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Change 2. by Jajko

This is a continuation of part 1 of the Change story.
The father was very much in love with his new wife Isabell. He fulfilled everything she asked him to do. When his hair grew and touched the top of his ear, she said to her father: Darling, don't you think you already have long hair? And the next day his father came trimmed.
When I saw "B" written on Saturday in the calendar, I knew what would follow. At breakfast, Isabell told me: I have to have your hair cut today, so we're leaving in half an hour. We always went to Richardson's barber shop. As I sat in the barber's chair, the barber, even though he knew what hairstyle to give me, enjoyed it and always asked out loud: How do we cut a boy today? Isabell also replied aloud: Take all the hair on his hips and back and leave it short on the top of his head. The barber always praised his mother Isabell that this is the best hairstyle for such a boy. After about 10 minutes, I always left his chair on top of my head, I had about 3/8 inch long hair and the rest was clean-shaven on my skin.
Then after arriving home Isabell always wrote in the calendar for Saturday at 4 weeks "B"

Once when I was with Isabell on a regular shop, we met my classmate Cash and his mother. We greeted each other and we also greeted our mothers. That's when Cash's mother asked and isn't she your classmate? He said yes. Then his mother started a conversation that Cash refused to get a haircut and that I had a nice boyish hairstyle. She quickly responded that she wasn't asking me if I wanted to get a haircut, but that she would order me to. If I didn't listen, I would get punished. I didn't want Cash to hear about my punishments, so I dragged him aside and we talked about friends and school. When the mothers said goodbye, we also greeted them and broke up.
One week on Saturday morning, Cash came to us with his mother. We both looked at each other and didn't know what it was about, why he came to us with his mother. I looked at the calendar and there was a "B". Then Isabell told me. Put on your hair, I'll go get your hair cut and then we'll go to the store. Are we going with Cash too? I was not allowed to ask. Isabell said yes. It will be so humiliating when Cash sees me in the barber's chair.
When I was already sitting in the barber's chair, everything went according to the script. Ask aloud how to cut my hair, answer aloud from Isabell and then acknowledge the barber that it's a good haircut for a boy. I saw my red ears and face in the mirror, as I was ashamed to see it all and hear Cash.

As I was leaving the barber's chair I heard Cash screaming that he didn't need a haircut. But when Isabell took his hand hard and pulled him into the barber's chair, Cash began to cry. Then the barber asked his mother what hairstyle he would give the boy? His mother just pointed to my head and said quietly: just like he does. The barber also praised her that it was a good hairstyle for such a boy. He combed Cash's hair and made a tail in the back of it, then slowly cut it off. He laid himself on the counter by the mirror so that Cash could see him. He tilted his head and put scissors around his neck and began to cut his hair. When the barber first tossed the cut hair through the center of the back, a thumb-wide strip of his stubble appeared. The barber worked carefully, but quickly, Cash had a short stubble on the right side of his head and then on the left. This was followed by a haircut on the top of the head. Like me, he was only 3/8 inch long. I was excited when a barber applied foam to the stubble on his head and started shaving, and I saw his smooth white skin.
When Cash left the barber's chair his eyes were red from crying. Then Isabell asked him, when would he come to Richardson's barber shop with us again? He never answered!
But at 8 a.m. Saturday morning, Cash was standing at our door asking Isabell if she could come with us. Isabell told him that we were just waiting for him.

We later found out that Isabell had become friends with his mother. She gradually applied Isabell's educational methods to Cash. But there was one exception. I got a haircut at Richardson's barber shop every 4 weeks and Cash every 8 weeks. That's how we went to Richardson's barber shop until Mr. Richardson retired.

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