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David's precious hair (Part 1) by longhaircutter

David grew up in a conservative family and his parents made him cut his hair very short most of his life.

When he got older in his 20s, David was finally old enough to live alone and make his own choices and have his own rules... He decided that it was finally time that he could grow out his hair. Since it was something that he wanted to do for such a long time, he decided to let his hair grow longer and longer until it reached down to his chest.

His hair looked so gorgeous when it was all grown out, it was jet black, wonderfully thick, wavy and had a lot of volume!! David looked at himself in the mirror and said "HELL YEAH, No one in this world has hair more beautiful than mine!" He has said that and he brushed his hair to make it look silky and smooth!

David was SO proud and cocky about his long beautiful hair that he decided to open an instagram account so he could show it off! He posted photos of him laying on a bed with his glorious hair all spread across the pillow… he would post videos of him untying his hair and have the gorgeous hair fall on his back like a waterfall! Every single post was about him and his gorgeous hair! People commented "YAASS HAIR GOALS" "Never cut your long hair" "Your hair is so beautiful and so looong! I wish I had it!" "Your hair is SO sexy". All that attention obviously made David super happy! His lengthy locks were his source of confidence! "I feel like a greek god…. I am like a lion….. I am like a wild stallion!!" those were phrases that he would say to himself while looking in the mirror and seeing those gorgeous long dark locks!!!

The thing that scared David the most was if someone ever chopped off his precious hair against his will… just the thought of that send shivers down his spine… David tried to ignore those thoughts and he hugged his long locks to make himself feel secure! "I will never let anyone ever harm you my babies" he said that to his hair. He frequently spoke to his hair as if it was a real person. That’s how much he loved those uncut locks.

The next day he woke up and went to look at himself in the bathroom. Everytime he woke up and saw those gorgeous wavy locks he felt so happy. "Man my hair is so beautiful and it grows longer so fast it seems!"…. He took out his phone and snapped a photo of him with his long hair flowing down his shoulders and he uploaded it on instagram with the usual hashtags #menwithlonghair #guyswithlonghair #longhairdontcare #malelonghair .

After posting it online as it was usual, the instagram post got millions of likes, comments and attention! David loved the praise his lengthy hair got on social media so much! David flipped his hair and said "With those luscious locks, I feel like I am the most gorgeous man in the world! I will never let anyone cut it off not even one strand of those long locks!! I want to keep this hair forever and be a long haired king!".

That day he got a private message from a company who asked him to be in a commercial for a shampoo.. specifically designed for men with long hair. David got so flattered that he immediately said that he was interested. "Me and my hair will be famous" he thought to himself. David went to the company’s website…. It was blank and it said "under construction"…. He didn’t think much of it… "it must just be a new company" he said.

The company gave David an address to meet him so they could shoot the commercial showcasing his long hair.
David was excited!! The date of the shooting of the commercial was next week so he decided to get to work and try to make his hair even more impressive!! He washed it, he conditioned it and he brushed it and combed it to perfection! "God, my hair is soooo stunning, no wonder they want me to be in a hair commercial… god I am so sexy" he said. "I will never let ANYONE cut this hair… not even half an inch, my hair is so gorgeous, it deserves to remain long and luscious forever!!"

The day of his commercial shoot finally arrived! David got up, put on his best clothes and brushed his looong hair and told them "good luck to you today guys, I love you so much!".
Finally he arrived at the place that they told him to go to. A kind lady approached him. "Hello David, we are so lucky that you agreed to work on this commercial with us, your hair looks extra beautiful today!!" "Thank you I tried to make it look its best today for the commercial!" said David.

"Yes I can see that" said the kind lady and "come I want you to sit here! Our group of experts will work a bit more on that hair of your’s to make it look extra shiny". David complied and went and sat on the chair they had there for him.

Two men later came there and started brushing the long uncut hair and they started putting fancy products to make it look better! "Your hair is so stunning and long, it must have taken a long time to grow it out, right?" "Yes, it did! But it was worth it! I am so proud of my locks… having it cut is my biggest nightmare" David said.

After he said that… suddenly the lights in the room got darker… David got friqhtened…. The chair he was sitting on had a mechanism to lock him there so that he couldn’t move! His arms and legs got tied in it! David screamed "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?".

David looked around and the two kind men now had an evil grin on their faces… David was confused "what the hell is going on?" he said. "Welcome to your biggest nightmare David!!" the young men said while they were stroking his long uncut luscious mane….


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