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A Bob and a Shave by SheShavedMe

A Bob and a Shave

My wife and I were walking out by the beach on a sunny and warm Saturday afternoon
We had just ate lunch outside a café enjoying the warm sunshine and views by the ocean
My wife told me she just decided to cut her hair shorter for summer and asked me if I wanted to go to the salon with her
I was surprised by her statement because she had always had the same cut since we met
I looked at her long chocolate brown hair wave in the slight breeze and shimmer in the sunshine
I had always loved her long pretty hair so I was a bit sad but I wasn't going to tell her not to cut it
She looked at me waiting for my answer
I said "sure" trying to hide my disappointment and we started off for the salon
As we walked I asked how she was going to get it cut
She just said nothing crazy but much shorter than it was now
Her answer did nothing to stop my anxiety
We entered the salon and my anxiety went up another notch as I smelled the shampoo and hairspray
She dealt with the receptionist while I looked around
I looked at the art on the walls and the clients in the chairs of this large salon
After a couple minutes my wife grabbed my arm snapping me out of my day dreams and we both walked back to the chairs
I asked her what cut she was getting and she said "you'll see" with a mischievous smile
Her reply sent butterflies to my stomach
I took a waiting chair across the room from where my wife was stationed
Her and the stylist had a conversation for a few minutes and then they both nodded the work began
The stylist wetted her hair and began cutting her hair about shoulder length
My stomach tightened as I realized she was actually doing it
I continued watching from my perch across the room as the stylist continued cutting off my wife's hair
I saw sheets of long hair falling off her shoulders and hitting the tiled floor
I would be lying if I said it didn't turn me on a bit
I loved her hair but seeing it be chopped off so easily and looking at her in the chair got me going
She flashed me a smile in the mirror showing me she liked the progress of the cut
I smiled back and continued my intense watching
The stylist turned the chair some and started angling the hair down as she cut the right side
I could she my wife's feet and flip flops resting on the bar of the chair
They would wiggle every now and then to drop hair off to the floor
The barber eventually had her hair shaped into a shoulder length bob that angled slightly towards her collar bone
They had another short chat and the barber grabbed the scissors again
At this point I leaned forward scared that my wife was going shorter
My fear was confirmed when the stylist dropped 3 more inches of hair on the floor
Her neck was completely exposed now and the stylist continued to work around to the right side
My wife flashed another excited smile at me and I gave a nervous one back failing to hide how I felt
The stylist shaped her hair into a short chin length bob
They had yet another short conversation and I saw the stylist pick up some clippers
I thought my eyes were betraying me but the stylist ran them up her nape a few inches and started to shape the back up some
She worked there for awhile changing guards and making a perfect taper
Soon my wife had a shaved to buzzed nape with a chin length bob
Then the stylist put the finishing touches on the bob by taking a little more length off and angling the back up more to match her nape
Finally the scissors were laid down and the stylist worked with a brush and hair dryer to finish the style
The cape was removed revealing my beautiful wife and she stepped from the chair
Her flip flops stepping on the shorn locks I had loved so much
She turned towards me revealing her new look
Her pretty face was now framed by hair hanging slightly shorter than chin length on each side
My jaw hit the floor seeing how pretty she was with her new haircut
I loved her long hair but I knew I would immediately like this just as much and maybe even more
She ran a hand through it as she walked over to me smiling like a kid
She shook it out and fixed it again and asked how I liked it
I just smiled and said "I love it! You look f***ing hot!"
She giggled and kissed me and I realized she probably felt how turned on I was
She stepped back after a few seconds and gave me a knowing smile
All I could think about was getting her out of here and back home
I grabbed her hand and started walking us out
Before she moved she said "wait a minute, I think you could use a haircut too!"
She said her stylist agreed and told me to go sit in the chair she had been in
I was confused because this was a ladies salon
When I didn't make a move my wife gently pulled me over to the chair
I sat down in the chair still confused and heard my wife say "just liked we talked about" to the stylist
The stylist nodded and my wife walked to the waiting chair I had been in
The stylist turned to me and said "hi, I'm Miranda, your wife told me how to cut your hair. You ok with that look?"
I was still confused and surprised by the turn of events and just said "yeah ok"
Miranda just said "ok great!" and went to work
I usually had my hair cut fairly short but never anything too severe
I wasn't afraid to go short but I just liked a traditional look
Miranda grabbed her clippers and clicked the guard off revealing the bare blades
She sprayed some oil on them and clicked them on and walked behind the chair
I then realized I wasn't going to get my usual cut
I could've stopped her and said I'm leaving but I realized I wanted to be forced into a short haircut
Miranda without saying anything ran the bare blades up the back of head
I could feel the hair tumble off my shoulders onto the floor
Cold air greeted my freshly shorn scalp
I looked at my shorn wife who was watching my haircut as intensely as I had watched hers
We flashed each other smiles and I realized I had been set up
My wife had planned this from the beginning
I then relaxed and let the cut continue
Nothing I could do now
Bringing me back to reality the stylist ran the clippers from my forehead to my crown
It was a crazy feeling and I saw my white scalp appear in the mirror
Pass after pass was made revealing the skin on my head
After running the clippers over my head a second time they were clicked off and set on the counter
A warm towel was wrapped around my head for a couple minutes
The stylist even gave me a little face massage while the towel did its work
Then hot lathered was brushed on my head and soon I felt a razor gliding across my scalp
I looked at my wife in the mirror expecting another smile
She was so mesmerized by my head being shaved bald that she didn't even notice I was looking at her
I gave a small wave and when she realized I was looking at her she blushed bright red and giggled
I chuckled and closed my eyes enjoying the feeling of the razor on my head
After a quick second pass with the razor the stylist wiped my head off with a towel, massaged in some oil, and brushed some powder on my bald head
The stylist smiling at her work said "shaved bald just like your wife requested!" and she removed the cape
I walked over to my wife who stood and ran a hand over my now slick head
I asked "do you like it?" and she giggled and gave me a long kiss while her hands explored my naked scalp
Likewise my hands explored her buzzed nape and short bob
We pulled away and went to the front desk to pay
We were all smiles as we walked out knowing what would happen when we got home


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