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Oh, Dad, it's not! by spank

My name is Peter. When I was little, my father took me with him to the old-fashioned Nicolas barber, where I always got a short haircut. At that time, I didn't pay any attention to it, I did what my father wanted. But the change occurred when I was 6 years old and I started going to school. At that time, it was modern for boys to have long hair. Some classmates already had hair on their ears. Well, I went to the barber every 3-4 weeks with my father, who cut me with electric scissors and rubbed foam around my ears and neck and shaved it. Whenever a boy came to school for a short haircut, his classmates laughed. So I had to suffer a few days of ridicule.
When my father said we were going to the barber, I started crying and refused to go. First he solved it with a spanking and I finally went to the barber with him. Later, my mother and older sister stopped me, and when my hair was growing up, I went to a modern hairdresser with my mother from time to time. The older I got, the longer my hair was.
When I was 12 we got a new classmate Otto and he also had a younger brother Oliver. At home, I said what a humiliating and old-fashioned hairstyle both boys have. I have never seen such a hairstyle before. Around the ears and in the back of the head they are completely shaved on the top of the head they have short hair and in the middle they have made about an inch wide path. From the top, it looks like they have horseshoe-shaped or U-shaped hair. My father said it was one of the military hairstyles.
Every time Otto came to school freshly trimmed, I watched his head. In the classroom we also had a classmate Hank, who came every 3 - 4 months short cut as I walked like a little boy. When he came to school trimmed and saw his white arches over his ears, it started to excite me and I realized that I liked it.
At the time, I had beautiful long blond hair reaching almost to the middle of my back. My father told my mom to let me get a haircut because I look like a girl. He said I was just missing the skirt. When I fell asleep, I always tried to remember what it was like when a barber cut my hair close to my scalp. I wanted to experience it again, to get a haircut like Hank had, but I didn't know how to say it at home or at school. After all, everyone would laugh at me, only my father would be happy about it.
I thought about it for a long time until I got the idea, but I had to plan it well to make it look like I was forced to do it.
I was already 13 years old, once on Wednesday I agreed with my classmates that they should come at 3 pm, to me and we will go cycling. I knew that my father left work on Wednesday earlier than my mother 15 hours ago. I was alone at home, putting on my older sister's skirt and posing in front of a large mirror, lifting and combing my hair and waiting for my father to come. My father opened the door and when he saw me, he started to rage as I expected. He ordered me to put on my pants and come after him. Then he dragged me out of the house. There were already three classmates in front of the house, waiting for me to come to them with a bicycle. Loudly let my classmates hear me, I asked my father where we were going. He also answered aloud: I'm going to have you cut. I started begging him to go haircut alone and now I want to go cycling with my classmates. My father grabbed my hand sharply and pulled me in front of him. After 10 minutes, I pretended to tie my shoes and saw my classmates following us.
It was warm and the door to Nicolas's barber shop was wide open. We sat down on the waiting chairs. I saw classmates with bicycles standing on the other side of the road.
At the barber shop, I sometimes tried to beg my father to leave before Nicolas gave me a short haircut. But my father disagreed. I had to play it all so I wouldn't give up and I was still fighting for long hair.
When it was my turn, I sat down in a chair. Nicolas wrapped me in a sail and asked my father how we cut Peter today? But I did not hear his answer. I was sure it would be such a hairstyle as when I came here as a boy.
The barber put my long hair in an elastic band and slowly cut it off. He asked his father if he should give them to me as a keepsake, but my father replied to throw them in the trash. Then the barber lifted my hair with a comb and cut it with electric scissors.
He brushed his long hair off the canvas. He took large electric scissors from the hook and tilted my head to the left with his left hand. He put the scissors under his hair above his cheek. When he turned them on, he went up with them to the top of his head. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling, my pants rising in my crotch. When I opened them, I found that I didn't just have the arches above my ear cut, but there was only stubble on the whole right side of my head. Then I cried out to the whole barber shop: Oh, Dad, it's not!
The barber continued to cut his hair, and I hoped it wouldn't be a military haircut like Otto and Oliver had. I also saw the stubble above my left ear. The electric scissors kept growling and cutting my hair. Soon I had short hair left only on the top of my head. I saw that the barber took the scissors with the blade # 1, put them in the middle of the head and carefully walked with them to the crown of the head. Finally, he replaced the scissors and carefully made the adjustment and the final style. He applied cream to my 3/4 inch long hair and combed it backwards. Finally, he applied white cream to the hips and back of the head. He picked up the razor, sharpened it on a leather strap fastened to the side of the chair. He tilted my head to my side and began scraping the foam. I was very excited. Smooth skin remained where the barber scraped the foam. The barber was making the final adjustments, and I noticed in the mirror that my haircut was being watched by all three classmates from the barber shop.
On the way home, they told me how sorry they were that my father had given me such a short haircut. At school they laughed a lot at first, but when they heard my father drag me to the barber, they started to pity me. Otto liked that I also had a military hairstyle and carefully checked the remaining horseshoe-shaped hair.

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