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Raju's Barbershop........ by Adam Joan

I'm Adam , sharing my Headshave Incident.
Me and my father get haircut every 2 months , we have a permanent hair stylist
named Raju. I hate haircut from him ,but due to my father's order i get haircut from him. THE STORY BEGINS............

One day morning my father told me " Go and get your haircut , i will do my haircut in the evening after work " "Ok dad" i replied. He gave the money and went.

After having my breakfast i went to the barbershop. I went to another shop not Rajus and get haircut like my wish pay the money and went home.

In the evening my father returns home after work , while coming he went to Raju's shop and get his haircut and ask whether I came there for Haircut and Raju replied. "No he didn't came".

My father came home call me , by looking my hairstyle and ask " What type of Haircut is this....? I didn't like this and why did you went to another shop without going to Raju's shop and without my permission." I didn't Answered.

"Answer me " he shouted and asked.
*YOU SHOULD BE PUNISHED* get ready and come with me. I get ready and went with him. We went to Raju's shop.

We get inside the shop , there is no other customers.
My father said Raju " He went to another shop and get haircut like his choice without my permission. Morning i asked to get haircut from you but he didn't obey,
so he should be punished .
Shave his head fully and make him bald,then only he will taught a lesson.
Is it clear Raju." "Yes,i will do like your wish " He replied. "I will be back soon" my father went out.

Raju by pointing to the chair in front said "Remove your shirt and Sit down". I removed the shirt,went and sat. He without caping me took the comb and started combing my hair and asked " what type of Haircut is this " i didn't replied and feel sad. He put down the comb and took the clipper's from the drawer and started his work , he came front and shave my hair from top to bottom. He shaved sides and back and make me bald. He put the clippers down and came to my back side touching my head and massage ,i feel sleepy he again took the clipper's and changed the blade shaved my head to scalp and shaved my nape. He took the pack of cream applied on my head and shaved.

By this time my father returned, Raju asked him " Is this enough sir...?"
"Perfect haircut, you do like my wish."
He removed the hair from the body and ordered me to stood up and asked to put my shirt I put my shirt and went to beside my father. Raju came to us after cleaning his shop came to us. "Okay Raju let us leave , and we will return after one week for re shave his head ". My father said.
"Okay sir , you are always welcome and at that time , i will trim his Beard properly
now I have no time , it's late i want to close my shop and want to went to home , i about to rain." He replied.

My father pay the money and said " my son will now onwards get a haircut from you and you have to choose his haircut."
"Ok sir " he replied .
We pay and went back home .

After one week went to shop for re shave

No also i am getting haircut from Raju and
happy with my haircut. I hope you like the story.

The End................


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