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The Punishment Headshave by Alan Antony Jose

Hi I'm ANTONY. I'm Sharing My Unforgettable Headshave Experience.
I Love Long Hair And Do not Cut My Long Hair For 3 Years .

But One Day Situation Changed . I Decide
To Cut few Hair from back For proper growing. I went to Barber Which i met 3 Years back . Susan (Female Barber) who suits my hair style before 3 Years . It
Is her home and her shop.

The Story Starts :

I rang the bell and Susan open the door.

"Hi Susan" I said
"Helllo Antony Come In" She replied

"We had met years before " she asked
"Yes" i Answered

"Your hair grow so long and changed your
Look " she said
"Ys" I Answered

"Did You Came to Cut your hair or not"
She asked
"Ys" I said

"I want to Cut My few Hair from back for
Proper growing of long hair to become new
Look " I said
"Oh so you want new look and get modern"
She asked. "Ys" I Answered .

She looked My face and asked
" Your Beard also become long like your
hair "
"Ys,i am also growing my Beard" I said.

She took a key and and told me to come
upstairs , i went with her to the
upstairs . She opened a room and we
entered . The Room is her Beauty Parlour

She told me to sit in the chair placed
On the room. She take the necessary
things need for the haircut and put on
the table in the room. She put a cape
On my body and asked "can we start...?"
"Ys" I answered.
She Combed my hair and took the clippers
and started cutting and scisoor's to
Shape the hair. She did the work as I
Wished . She Combed my hair again , I
taught to tie it but things changed.

She again took the clippers and i asked for what she Answered to shape the nape,
but she lied She again Cut My hair short
I can't see because there is no mirror.
Believing her I sat in the chair I sit silently. She finished her job and said
Is this okay and showed the mirror, when I
Looked I feel surprised and sad and asked what she has done to me.

She said " Stup up , 3 years you are not cutting your hair and you want to become modern . Years back when you came here properly you Cut your hair properly and became a discipline man. You should choose
the hairstyle you suits, understand".

"Say yes or no" She angered,and take the
clippers and make the Hair too short. I
feel so sad and cry .

She said "You are lucky because when others Come and said to cut hair like
this i shaved their heads."

She took the scissors and Cut the front Hair short and Combed it and showed the
Mirror and asked "is it okay....?"
I feel sad and look to the mirror and feel
ugly looked to the Barber she is laughing
by looking at my ugly look.
She asked "Is this look okay or whether I
want to shave it (It is the only way).

I cried and said " Ys u can shave "
She took the clippers and shave my head.
And put cream and shave fully.

By looking at the Beard she asked
"Can i trim your Beard and mustache"
"You can"I answered.

She take the clippers and trim the beard and moustache and went to a new look.
When it's over she ordered me to go down.

She locked the door and come towards me
She ordered " You should come hear and re shave your head after two weeks.
"Is that clear" She asked
"Yes" I Answered. I paid and left....

I went there after two weeks and shaved
again. After this incident i regularly
go there every 6 months and shaved my

Moral: *Choose your hairstyle that you

"Happend Incident"


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