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Three Flats! by Shant

I had been going to a father/son barbershop for over ten years and had become good friends with both of them. It never made a difference which one cut my hair because they both did a great job.

Grady, the father, was around 45. He had a thick head of dark chestnut hair with a slight wave to it that hung a few inches below his collar. Probably more than half his ears were covered and the top was quite long, at least five or six inches, which he brushed from the left to the right, as it flowed towards the back.

His hair had great texture and stood up really well, making it look really full. He also had great highlights that were a lighter brown with almost a reddish tint. I knew he added the highlights himself, making his hair look even more striking than it already did. I really liked the way they looked and wished I had the nerve to do the same, but I was too self-conscious to do something like that.

I was around 35 at the time. My hair was also very thick and had a lot of body. It was a sandy blond and due to working outside almost all year long had varying shades of blond throughout it. The sides were about two to three inches long and the top was probably a little more than four inches. I also brushed it straight up and back with a slight part on the left. About the only difference between my hair and Grady’s was that I wore my hair shorter in the back to just above my collar, instead of longer, like he did.

As long as I kept my hair under a certain length, I thought it looked good. Once I combed my hair, it stayed like that all day, rarely ever moving out of place. If the top and sides got too long however, it started curling in all directions and when I looked in the mirror, it looked like a complete mess.

Almost every barber I ever went to usually told me that I was lucky to have such great hair. You know how it is, once you find a barber you like, you are a customer forever. I basically had only three guys cut my hair most of my life.

I hated it when I had to look for a new barber. Call me old fashioned, but I still liked going to a traditional barbershop where there would usually be a red and white pole outside. It would be a small shop with only one or two barbers working. Unfortunately, there are getting to be less and less of these shops today.

If I had a new barber cut my hair for awhile, he would eventually start asking the typical questions… "Had I worn my hair the way it was now for a long time? Did I change my hairstyle very often? Had I ever had really short hair?" Once that question was asked, and I replied that I had cut my hair short several times over the years, I usually knew what the next question was going to be.

"Have you ever worn a flattop? With that thick hair of yours and seeing that it stands up so well, you could really wear a great flattop. A lot of guys want to get a flattop but don’t really have the right kind of hair for a good one. A guy should have thick hair with great body so his hair will stand up, if he wants a really good looking flattop. You have the perfect hair for one. It would definitely look sharp and I would love to give you one. Would you like to go ahead and let me cut you one and see how it would look?" the barber would ask.

I would tell him that I’d never had a flattop before, but I thought they really looked sharp on some guys. I said I could never get up the nerve to get one because I was afraid it might not look that good on me. It didn’t take the barber long before he was telling me he thought I shouldn’t worry about that at all. He was 100% positive I could wear a great looking flattop. I knew he was hoping he could talk me into getting one and would really like to take my hair down short. I knew I was lucky to have such good hair and couldn’t imagine cutting it that short ever again and always walked out with my usual trim.

I guess because my hair was so thick was the reason so many barbers tried to get me to get a flattop. I’d gone to a couple barbers that didn’t like to cut flattops, but older barbers would usually break into a big smile if they thought they might get the opportunity to give me one. Most would say it was their favorite haircut to do and would love to show me how great my hair would look if I would let them give me a flattop.

Joe, the son, was almost 30. His hair was not as thick as his dad’s, but he still had a nice head of hair. It was a light brown with a slight wave to it. He combed it similar to the way his dad did his, with the top and sides brushed back, but he wore the back a lot longer.

Joe felt he had a very thin neck, which he said looked like a turkey neck and was very self-conscious about it. Hoping his neck would appear less noticeable, he grew his hair longer in back and then had it permed, creating a mass of curls that hung down below his collar. If he took one of his curls and pulled it out straight, his hair would probably be over eight inches long.

Personally, I thought it just looked too old fashioned, especially for a barber. The mullet, which is what I would have called his hairstyle, was definitely way past its time, but Joe had worn his hair like it was now since I had first met him. I always wished he would cut it shorter in back and definitely get rid of the obvious perm, but would never think of saying anything about it. I mean, the guy was a barber after all, and should realize his hairstyle was so outdated.

Like I said, I really didn’t care which one ever cut my hair. About the only difference between the two was that whenever I did sit in Grady’s chair, he would always be more aggressive trying to get me to cut my hair much shorter.

I found it interesting that a guy with rather long hair himself was always trying to get another long haired guy to try a different look and cut his hair really short, yet all the while keeping his own beautiful mane. It was obvious Grady was very fond of his long flowing tresses. I could never imagine him ever even thinking about cutting off his treasured locks.

The longer a guy’s hair was, the more fun Grady had hoping he could convince him to go short. I had seen him do this many times and sometimes he succeeded. Whenever he did cut my hair, he was not at all subtle about it and would tell me that he would really like to give me a short haircut. He said I should at least once cut my hair short and he wished that I would just go ahead and say yes, and let him cut it the way he wanted.

"I’d really like to take that hair of yours down," he would say. "I think you’d look great wearing a shorter haircut. I’d love to see your hair about half the length it is now. Why don’t you let me cut it like that for you? If you don’t like it, the haircut is free!" was the way the conversation usually went.

I would never give in, and always left with my hair looking exactly the way I wanted. I knew that despite all his attempts, I would never get my hair cut as short as he wanted to cut it. I was way too self-conscious about what people would think if I cut most of my hair off. I also liked my hair way too much to get it cut that short. Why get rid of something that you enjoy having so much?

I remember one time, Joe told me that when he was playing football in high school he wanted Grady to cut his hair shorter, so his hair would look more like the way his friends had theirs. Maybe it was because Grady was a barber, but he was totally opposed to Joe cutting his hair short.

Most fathers would be thrilled if their son wanted to have short hair. To most dad’s, the shorter the hair, the better! But not Grady! He wanted Joe to have long flowing hair and loved seeing it get longer and longer. I think the reason he wanted Joe to have such long hair was that he enjoyed getting to play with it and do whatever he wanted while he was cutting it.

One time when his dad was cutting his hair and they were having their usual argument about how long his hair was going to be, Joe said he became adamant and kept insisting that he wanted a shorter haircut.

As the discussion went on, Grady apparently became angry and said, "Alright, you want your hair short, I’ll cut it short for you!" Grady put a #2 guard on his clippers and in the blink of an eye, starting at the front, ran them straight down the middle of Joe’s head and didn’t stop until he had finished buzzing off all his son’s beautiful hair! "There, is that short enough for you?" Grady asked. Joe said he couldn’t believe how huge the pile of hair was in his lap and was stunned that his Dad had done this to him!

Joe had wanted his hair shorter, but definitely hadn’t wanted it all cut off. He looked almost totally bald. He said he learned right then and there never to argue with his Dad about how long his hair should be again, especially when he was standing over him with clippers in his hands!

One time when I went in to get a haircut, I ended up being the last customer for the day and only the three of us were in the shop. Grady was just cleaning up, while Joe was about to start cutting my hair. Grady turned over the sign which said they were now closed and pulled down the blinds.

I don’t know how it all began, but all of a sudden, from out of nowhere, Grady said, "Go ahead, Joe! Give him a flattop! You know he really wants one but has never had enough nerve to get one! Man, he doesn’t need to build up his nerve! With all that thick hair of his and the way it already stands up so well, you know you could cut him a fantastic looking flattop! I’d love to see all that thick hair of his falling to the cape!"

Joe just smiled and didn’t say anything, but Grady went on, saying, "Come on Mike! Go ahead and do something really different for a change. Let Joe give you a flattop! Try something new! I mean really, what’s the big deal? I think you would look great with a flattop and I’m not saying that just because I’d like to see you get all that hair cut off. I honestly think it would be a sharp look on you and it would definitely be a huge change. You’re lucky to have such great hair! Flaunt it while you have it!"

"If you don’t like it, in less than a month you’ll be brushing it back again, and in less than eight weeks, the flattop will be just a memory. What’s eight weeks? It’ll go by so fast you won’t even notice, and who knows, you might surprise yourself and like the flattop once you get one. Aren’t you tired of your hair always looking the same way? With such great hair, wouldn’t you like to see how different you could look?" Grady said.

Deep down inside, I had thought about getting a flattop many times, but was always too afraid to do it. I don’t know why, but on the spur of the moment, I decided I was going to call Grady’s bluff and see what, if anything, would happen, if I surprised him and said that maybe I would get a short haircut. He’d been trying to get me to cut my hair short for years, despite the fact he always had long hair. I don’t think I’d ever seen his hair cut above his collar.

Whenever he tried talking me into getting a short haircut, I would say that I liked how my hair looked and just wanted to keep it the way it was now. I turned to him this time though and said, "I’ll tell you what, Grady, I wouldn’t want to get a short military flattop, but I’d be willing to let Joe give me a longer, square, boxy flattop, just long enough in front to still brush back. There’s actually a picture of a guy with that kind of haircut on your poster that shows different types of haircuts. It’s the third guy there on the top row. Maybe you’re right and it is time for a change. I have worn my hair like this forever. Why not go ahead and try something new? Joe, do you think you could cut my hair to look like that?"

"Sure," Joe replied, as I saw a big smile appear on his face. "Flattops are my favorite haircut to give, especially if the guy has the right hair to wear one and Mike, your hair is definitely the perfect type of hair to cut to create a great flattop! I really think you would look totally awesome if you got one! You probably would have the best looking flattop of anyone I know."

"Man, that would be great!" Grady said. "I can’t wait to see how you look after getting such a different haircut. Like you just said yourself, you’ve worn your hair the same way for years. Go ahead and do it! Get a flattop! It will be a blast watching you get all that great hair cut off! I can’t wait to see how large a pile there will be in your lap after Joe is finished!"

It was obvious Grady was really pumped up thinking that today might actually be the day I got a really short haircut, and maybe even a flattop. I knew how much he would like to be the one cutting it, but also knew he’d rather see Joe cut all my hair off, than me not get a short haircut at all.

"Just one more thing, though," I said. "I’ll get a flattop, Grady, but only if you agree to go ahead and get one too! I know how much you enjoy trying to get me to cut my hair short. Almost everytime I sit in your chair, you say something about wanting to give me a short haircut. I know you’d love to see me get my hair almost all cut off, wouldn’t you? How about it? Are you willing to get a flattop too?"

"With that full head of hair you have, I’ll bet it would also cut into a great flattop. Have you ever worn one? All the years I’ve been coming here, I can’t ever remember you having short hair," I said.

I knew I had caught Grady completely off guard and he didn’t know what to say, so I went on, "Seeing that you brought up the flattop idea, I thought I’d call your bluff and see if you would cut your hair too. I always thought you were just all talk and no action. You’ve always wanted to cut my hair short, but you certainly seem way too attached to your thick mane to ever consider cutting it!"

"Everything you just said to me about making a big change, trying a new look, I can say applies exactly the same to you as well. When’s the last time you had your hair cut differently than it is now? You’re a fine one to talk about me always keeping my hair the same way! You haven’t changed your hairstyle since I first started coming here over ten years ago."

"Why don’t you go for a big change too, especially after just saying that I should go ahead and do it? How attached to those precious locks of yours are you, Grady? Are you willing to cut them off? Are you brave enough to get a flattop too? I bet you don’t have the nerve! I want to see that hair of yours coming off just like mine would!"

Joe joined in, saying, "Come on Dad, go ahead and do it! I don’t think I can ever remember you having short hair. I’d like to see you with a different haircut. It really has always looked pretty much the same. I think it would be good for you to change your look more often. I think more young guys would come in if they saw a barber with a haircut similar to theirs, as opposed to a barber that looked like he was still living in the 70’s!"

"Almost no one has hair as long as your’s anymore. I bet you’d look a lot younger too, if you had shorter hair. Only old guys still have long hair. The hippie days were over a long time ago."

"You know if I cut your hair like the guy in the picture Mike pointed out, it really wouldn’t take that long to grow back out again. Like you said, What’s the big deal? It’s only eight weeks if you don’t like it! I bet I could give you a flattop that would really look sharp! I sure would like to try. I’d love to see how different you would look with shorter hair. I think you would really stand out with a haircut like that. Come on, Dad, go for it!"

"Dad, you know the chance to give a guy that has really great hair a flattop doesn’t come along all that often. To give you both flattops, one right after the other, would be unreal! I can’t even begin to tell you how psyched I would be to give you both flattops right now! It would be totally mind blowing and something I know I would never forget. Dad, please let me do it! It really is time for you to change the way your hair looks!"

"You know Dad, we’ve talked several times about how much we would like to take Mike’s hair down short and give him a flattop. It would be fantastic to see his reaction after losing most of that beautiful hair of his. You know he likes his hair as much as we do ours."

"Finally, here’s our chance! He really does have the perfect hair for a really sharp looking flattop. Come on, Dad! I would love to take Mike’s hair down short and then do the exact same thing to you!"

"Only a few minutes ago, your exact words to Mike were, "Why not try something new, something different for a change? It’s about time you changed your look, and if you don’t like it, it will grow back out before you even know it! I bet you might even end up liking a flattop too, and keep it for awhile."

You could see the smile on Grady’s face fade at the thought of losing his lovely locks! He had tried to get Mike to get a flattop several times and never had any luck, so he had felt safe just playing around with him a little today. He never dreamed that Mike would ever get one, and it had never entered his mind it could end up with him being in the barber chair too! If only he could figure out a way to get out of this, and save face at the same time. But how was he going to do it?

Grady was obviously very attached to his thick chestnut locks. He never flaunted them, but after knowing him all these years, I knew how much he loved his hair. If he was not cutting someone’s hair, you would usually find him in front of a mirror brushing his awesome mane. He loved seeing how high he could make his hair stand up and how full he could make the sides look. If there was ever anyone that loved his own hair, it was definitely Grady.

Joe figured his father would never cut his hair short and was really just having some fun taunting him, teasing him a little. He was completely blown away when Grady said, "I’ll tell you what, Mike. If you really will get a flattop, then I’ll have Joe give me one too."

I don’t think it could be possible for Joe’s smile to be any bigger! "Oh man," he said, "This is really going to be fun! I can’t wait to see you both lose all that hair you have and wearing flattops! Let’s get started before either of you change your mind!" he said, as he put down the scissors and reached for his clippers.

"I also have one additional condition," Grady said. "Mike, if Joe expects to give you a flattop and then give me one, I think he should get a flattop too!"

"Come on Joe, how much do you want to right now cut two great heads of hair into flattops? Are you willing to cut your long curls off and get a flattop too? Maybe you’re the one who is really just all talk and no action? I bet there’s no way you would ever get a flattop! You like that hair you have way too much to ever cut it off!"

"It’s all up to you. You have the final say," Grady said. "Are all three of us going to lose our beautiful hair and get flattops or are we going to just leave things the way they are now? You can give Mike his regular haircut and we’ll all just forget this conversation ever happened, if that’s what you decide you want to do."

Grady breathed a sigh of relief to himself, thinking he had found a way out of his dilemma, and the hair he loved so much was now safe from Joe’s clippers. He was no fool, though. He knew Joe would just love to buzz him down, just as much as he would love to do the same thing to Joe. He felt fairly confident Joe wouldn’t cut his long hair though, fearing his neck would attract more attention.

"You’re wrong, Dad! I’m totally pumped to give you both flattops! It’ll be worth it to cut my hair, if you guys do too! I’d love to see most of that hair you’re both so in love with come off! We’ll all have a great time watching each other get his hair cut into a flattop!"

"I’m actually excited about getting a flattop," Joe said. "I’ve been thinking it’s time to change the way my hair looks, and what better incentive will I ever get than this? I say let’s all agree to do it and just go for it!"

Before Joe could continue, however, I spoke up and said, "Hold on a minute! What’s in this for me? Grady gets to give Joe a flattop, which he’ll love doing. Joe gets to give both Grady and me flattops which he has already said he would love to do more than anything. All I get is a haircut."

"I think I deserve to have a little fun here too, especially since this whole idea started with you both wanting me to get a flattop."

"I think the thought of getting a flattop is exciting for both of you. I bet just about every guy, at one time, has thought about getting a flattop. It’s such a distinctive looking haircut and can really look awesome, but most guys are afraid they’ll regret doing it."

"You both just need a little encouragement to get one, just like I did. You both had no problem encouraging me to get one! You both said that it was time for a big change! We’ve all worn our hair the same way forever, so let's either all three of us go ahead and do it, or none of us do it!" I said.

"Seeing that I don’t get to do any cutting, I think I should at least one time get to brush your hair. I know I would like to do that," I said. "That wouldn’t bother either of you would it, if I brushed your hair?" Both guys said they would be fine with that and agreed it was only fair I got to have some fun too.

Not bragging, but all three of us really did have nice hair. I doubt any of us would have considered getting a flattop on our own. The thought of us all doing it together made the idea seem less frightening and started us thinking maybe we really should change the way our hair had looked for so long.

We were definitely caught up in the moment and were thinking about how different we would all look if went ahead and got flattops. We were so pumped up, trying to encourage each other to go for the big change and became even more excited realizing we were seriously thinking about doing it!

The idea of getting a flattop no longer made us nervous or afraid. Now, the feeling was just the opposite. We were excited thinking we might all get our very first flattop! We were eager to see how we would look after having had long hair for such a long time!

"You know," Grady said, "If we do this and get flattops, both Joe and I are going to lose at least three or more inches of hair, so I don’t see why we can’t let Mike play barber a little and cut off a couple inches. It really wouldn’t do any harm, and would still leave plenty to cut into a flattop. I bet you’d like getting to cut my hair, wouldn’t you, Mike?"

"Joe, you’d go along with that, wouldn’t you? I think Mike would love to cut both our hair. It’s certainly no secret how fond we all are of our hair. So Mike, would you like to get to play barber? Have you ever cut anyone’s hair before?" Grady asked.

I couldn’t believe what Grady was saying to me! I had never cut anyone’s hair before but had certainly wished that I had. Getting to cut both these guys hair was beyond my wildest imagination.

"If we’re going to go ahead and do this, we have to take pictures before and after the haircuts. It will be great to compare how different we look," Grady said.

Joe jumped in, "Why settle for only pictures, when I can set up the video camera and tape the whole thing? I know I’d love watching it over and over again!" We all agreed that was a great idea, but had to promise we would never show the tape to anyone. This was to be just between the three of us.

"Okay, since Mike is already in the chair, he’ll be the first one to get his flattop," Joe said. "Dad, would you like to cut off the bulk that needs to be removed before I start cutting his hair into a flattop? Let’s go ahead and do this one together!"

Grady’s face lit up and said, "Thanks, Joe. That would be great! I’ve always wanted to cut Mike’s long hair down short and then I’ll have fun watching you give him a flattop. So enough talk, let’s get started and do this!"

"Are you ready, Mike? Once we start, there is no turning back for any of us. The first thing I want to do is comb your hair into a 50’s style pompadour. I’d like to see your hair all slicked up and combed back with the top as high as I can get it to stand. I bet if you had been around when the pompadour was popular, you would have had one of the best."

Grady wet my hair and then gave me a great head massage. He vigorously ran his hands over and over through my hair. He then combed it all up and back into a great looking pompadour. Actually, I wish I could have worn it that way now, but it would definitely attract way too much attention.

"You really do have great hair," Grady said. "I’ve always enjoyed getting to cut it and this is going to be the most fun ever! It’s going to stand up really well, which is what a guy needs to have in order to wear a good looking flattop. I can’t wait to see how you are going to look when Joe is finished!"

I thought he would probably then dry my hair, but instead, picked up his clippers and turned them on. Just the sound of them near my head got me charged up. He started in back and began to taper the sides and back, almost to the top of my ears. He then left the remainder slightly longer for Joe to cut into the flattop.

He took his scissors and started taking down the top of the pompadour which still remained. Starting at the front, he took off almost three inches all the way to the back. I can’t remember having that much hair ever cut off at one time and I felt like I was in a trance while watching him do it. This was really a rush and I couldn’t quite believe what I was actually doing, but with Joe and Grady both cutting their hair too, it made it seem easier for me to do.

After Grady finished cutting off the bulk of my hair, Joe stepped up for his turn. He put the #2 guard on his clippers and ran them up the back and sides which Grady had already cut. As he reached the top of my ear, he took his wide tooth comb and ran it up along the sides and back and cut off any hair that stood out beyond the comb. I could see my hair really did stand up well and was looking square all the way up the sides and back. I had never had my hair cut like this before and I was amazed at how it looked.

I could see Joe was leaving it long enough on the sides so no skin would be showing, which I think was what I had always feared would happen if I did ask for a flattop, but knew I didn’t have to worry about that with Joe cutting it.

He brushed the top straight back and then took it down flat. This was when I could see how short my hair was really going to end up being. It all looked so perfectly flat that I couldn’t quit looking myself. I couldn’t believe how different I looked!

He left the front just a little longer so it would brush just slightly back. After he finished, he placed his comb on top of my head to show me how perfectly level my hair was. My hair was so thick it supported the weight of the comb and never even moved. I could not have been more pleased with how the haircut had turned out. Why had I always been so afraid of cutting my hair short? I thought it looked great!

Then Joe sat in the chair and I caped him up. I lightly wet his hair and took a comb and parted his hair on both sides, combing his hair on top all towards the center of his head. I then made a part slightly in front of his crown, connecting it to the side parts and combed all that hair forward. He had so much hair piled on top of his head! I brushed his curls all towards the back, knowing this area was reserved for Grady.

Grady looked at what I had done, and said, "Perfect! Now go ahead and take about two inches off everywhere but the back. That will leave me plenty of hair to cut his flattop. I’m sorry you don’t get to cut any of his curls, but I have been wanting to do that myself forever!"

"I have to tell you, Joe," I said as I started cutting his hair, "I’ve been wanting to see you get rid of all this curly hair, too. I have always thought a young guy with really thick hair looks super sharp with a flattop like the one you just gave me. Yours is really going to look terrific too!"

I cut two inches off the sides and then combed the top straight up and starting at the front, cut off even a little more than two inches because his hair was so long. When I finished cutting all the way to the back, making certain it had all fallen into his lap, I could see Joe was also feeling a little charged up by the huge pile of hair he had in his lap!

Joe’s hair had such sheen to it and was so soft and silky. When I had finished, he had about three inches of hair on top and two inches on the sides still remaining, and of course, he still had all his long curls in the back.

You could see Grady couldn’t wait to start cutting Joe’s hair. "I’m in total agreement with Mike," he said. "You’re going to look so much better without all these fake curls. I have wanted to buzz them off since the first time you ever got them."

"Really, the main reason I told Mike I would get a flattop when he dared me to get one, was to see if I could get you to go ahead and get one too! I never really thought you would do it! It is going to be worth getting my hair cut short to see you get a manly looking haircut, instead of this mess of pretty boy hair you have. You are going to look so much better without all these curls!" he said as he proceeded to run his fingers through them one last time.

Grady took the clippers and quickly buzzed off the sides, letting it be slightly longer as he approached the top. Instead of then cutting the back, he cut off the remainder of the top and then squared the sides and top together, leaving only the back to be cut. Grady had cut off more than another three inches of auburn locks and was making certain they had fallen to the cape as well. It really was great seeing all that hair come off. Losing all his long hair didn’t seem to be bothering Joe at all!

As Grady put a shorter guard on his clippers, he said to Joe, "I really wanted to save the back for last because this is going to be the most fun to do. Say goodbye to those curls of yours, Joe, because here they go!" as he ran the clippers almost all the way to the crown! He then blended the newly shorn back into the top and sides. By the huge smile on his face you could see how much he was enjoying doing this. When he finished, Joe also had a great looking flattop and was really excited about how it had turned out.

Joe’s hair looked really hot! He didn’t worry at all about his neck looking too thin. He loved the flattop and knew he looked a lot better without his long hair. He also knew that the curls would never return again.

It was now Grady’s turn in the chair. This was the haircut I was really charged up to see, especially since I was getting to cut his hair. Grady knew me well. I had fantasized many times about how I wished I could cut his hair, but never imagined I would ever get to do it!

Grady may have been the oldest, but he probably had the best hair of the three of us. I always thought it was really sexy when he ran his hands through the top of his hair, and with it being so thick, made it stand up even higher. Nothing to me is hotter than really thick hair and Grady definitely had one of the best!

I took my time brushing his hair because it was just so wonderful to do. "I really can’t believe you are going through with this. You’re getting more hair cut off than I think I have ever had. I bet at least four inches will come off before Joe even starts your flattop. I hope you end up liking it as much as we both like ours," I said.

"I honestly don’t know what came over me when I told Joe to give you a flattop," Grady said. "I was just joking around with you like I always like to do, and certainly didn’t think about it resulting in all of us getting haircuts."

"I guess I’ve wanted to cut my hair short for a long time too. I really have worn it the way it looks now for way too long. All three of us have good hair and we should be changing how we get it cut all the time."

"More than anything though, this turned out to be just too good an opportunity to finally get rid of Joe’s curls! He looks so sharp with that flattop! I hope he’ll keep it like that for awhile."

"I can’t believe I’m getting to cut your hair!" I said to Grady. "I’ve always been so envious of how great your hair has always looked." Before I realized what I was doing, I was running my hands through his glorious mane over and over again, seeing how it would look swept to one side and then the other. I found it very sensual running my hands through his hair over and over again. I think Grady was enjoying it as much as I was. It really was such beautiful hair and just thinking that it would soon be coming off, was way beyond belief!

I then did basically the same thing to Grady’s hair that he had done to mine. I wet it and brushed the sides all back and combed the top up and made it stand up as tall as I could. His hair on the sides and back were a little too long for him to have a good looking pompadour, but man, the top looked incredible because it was so long and thick. I took the scissors and combed his forelock straight up and cut off even more than two inches of his gorgeous locks and watched them fall to the cape! He still had probably four inches remaining and didn’t seem to mind at all that I had cut off more than we had agreed upon.

To my surprise he said, "If you want, go ahead and cut another inch off. I’m certainly going to get at least two or three more inches taken off before Joe gives me a flattop. I can see how much you are liking cutting my hair, and to be honest, I’m enjoying watching you do it. I’ve never had anyone, other than a barber, cut my hair before. Not worrying how it will look actually is making it fun to watch."

I continued cutting from the front to the back, lifting up a section of his beautiful tresses, cutting them off, and letting them fall to the cape. I then did the same to the sides and the back. I couldn’t believe how much hair there was in his lap and Joe was going to be taking off a whole lot more than I had.

When I finished, Grady still had a very full head of hair. It was now Joe’s turn to deliver the big cut. "Dad, as much as you hated my curls, I can’t tell you how much I have wanted to give you a shorter haircut, but I never thought you would ever go this short! I always enjoy cutting your hair because it is so great. I can’t believe you are letting me do this! It really is going to end up looking awesome! You are going to look so different!"

Joe cut Grady's hair the same way that he and I had both had ours cut. He took down the sides and back, making them look completely square as they reached the top. The best part however was watching him comb the top of Grady's hair and then cutting it down short! So much more beautiful hair fell to his lap! It was astounding!

Joe finished the haircut and Grady said he loved his new look just as much as Joe and I loved ours. We were amazed that on the spur of the moment we had done something so dramatic to our appearance and fortunately, we were all thrilled with how great it had turned out!

After we finished the haircuts, we swept all the hair up into one huge pile. It was hard to believe that much hair had come off just the three of us. Grady remarked that at the end of a normal day, there rarely was ever that much hair on the floor, no matter how many haircuts they had cut.

If you are really into great hair, you would have loved seeing all the different lengths and colors of our hair mixed together. The final scene of the video was the three of us, arm in arm, standing around the huge pile of hair we had just cut off! We couldn’t wait to watch the video!

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