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An ordinary boy's hairstyle. Part: 2 by Domko

Sorry for my weak English, it's not my native language.
It was modern to have long hair when I was growing up. My name is Michael and I only lived with my mother.
Some time has passed since my unwanted short haircut, which my grandfather liked the most, and my hair was about 2 inches longer.
On Friday, when I came home from school, my grandfather was with us. He told me that his barber was very old and retired. He wanted me to go with him to the barber where I got my last haircut, because he thinks he's a great barber.
I went with my grandfather to the barber. We talked along the way, my grandfather told me various stories and we laughed. After entering the barber shop, Grandpa met the barber, and we sat down on waiting chairs until the grandfather invited the barber to sit on his barber chair.
When his grandfather was cut, he could not praise the art of barbering. I got up from the waiting chair and with that, my grandfather will pay and we will leave the barber shop. Well, Grandpa called: Michael, come and sit in this chair now. I wanted to protest first, but I saw Grandpa's stern look, so I reluctantly replaced him. The barber turned his chair away from the mirror and I looked at the waiting chairs. The barber told his grandfather that the boys, when they had the opportunity to look in the mirror while cutting, were restless and shook their heads as if they wanted to avoid cutting. When he wrapped me in a tarp, he told me: When I cut your hair last time, I told you not to let your hair grow for so long. Grandpa turned to me with a question: is that true Michael? Yes, Grandpa, my answer was. Michael, I'm going to have to punish you for not listening to the barber. I expected to get on my ass when we get home. The barber had already put my head in a forward bend and started chasing my hair from my neck towards the top. When he tilted my head to my side and began to cut my hair from the cheekbone to the top of my head, then he bent my ear, scissors above my ear. I had my eyes narrowed and imagined what he was doing and what it would look like. At that, Grandpa called. Since Michael didn't listen to you, make a bigger arc over his ear. The barber did as his grandfather said and asked him if he cut the back of his head higher. Grandpa said yes. With all this, my throat went dry, and if I hadn't been ashamed to cry in a barber shop at the age of 14, I would definitely have done so. The barber began to cut the hair on the top of his head and my grandfather asked him again to cut it more for me. The barber asked my grandfather if I should cut it to 1 inch or 3/8 inch? Grandpa replied that 3/8 inch would definitely land more on me.
The barber cut and then shaved my head. The grandfather asked if it was okay, and he nodded that he was satisfied. When the barber finished his hair, he turned his chair toward the mirror and I had the opportunity to see myself in the mirror. The barber took a small mirror and stood behind me so I could see my back and hips. I had a white arch over 2 inches above my ear and the skin was whitening to about 3 and 1/2 inches from the collar. I actually had about 3/8 inch long hair on the top of my head. I'd rather start screaming and swearing, but I know it would be even worse so I thanked the barber for a great job. When Grandpa paid the barber for our hairstyles, he asked him: Will you become my new and new barber? The barber smiled and said it would be his pleasure. Then Grandpa announced to the barber: Michael will sit in this chair every 3-4 weeks. My legs shook at the thought of what awaited me. But my destiny was sealed.

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