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I'm Sam studying in 10 th standard , i love long hair and didn't cut my long hair
, but my mom didn't like long hair and ask me to cut my hair but I didn't.

One day while my mom was going for shopping she saw a boy getting his haircut at a cycle repairing shop by an old mechanic, she taught he was the mechanic's son she went away for shopping. Other day also she saw another boy getting haircut by the mechanic when finished the boy pay the money and went away . She taught an idea about my haircut by the mechanic.

Next day my mom said me " we can go and get your cycle repaired ,so you can go to your school by cycle " I feel happy and said " Yes" We went to the shop .

When we reach the shop my mom get inside and talk to the mechanic about the cycle repair and my haircut. She signed me to get in with the cycle , I gave the cycle to him the two tyres are damaged and he removed the cycle and get it repaired and put aside. He looked at me and askedto sit in the cycle seat and hold it so he can repair the sound coming while riding.Mom says me to do what he is saying I sat on
the cycle he took two rope and tie my hands with the cycle and told me " not to fall from cycle while hitting "

He then went back and open a table's draw and took a scissor's and went back my mom come beside me , he untied my bun and Start cutting i look back and saw scissor's at his hand and get wondered and ask mom "what is he doing....?" Mom said " He is going to give you a nice haircut."
"Hair_cut , I don't need a hair cut " I begged. "You need a hair cut,it will make you comfortable , your final exams are coming and you have to concentrate on your studies " mom said to me .

"Sir please start your work "she said to the man he start cutting my hair , I feel sad and cried he gave me a boy cut , I was crying that time he said " if you cry ,I will shave your head bald " my mom hearing this and asked the barber " if headshave give him more comfortable...?"
He Answered " it will give more comfortable and reduce stress and headache ,and he can concentrate in studies "

Mom become happy and asked him to give me
Headshave by hearing this he went back and put the scissor's in the draw and took a clippers from it and Came back , i looked at my mom's face she said me to sit still
and hold my hands. The man turned on the clippers and start shaving my side and back , he came in front and shave hair top to bottom . He agin shave all sides .
Now I'm bald. He took a brush and cleaned the hair from my face and body .
Untied me and repaired the cycle. My mom asked whether I want to re shave my head ,
he said " I you shave it again after one month it feel better for him ". Mom said ok and pay the money and we left . Mom said me " Don't hate me , I do it for your
good . "It's ok mom , I understand and I feel better now " I said .

After one month I shaved my head again .

I hope you like the story .

THANK YOU......🙏

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