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Hair wash at barbershop by Head wash

I walked into the barber shop this morning while two other other gentlemen were getting their hair cut. The barber looked to be in his sixties. He told me, " please take a seat" so I did as I was told. He called for the next customer.

I stood up and walked over to the chair and took my hat off. He asked what kind of hair cut I wanted and I said, " a crew cut please". He told me, " that’s fine but I’ll need to shampoo your hair first" and I said "ok". He leaned my head forward over the sink and wet my hair. He then sat me back up and pumped a several squirts of shampoo straight into my hair. His firm hands made me relax after a long night at work. He spent the next several minutes washing my hair. Finally, he told me, " please lean your head over the sink". The warm water running over my head felt great!

The barber sat me back up and proceeded to cut my hair. When he finished, he then shaved behind my ears and neck. I started to pull out my wallet to pay him until he brought over a stool. He placed the stool in front of the sink and asked me to sit on it. He leaned my forward once again over the sink and wet and my hair. As I was leaning over the sink he poured a good amount of shampoo on the back of my head and shampooed it once again. He then rinsed my hair and I returned to the barber chair. He dried my hair and I payed him. I walked out feeling great about my next return to the barbershop!

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