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Dominic part 4 by Bald K

Dominic woke up and dressed in his skinhead clothing and boots, purchased with some help from CJ and the other skinheads. He was now happily living with.
"So you hit eighteen tomorrow then," Hitch said to Dominic as Dominic made his way to the kitchen.
"No, I hit sixteen, but wish it was eighteen," Dominic replied with a sigh.
"Not according to your new passport," CJ said with a grin on his face as he passed Dominic his passport.
"F***, you have managed to get me a fake passport!" Dominic shouted out as he looked at his passport.
"According to your passport, you were born in 1963, so guess what is happening this evening," Hitch said to Dominic.
"Spider web tattoos on my elbows," Dominic replied with a big smile on his face.
"Also, some rings in your left ear," CJ told Dominic.
"You also start as an apprentice tattoo artist next week," Hitch told Dominic. "So you can start paying rent."
"No problem, but I would like to visit my father tomorrow," Dominic said to Hitch. "So he knows I am ok."
"I can come with you," CJ suggested to Dominic. "Just in case there are any problems."
"I would appreciate that," Dominic told CJ.
"I will see you at my tattoo studio at six tonight then," Hitch told Dominic as he laced up his boots.
"I will make sure he is there," CJ grinned. "I cannot wait to see him finally get to look a proper hard skinhead."
"I will be there, do not worry about that," Dominic told Hitch. "Inked and pierced at sixteen."
"The first of many tattoos, CJ is getting the crucified skinhead on his arm as you get your spider webs," Hitch grinned. "See you at six."
"So, what is the plan with Jake at the party?" Dominic asked CJ.
"Let us say he will be looking different when he goes home the next morning," CJ replied with a big smile on his face.

Dominic arrived at Hitch’s tattoo studio with CJ, walked confidently in, and saw Hitch and another shaven-headed tattooist waiting for them.
"Hi Nash, I guess you are doing my crucified skinhead ink tonight," CJ said to Nash.
"Yeah, Hitch wants to initiate Dom into the world of piercings and ink," Nash grinned. "Let’s get started."
"Come on through for you maiden inking," Hitch told Dominic.
"Lay on the bench," Hitch told Dominic.
Dominic laid on the bench as Hitch filled a small pot with some ink and picked up his tattoo gun after placing the outline for Dominic’s spider webs on Dominic’s elbows. Dominic flinched as Hitch started work on the tattoos.
"Sorry, I forgot to warn you how it feels when you get a tattoo done," Hitch said to Dominic.
"It is fine, no worries," Dominic replied as he felt the tattoo gun do more work on his tattoos.

"There you go, all done and dusted, you look a proper skinhead like CJ now," Hitch told Dominic as he placed the piercing needle back onto the tray.
"Can I have a look now?" Dominic asked Hitch.
"Sure, have a look in the mirror," Hitch replied.
"Oh wow! I love it!" Dominic shouted as he saw the spider web tattoos on his elbows and the three steel rings in his left ear. "I do look like a proper skinhead!"
"Just your father to face tomorrow," Hitch reminded Dominic.
"Yeah, but he will have to accept that I am sixteen and can make my own choices now," Dominic told Hitch.
"Let’s get back to CJ and get to the pub to celebrate the birth of Dominic Jones, the proper skinhead," Hitch laughed as they walked out of the room to see CJ and Nash waiting for them.
"Now you look like how a skinhead should look," CJ said to Dominic.
"I like your new tattoo as well," Dominic told CJ.
"Let’s get to the pub and see Smithy," Hitch said as he locked the door to the building.
The four of them made their way to the pub, where a tattooed skinhead was behind the bar.
"You must be Dominic. Tommy has told me that that there was a new lodger at the manor," Smithy said to Dominic.
"Four pints of bitter please, Smithy," CJ said to Smithy.
Smithy poured the beer and took the money off CJ. Dominic followed CJ and the other two skinheads over to a table and sat down.
"Happy birthday for tomorrow," Hitch said to Dominic.
"Cheers, I cannot believe I will be eighteen in just a few hours," Dominic grinned as he got his cigarettes out of his pocket and offered them to the other skinheads.
Dominic and the other skinheads lit up their cigarettes and drank some beer.
"So we have some work to do on a particular person called Jake on Saturday at your party," Nash said to Dominic.
"Yeah, I think with a bit of persuasion, he could lose his curtain hairstyle," Dominic replied with a grin on his face.
"Let Adam lose on him along with Scotty," Hitch suggested.
"Yeah, Adam has only been a skin boy for few months, and he can be very persuasive," CJ said. "Refills?"
"Why not?" Dominic grinned.

Dominic placed the razor back in the cupboard before putting some surgical spirit on his earrings and cream on his spider web tattoos before slipping his jacket on, making his way out of the manor as they called it, and walked to the bus stop. Dominic boarded the bus, paid his bus fare, and made his way to the rear seats of the bus and sat down behind a woman and a young boy
"Mummy, why has the boy got no hair?" The boy asked his mum as he looked at Dominic.
"Because I lost a bet and had to get it shaved off," Dominic lied to the boy.
"You look funny with no hair," the boy laughed.
"I can grow it back," Dominic told the boy as the bus set off.
After a few stops, Dominic pressed the button, so the bell alerted the driver he required the next stop. Dominic thanked the bus driver as he alighted from the bus and made his way to his home.
"You can do this," Dominic thought to himself as he paused before putting the key in the door and opening it. "Hi, Dad, it’s me, Dominic!" Dominic shouted out as he closed the door.
"Where the hell have you been for over a week?" Dominic’s dad said as he walked out of the kitchen. "Please say that you have gone and got yourself tattooed."
"Yes, dad, I have got tattoos now, and it was my birthday present from the skinheads I am living with," Dominic replied.
"You could have called me to say where you were staying," Dominic’s dad told Dominic.
"I just needed to get away, and I could not face any more time with grandad," Dominic sighed. "I am sorry I did not contact you."
"You can grow hair and remove those rings from your ear, but you should not have got tattooed," Dominic’s dad said to Dominic. "Anyway, happy birthday, come on into the lounge."
Dominic walked into the lounge, where he saw some birthday cards and presents on the table. Dominic opened the cards and put the money from his relatives into his wallet before sitting down.
"Your present from me is outside the kitchen door," Dominic’s dad told Dominic.
Dominic followed his dad into the kitchen and opened the door, where he saw a 125cc motorbike with a crash helmet.
"Oh, dad, thank you so much!" Dominic exclaimed. "I thought with me walking out, and you would not have got me anything."
"You have lessons booked for the next four Saturdays and your test on the fifth Saturday," Dominic’s dad told Dominic. "The only thing I ask is that you return home to live."

"But dad, I like where I live now, and Hitch has got me an apprentice tattoo artist position at his place," Dominic told his dad.
"You can still do that, and you can keep the head shaved and the earrings in. I would like it if you came home and you could spend time with the skinheads," Dominic’s dad said to Dominic.
"I will think about it, but they have arranged a party for me on Saturday," Dominic sighed. "Maybe we could come up with a compromise?"
"Stay for some tea, and we can talk more after your lesson on Saturday," Dominic’s dad suggested.
"I would like that," Dominic replied with a smile on his face.

Dominic arrived home after his first motorbike lesson and walked into the house before removing his helmet. Dominic made his way into the lounge and sat down opposite his father.
"How would you feel if I spent Friday and Saturday night with my skinhead mates and moved back in here for weeknights?" Dominic said to his dad.
"I would appreciate that," Dominic’s dad replied. "When will you move back in with me?"
"I will bring my clothes and a few other bits with me after I finish at the tattoo studio," Dominic said. "We can sort out rent over tea on Monday."
"How about staying for some tea?" Dominic’s dad suggested.
"I would like to, but I am meeting up with Jake in thirty minutes," Dominic replied. "I will see you Monday."
"See you Monday then," Dominic’s dad sighed.
Dominic pulled his helmet back over his head and made his way out of the house. Dominic started his motorbike and rode back to the manor. Arriving at the manor, Dominic removed his helmet and put it in his rook before heading off onto town to meet Jake. As Dominic approached the town hall, he saw Jake already waiting there for him.
"Ready to party then?" Dominic asked Jake.
"Yeah, but you know I do not drink," Jake replied. "And I am not getting a haircut either."
"Come on, dude, chill out. You can stay over, so your parents will not know that you had any beer or stuff," Dominic told Jake. "Who said anything about you getting a haircut?"
"I guess I could stay over," Jake sighed. "I am not getting a haircut, and I mean that, though."
"Let’s get to the party, and it is only a five-minute walk from here," Dominic told Jake as they set off to the manor.
After about five minutes, Dominic and Jake arrived at the manor and walked into the manor.
"So this is where you live now, then?" Jake said to Dominic as he accepted a can of beer off CJ.
"Yeah, this is the manor, but I will only be living here at the weekend as I have made up with my dad," Dominic replied. "I guess I better introduce you to my housemates."
Dominic introduced Jake to his housemates as a few other skinheads arrived at the manor. CJ introduced Dominic and Jake to James, Scott and Nick, and a young man with long messy brown hair.
"Adam needs a place to stay," James told Hitch. "He got kicked out of his house this morning."
"Why did you get booted out?" Hitch asked Adam.
"Got sacked from WH Smith for my sick record, and I was abusive to a customer," Adam replied. "Also, when I said to the boss I was thinking of shaving the scalp, he told me it would not be acceptable," Adam replied. "So I told him to f***off."
"Well, you are more than welcome to stay here," Hitch told Adam. "Get this down your neck, and then we will turn you into a skinhead."
"Yeah, do it. Are you here to get a skinhead?" Adam asked Jake.
"I am only here for Dominic’s birthday," Jake replied.
"You look a right f***ing drip with that haircut," Adam told Jake. "Or are you a wimpy mummies boy?"
"You would look good with your hair shaved off," Scott told Jake. "Why not try the gear on so you can see how you look?"
"Yeah, go on, Jake, try the clothes and boots on, see how you feel after that," Nick said to Jake. "Get it, so you are looking hard like Dominic and how Adam will look.
"Go on, mate, you look out of place with what you are wearing at the moment," Dominic said to Jake as Dominic handed Jake another beer.
"Look, I told you no haircut," Jake told Dominic. "Stop putting pressure on me."
"We only suggested that you get changed into boots and braces," Scott told Jake.
"Come on, mate. You don’t have to get the head shaved, and that is what I want." Adam said to Jake.
"Ok, you win, I will go and get changed, but I mean it, I am not getting the haircut," Jake sighed.
Jake followed Adam and CJ up into a bedroom and looked at the election of polo shirts and braces inside. Adam selected a red polo shirt with black braces and a pair of jeans, and Jake took a deep breath and chose a white polo shirt with red trim and red braces and bleached jeans. Adam and Jake changed into the polo shirts and jeans before CJ helped them with the braces before picking out two pairs of doc marten cherry boots and showed them how to lace them up.
"Yes, I love it. I need the haircut now," Adam said to CJ as he looked in the mirror.
"Yeah, I guess I do look different," Jake sighed.
"Let’s get back to the party and get Adam his skinhead crop," CJ said to Adam and Jake.
Jake followed Adam and CJ back outside, where Jake saw a stool Hitch had placed along with a pair of clippers on a small table. Without saying a word, Adam walked over to the stool and sat down, and hitch put a towel over Adam’s shoulders and picked up the clippers.
"Ready?" Hitch asked Adam.
"Do it, get rid of this mess of hair that I have got," Adam replied.
Hitch flicked the switch on the clippers and placed them at the centre of Adam’s forehead before pushing the clippers through Adam’s brown hair, leaving a strip of very short stubble.
"Adam’s a skinhead!" Scott shouted out as Hitch continued to shave the top of Adam’s head. "Think how you would look if you had yours shaved off like Dominic and Adam," Scott whispered in Jake’s ear. "No more messing with a comb and visits to a salon."
Jake picked up another can of beer and opened it as he watched more of Adam’s hair fell onto the concrete.
"You want it shaved, don’t you?" Nick whispered in Jake’s ear. "Admit it and get it done, f*** what you parents think."
"Become a skinhead, Jake. I know you want it done," CJ said to Jake. "You love the boots and braces, so just succumb to your feelings."
Jake watched as Hitch removed the last strands of Adam’s long hair and switched the clippers off. Scott then walked out with a tray containing a razor, a bowl of hot water and shaving foam and set it down on the table. Hitch picked up a cloth from the tray, soaked it in hot water, and wrapped it around Adam’s head. After a few minutes, Hitch removed the cloth from Adam’s head, spread a good layer of shaving foam over the stubble, and picked up the razor. Jake watched in awe as Hitch carefully shaved the remaining stubble from Adam’s head, leaving pink skin where his brown hair had been. After a few minutes, Hitch placed the razor down and wiped Adam’s head with the cloth.
"There you go, Adam, one shaved skinhead," Hitch told Adam as he removed the towel.
"Oh wow! It feels so f***ing weird having no hair!" Adam exclaimed as he felt his bald head. "have a feel of this mate, and then tell us you don’t want to become a skinhead," Adam said to Jake as he walked over to where Jake was standing.
"It does look good on you, and yeah, your head feels weird with no hair," Jake replied as he felt Adam’s bald head.

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