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A Dom for a Boyfriend by Ampersand

A Dom for a Roomie pt 2

Although Marco had fallen asleep in Danny’s bed, he awoke on Monday morning in his own, neatly tucked in. The events of the day before could have been a dream if not for the unmistakeable feeling of his cotton pillowcase against his bare scalp. Marco took a moment to savour the feeling, rubbing his head left and right across his pillow, loving the sensation of cool fabric against his bald head. Danny, who was already awake and fully dressed, looked over at him and smiled.

Both the boys had early classes, so they didn’t have time to discuss what happened the night before in detail, instead they had to quickly shower and dress to get ready for the day. Despite having no hair to wash, Marco took a little longer than average in the shower, as he spent a good portion of it rubbing his wet scalp, feeling the almost frictionless surface and feeling flustered. Eventually he managed to overcome his desire to masturbate to completion right there and hop out of the shower.

Marco’s class was a little earlier, so he had to leave first. He found himself pulling the hood of his hoodie up as he left the room, to hide his shaved head. Before he could close the door however, Danny stopped him and slid the hood back down. "No no," he said, "everyone gets to see my boy’s cute new haircut." And with that he gently patted Marco’s head, while Marco’s cheeks flushed red. Marco just about managed to squeak out an okay before heading off to his first class of the day.

No one said anything to Marco about the shaved head. He mostly kept to himself, and it was freshman year of college, so it wasn’t unheard of for people to make drastic changes early on in the year when no one knew them. He did get a couple of stares; it was hard not to at least glance at the timid boy’s hairline, still clearly visible in the difference between the slight tan on his face and the pale skin that had never seen sunlight until today. Harder still not to stare when Marco kept drawing attention to it. He tried hard not to, to just concentrate on the lecture about the novel they were reading for this literature class, but his thoughts kept drifting to Danny, his hot roommate. Danny’s hands on his body, on his scalp. While taking notes with his left hand, Marco’s right hand absentmindedly touched his nape, just below the occipital bone where there’s a patch of softer, thicker skin. He looked down at the page and realized that he’d stopped writing mid-word and had completely forgotten what it was he had intended to write.

The rest of the day’s classes went similarly. Marco found it hard to concentrate because of his constant fantasies. Harder still because he noticed a curious development. By the afternoon, he could feel definite growth. No longer was his scalp totally smooth in all directions; when he rubbed it with the grain it still felt bald, but against the grain there was a scratchy feeling. Marco had to excuse himself from a history class to go to the bathroom to see what it looked like as he just couldn’t believe his hair was growing back already.

Marco decided he didn’t like it. He was only just getting used to his shaved head, and his hair had started growing back already. Throughout the rest of the week it showed no sign of slowing down. On Tuesday, his t-shirt didn’t slide smoothly over his head like it had the day before, it got caught on the velcro-like rough stubble growing in. But by Wednesday his hair was already too long for the same effect again. Danny barely said anything about it at all, he just watched and smiled at Marco struggling to get to grips with things.

By Friday evening, Marco’s hair had grown to almost 1/8 of an inch, the same length as the shorter part of Danny’s buzzcut. The boy had had floppy face-covering hair for years, and yet now he was faced with just a week of growth and he felt like it was driving him crazy. Danny wasn’t around, and hadn’t said anything all week about shaving him again, or even what had happened on Sunday at all. Marco’s thoughts drifted back, him kneeling on the floor, having his hair stripped off to be thrown into the garbage. The taste of Danny’s cock in his mouth while his hands rubbed his head. Surely Danny had wanted it too? Still wanted it? Then why would he not just take control again like he had last time? Marco masturbated furiously to the memory, and to the hope that it would be repeated. Danny didn’t show up until Marco was fast asleep that night, and left again early in the morning. Alone at the weekend, Marco had half a mind to grab Danny’s clippers and shave his head then. He wanted to be bald again so badly. But he didn’t just want to be bald. He wanted to be shaved by the hottest boy he had ever met. So he resisted the urge, rubbing the scruffy short buzzcut he now sported and so desperately wanted to get rid of. He would wait until tomorrow.

After hours of excrutiating waiting, pretending to work on a homework assignment, it was finally Sunday afternoon when Danny spontaneously pulled off his shirt and said "Haircut time." Marco’s heart fluttered with anticipation. But first, Danny needed his cut. "You wanna cut it again Marco?"

"Yeah." Marco said, trying not to sound as excited as he was. Danny handed him the clippers with the right guard, and Marco got to work buzzing a week’s worth of growth from the dark fuzz on Danny’s head. He stripped it back first on top, changed guards and blended as best he could down to a #1 at the sides. The same length as his own hair currently was. He smiled as he ran a palm around Danny’s head, checking for any strays that managed to escape the clippers. He had thought Danny’s hair was extremely short but here he was wishing his own was not just shorter, but gone entirely.

Marco handed the clippers back to Danny, and slipped off his own shirt, before noticing that Danny was packing the clippers away. "What about me?" Asked Marco. Danny turned and saw him shirtless, ready for his own haircut.

"Oh s**t, are you serious?" Marco nodded. "I sort of thought I’d pushed too hard. That you’d ask if you wanted more. I mean who lets a shaved head grow out this much if they plan on keeping it?" He roughly rubbed Marco’s fuzz to punctuate the sentence.

"I was waiting for you to take control again. I was hoping we were — could be. Y’know." Marco paused. "Boyfriends."

Danny stood in silence for a moment. "I’m such a f***ing idiot. I felt so guilty aboty what I did, I was avoiding you." He said. "You want this? You really want to be my boyfriend? My little shaved sub?" Marco nodded meekly.

"More than anything."

"In that case, get the rest of those clothes off. I don’t want any of my boy hidden any time I’m in this room, do you understand?" Marco answered by stripping off his pants, hesitating at his boxers before pulling them off too, standing naked in front of his roommate. "Good boy. Now kneel down for me." Marco knelt in front of Danny’s bed, which Danny sat on, his legs around Marco’s neck, the boy’s face right up against Danny’s crotch.

A snap and a hum. Marco felt the metal blades vibrating against his cheek, slowly moving up into his sideburn and clipping a week’s growth back down to almost nothing. Marco had been just a little concerned that he wouldn’t enjoy it as much this time with so much less hair to lose. He needn’t have worried, as Danny stripped fuzz away from the side of his head, leaving only stubble, Marco got hard. And he wasn’t the only one, judging from the bulge forming in Danny’s pants inches away from his face. Danny finished clipping the sides and back, tiny hairs raining down. He put a hand on Marco’s crown and tilted his head up so their eyes met. Then he gently pushed te clippers back into the top of Marco’s hair shearing him down to almost skin. More tiny shards of hair fell, and Danny ran a finger across each clipped patch as he went, sending shivers down Marco’s spine. Soon he was done, running the clippers quickly all over to catch any missed spots, then he released Marco from his grip.

"Stand up, and feel your hair." Marco did as he was told, running both hands over the dusting of stubble on his head. "Now what should we do with this?"

"Shave it please." Marco said quietly.

"Didn’t quite catch that, what do you want?"

"I want you to shave my head."

"You wanna be my little shaved sub? Say it."

"God yes, I want to be your little shaved sub. Please."

"Good boy." Purred Danny, flipping the clippers on. He lifted up one of Marco’s arms and buzzed away the little tangle of hair in his armpit, quickly followed by the other. Methodically, Danny took Marco’s erect penis in one hand as a handle, and buzzed away his pubic hair. Still holding his cock, Danny led Marco over to the sink, in front of the mirror.

"Take one last look at yourself with any hair." Said Danny, standing behind the slightly shorter boy. He kissed the top of Marco’s head, then spread hot water followed by shaving foam. Again starting in front of one ear, Danny pulled the skin taut and dragged a razor up into the foam. He could feel Marco squirm at the rasping sound as the first strip of stubble was turned into smooth skin. The only thing showing that Marco had ever had hair there was a faint gray shadow, and with time that would fade. Danny’s cock pressed up against Marco’s back at the thought. He drew the razor up the side of Marco’s head again, clearing another path, slowly uncovering the smooth scalp they had both enjoyed so much last time.

Danny continued to work his way around Marco’s head, leaving perfect pale skin where there had been rough scratchy stubble. When he had shaved the back of Marco’s head, Danny couldn’t resist licking the boy’s nape. Marco moaned with delight, having never felt anything like his boyfriend’s warm tongue on his freshly shaved head. Very soon, Marco was bald again, and Danny was wiping away the last streaks of shaving cream with a washcloth and rubbing a moisturizer into his boyfriend’s virgin scalp.

"There’s one last thing I want you to do." Said Danny, stepping back just a little, and putting the clippers into Marco’s hand. "There’s just a tiny bit of hair left, and my boys are not allowed hair. Show me you want this. To be mine." Marco caught Danny’s eye in the mirror, Danny merely raised his eyebrows. Marco knew what he had to do. He raised the buzzing clipper to his right eyebrow. His breathing was shallow and fast. His heart beat rapidly in his chest. Was he really going to do this? Nervousness. Excitement. He had paused for so long, he thought, when deep down he knew that it was inevitable. And with that, he pushed the clipper into his brow, buzzing it to nothing. And then the other. "Good boy." Said Danny, and Marco came right there. Danny had to guide him through the process of lathering up each brow and running the razor over it to make it nice and clear.

Marco stared at his reflection. A bald, browless boy. He looked strange, but good. He smiled. Danny kissed the top of his head, and grabbed his dick, ready to take him to bed. A bald, browless boy with a perfect dom for a boyfriend.

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