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An ordinary boy's hairstyle. by Domko

Sorry for my weak English, it's not my native language.
It was modern to have long hair when I was growing up. My name is Michael and I only lived with my mother. When I was little, my mother sometimes cut my hair when I started school, so I was with a modern barber for the first time. I always got the same hairstyle. As I came out of the barber, my hair covered my ears and touched the collar of my shirt.
As I was growing up, I refused to go to the barber with my mother and I started going to him alone when my mother told me to get a haircut. I did what she wanted. The barber asked me, Michael want your ordinary hairstyle, I nodded and he gave me my traditional hairstyle.
I was 14 years old and my hair grew more than usual. My mother told me that I would go to the barber later, before the family celebration, my grandfather.
On Thursday evening, my mother told me to get a haircut the next day, because on Saturday morning we are going to a family celebration.
After school I went to my barber, but the door was closed and behind the window hung the inscription: Closed due to illness.
I knew I had to get a haircut. If I came home, my mother would take me to another barber, and it was very humiliating for his mother to go to the barber with a big boy like me. On the way home, I noticed a small barber shop. I went inside. The barber was an old slender gentleman in a white cloak who was making a haircut for another old man. There were 3 old men and a mother with two boys, who were about 6 and 9 years old, on the waiting chairs. The gentlemen who were cut by the barber always thanked him for his great work. When it was the boys' turn, the barber took a large wooden chair, and her mother sat a younger boy on top of her, sitting with her back to the mirror. Then she said something to the barber, who wrapped the boy in a sheet and began to cut him. When he was done with the younger boy, he showed the older one to sit in his chair. He pumped his chair with his foot lever, which gradually rose. Then he turned his chair to look at the waiting chairs, not the mirror. His mother told him to give him the same haircut as the younger boy. The barber cut the boy, freed him from the sail, and lowered his chair to its original height. The boy joined his mother and younger brother. Both boys got very short hairstyles. The mother paid the barber for her sons' hairstyles and thanked the barber for a great job.
That's when I realized that the other customer was me. To the barber's sentence: Next, please, I realized it's me. I got up and sat down in a chair that was still with my back to the mirror, and I looked at the waiting chairs. That's when I realized I didn't know the hairstyles, and I couldn't answer the barber's question: How do I cut you, boy? I thought for a moment how to tell him I wanted to cut it short. But the barber helped me and asked if I wanted the boy's Ordinary Hairstyle. It sounded similar to my barber, so I said, Yes, sir. The barber wrapped me in a tarp and began combing my hair. I was still waiting for him to turn his chair so I could see myself in the mirror. The barber lifted my hair with a comb and then walked over it with an electric trimmer, and about 3 inches long hair began to fall on the sheet and the ground. I didn't see what hair was left on my head but I was sure that my hairstyle was shorter than usual. When the barber had finished cutting, he placed the comb in his coat pocket. I expected him to free me from my cloak, but he leaned my head forward until I touched my chest with my chin. He placed a cold metal blade of electric scissors on his neck. I could feel my hair cutting on my back. It had to be close to the scalp. 3-4 inch hair fell on the tarpaulin. The barber gradually tilted my head to my side and I could feel the metal teeth on my cheekbone again as they rose along the temples of my head. The barber shaved my ear and crossed the scissors. I realized that I had never been cut with electric scissors. The barber cut off the scissors, I felt the fingers of his hand on the top of my head and he chased my unnecessary hair. The barber tilted my head forward again. He put a comb on the back of his head close to my scalp and scissors followed his teeth. He did the same on the sides of his head high above his ears. When the barber released my sail, I wanted to jump out of the chair but he told me I wasn't done yet. He brushed the sail off my hair and fastened it around my neck again. He tilted my head forward, painted my back and warm water over my ears, and applied foam. I saw a large pile of my hair on the ground and the barber climbed insensitively after it. The barber picked up a belt that was attached to the side of the chair and began to work on it with a tool. He grabbed my head and carefully scraped the foam from my head. He made the last adjustments. I was finally stripped of my sail and could jump out of my chair. I was looking in the mirror. Out of decency, I thanked the barber for a great job and I paid. Before leaving, the barber told me: Come as soon as you can, boy, don't let it grow that long.
Before the barber shop I felt cold on my head and ears, then I put my hands on my neck, but instead of my hair I felt smooth skin. I ran home with tears in my eyes.
I headed for the mirror at home. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had the same short haircut as the two little boys in the barber shop. I had white skin over my ears over my ears and about 1 and 1/2 inches long pre-combed hair with a high cut fringe on the top of my head. Using another mirror, I checked my neck and the back of my head. From the collar of my shirt, I had 2a 1/2 inches of bare skin and then gradually short hair as a transition to the top of the head.
My mother was surprised with my short haircut, but then praised me for making her happy. My cousins had a big show with my hairstyle and they started laughing at me. Only my grandfather praised my hairstyle and I was to be an example to his other grandchildren. As a reward, I received a financial gift from him. He said: Michael gave him the biggest gift with his hairstyle.

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