Going out as a couple? I liked the sound of that. "Do it! Give me a haircut just like yours!" I said. It was definitely going to be a real rush watching so much of my hair get cut off.

Eric put the scissors down and picked up the clippers. I could see that the #2 guard was still on them. It was going to happen! I was going to have him cut almost all my hair off and look just like his. I couldn’t believe that I was actually doing this, but like I said, I’d let him shave my head if he wanted.

"Don’t worry," Eric said. "I really do know what I am doing and I can’t wait to see how different you are going to look. With your hair being so thick and blond we are really going to stand out from one another."

Eric cut my hair the exact same way that I had cut his. He left the front a little longer than a traditional flattop and did a great job squaring up the back and the sides. I was thrilled with the way it looked. I probably hadn’t ever had a haircut like this before.

We ended spending two wonderful weeks together. We both felt that things could definitely get serious between us if we wanted to move in that direction.

If things continued getting better, we knew we would have to work out a way for us to be in the same place. We were in no hurry, things have a way of just working themselves out, if you take the time to let them.

As if things couldn’t get any better, the day after the haircuts, I received in the mail, the fall schedule at the community college. One of the programs it taught was haircutting.

I showed it to Eric and casually said, "You know you are always saying how much you really don’t like your job and where you are living and how you wish you could just start all over? Well, maybe this is too crazy an idea to even consider, but how about if we just continue the way we are and we see how things are going between us then? If we decide we do want to try and have a more permanent relationship, you could move in with me and go to barber school. I know that sounds crazy but I think it could work."

"If you could get a part time job and with the shop doing so well, I don’t think it would be a financial hardship for us. When you finish the number of required hours at the school, you could then do your apprenticeship at the shop until you had put in the number of hours needed to take the final exam and then become a licensed barber."

"Just think, you could end up working with me at the barbershop. I remember you once saying that you couldn’t imagine anything more wonderful than making a living while doing something you enjoyed doing and getting turned on, all at the same time. It actually could happen. Who knows how this could turn out? I’m willing to be patient and not rush into anything, because I’m not the type person to enter a relationship lightly, and neither are you. So just think about it. We have plenty of time."

"I agree with what you are saying and I agree that it could definitely be a possibility," Eric said. "Living in Key West would be an added bonus. I love it here. Let’s just keep spending time together and we'll see what happens."

"I do like the idea of only letting each other cut each other’s hair. It just isn’t the same with anyone else doing it!" Eric said as he pulled me towards him and rubbed his hand over my head. "Now, let’s get ready and go out and show off our new look! We’re going to be the hottest looking couple in Key West!"

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