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Oh, Dad, it's not! ... part 2 by spank

This is a sequel to the first part Oh, Dad, it's not!
When I got a short haircut, my father thought he had punished me and my classmates and friends regretted me having a strict and uncompromising father. I thought my father would let me get a haircut like I was when I was a little boy and I would only have small white arches. When I left Nicolas the barber shop I had a humiliating army hairstyle.
Time passed slowly and my hair grew. One day, a hairy classmate, Hank, came to school and had a haircut that I would like to have again. After school, I called him to me so we could play. When I heard that my father had come home, I started talking to Hank about his haircut, so that my father could hear it too. Hank said he goes to Nicolas's barber shop with his father about once every 3 to 4 months. I asked him why he was dating his father, that he was old enough to go alone, and then Hank revealed that about a year ago his father had sent him a haircut and he was going to a modern barber shop. This angered his father that he did not get a proper haircut, so he goes to the barber shop with Nicolas again. In the evening, I was expecting my father's reaction to an interview with Hank, that he would set the rules for my hair treatment and go to the barbershop with me once every 3-4 months, but my father was silent about it all.
I slowly forgot to talk to Hank when we studied with Otto, whose father was a military officer and who had a horseshoe-shaped military hairstyle. His father came to see us, and when he saw Otto, he began to ask him if he was going to the barber with his father and how often. Otto stood up when he talked to my father and replied that they went alone with their brother, but my father instructed the barber on how to always cut my hair and that he usually went to the barber with his brother once every 3 weeks. My father just smiled and left.
Almost 2 months have passed since the last hairstyle. On Friday, when I was leaving school with my classmates and we were making plans on how we would spend our free weekend, my father was waiting for me in front of the school. I was surprised and asked him why he was waiting for me in front of the school today. His answer was brief. I'm going to get you a haircut at Nicolas's barber shop. I started playing theater in front of my classmates and begged my father that I didn't want to get a haircut, that I didn't have long hair and I didn't want a military hairstyle. My father said again that we were going to the barber shop and I refused to go there again. My father was already angry and started yelling at me and pulling my sleeve. By then I had retreated and walked humbly with him. Along the way, I begged him to do whatever he wanted, but I no longer wanted a military hairstyle.
There were only 2 old gentlemen in Nicolas's barber shop on the waiting chairs, so it didn't take long for me to sit in the barber's chair. When I was wrapped in a sail, Nicolas asked my father what hairstyle he should give me. My father put 2 fingers over my ear and told him to cut my hair to that height. The barber then ran his finger over my head from one side, the back to the other side of my head, and asked if I could cut it all off completely. My father said yes, take it away from him.
Nicolas put my head forward, put the scissors around my neck. I could feel the cold metal on my neck. After turning them on, I felt them rise from the neck upside down, In the crotch I feel great excitement. The barber worked carefully but quickly. He turned my head, flexing his ears as he chased the hair around them. He began to cut my hair on the top of my head and then made a gradual transition between the stubble above my ears and the top of my head. He soaked my short hair on the top of my head and cut straight off the bangs. I could see almost my entire forehead. When he soaked the stubble on his head, he applied foam and began to scrape it off. When he had finished scraping, he wiped away the rest of the foam. He applied the cream to the remaining hair and combed it. I turned my head and in the mirror I saw 2 inch white arches over my ears and then a gradual transition to about an inch long hair at the top of my head. When I could jump out of the barber's chair, I thanked him. Before leaving the barber shop, Father Nicolas said: I will bring him to you again in 3 weeks.
At home, I explored my new hairstyle with the help of 2 mirrors. I had shorter hair than Hank's but I was excited to look at the back of my head. When I started stroking the shaved part of the back of my head, my crotch started to twitch ....
We weren't home from the barber shop for even 2 hours when someone rang. I heard Hank ask my father if I could go cycling with them. My father agreed. In front of the house, many moth friends and classmates were waiting for me. Then they admitted that they were curious about my new hairstyle, that they were curious and did not want to wait until Monday morning for me to come to school. I was amazed that no one laughed at my bare spots on my head, on the contrary, I was a HERO for them. Finally, I feigned tears in my eyes and said that my father had promised the barber that he would bring me to the next scalp in 3 weeks.
My father promised him a barber and he fulfilled it and I joined Nicolas's barber shop with him in 3 weeks. No one knew about my excitement at the haircut and my new fetish.

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