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Mom And Son Headshave At The Barber by Sam Alex

Please read the first part (BICYCLE HAIRCUT) and read the second.


After 7 months my hair grown long and my mom asked me to Cut My Hair like my choice.

One day evening we went to the Barber shop for cutting my hair, we enter to a woman Barber shop where there is no costumers at that time. The Barber lady welcomed us and ask what we want . My mom said her about cutting my hair and she looked at me and ask me to sit in the chair in front of me.
By touching my hair she told my mom
" This cut will take a few minutes to complete" my mom said "he needs a one side Haircut not Shaving bald"."Ok"She replied.
She Caped me andspray few drops of water in my head and massage my head and said "Nice Hair, I feel sleepy, she spray some water on my face to remove my sleeping mode. She took the trimmer from the drawer and start trimming my back and side hair. She turn off the trimmer and took the scissor's and start cutting my front hair
After few minutes One side Haircut got over, my mom seeing all this from the waiting chair stand up and came to me she touch my hair and smiled at me and asked the lady "Can you trim his hair fully...?"

I feel wondered and asked mom "Why, u said
me to Cut My Hair by my choice and why are you saying like this now mom..?" Mom replied " I said,but I didn't think about your board exams at that time , it is near
only two weeks left, I think it right now and take the decision, please obey my dear son (by touching my face). "Did I want to trim his hair fully "she asked. "Yes please " mom replied .

She took the trimmer and trim my hair fully with in minutes. She make me bald.
"Did I want to apply cream"she asked my mom , "Not needed" mom replied. She uncapped me and remove Hair from the body
When I am going to get up my mom asked the lady "can you trim his beard" "yes" she replied and put a small cloth on my body and took the trimmer and trim my beard.
"Is this enough " she asked by finishing
"Okay enough" mom said. She removed the cloth and clean my face. I stand up and my mom smiled at me by touching my head.

The Barber lady cleaned the area fully and
came towards us and " This hair cut is needed for exam and it will make you stress free" (By touching my head) we laughed . My mom took the money to pay by this time the Barber lady said to my mom
"You need a haircut dear "."I always think about it but there is no time for a haircut, due to my busy work I didn't get time to take care of my hair" My mom replied. "It's The Time for a haircut dear" the lady replied .
please come with me there is another room
they went in and put on the curtains.

"But..."my mom said "please come and sit I will solve your hair problem "the Barber lady said.

My mom handover the bag to me and went and sit, the lady untied her bun and comb her hair, she Caped my mom and asked her to close her eyes and sit took the scissor's and gave her a Bob cut, she took the trimmer and without asking gave her a boy cut . She said my mom to open her eyes when my mom opened her eyes she got surprised as she look like a boy, the lady Combed her hair.

After some time the lady come to me and said "please come in" I went with her to the next room she closed the front door
and came with me. I saw my mom was crying and her head is bald and asked the Barber lady what happened to my mom
She said " I gave her a boy cut and I Combed her hair, it is falling on the floor while combing, so I gave her a headshave with out asking , there is no choice. While seeing her bald Hair on the mirror she started crying, headshave is comfortable for her stress jobs" .

"Please stop crying mom, she did this for your good " i said . "Please stop crying dear , it is for your good and not a revenge dear.... please stand up and go out of the room and wait in the Waiting area i will come..." She said by cleaning my mom's hair. Mom stand up and we go out from the room the Waiting area , After some time she came out and said my mom to sit in the cutting chair my mom went and sit with out saying anything the barber lady applied a cream and shave my mom's head. After finishing my my mom went down from the chair. Few cream is left at the brush the barber lady asked me to come and sit in the chair i went and sat , she shaved me like my mom . All Finished.

She cleaned the area finally and come towards us smiled and said
"Don't hate me , i do it for your good and
for your stress reducing."

My mom said " Thank You dear , you did a great job , i feel relaxed and cool,
no problem between you and me."

By paying my mom said " We will come after 2 weeks to re shave our head " "Ok,sure you can.she replied " Bye ........"
We left the shop .

"Mom you look's beautiful in your new look, it suits for you " I said
"Thank You dear " mom replied

We went to home . Again shaved our head after 2 weeks . The Barber lady become our family friend and Barber . We become friends . We went every month for Shaving our head.

I hope you like the story....

THANK YOU........🙏


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