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David's precious hair (Part 2) by longhaircutter

David was shocked that the two men were looking at him like that "What are you gonna do to me… why did you bring me here? This isn’t a place for a shooting for commercial for a shampoo, right?"

The two men turned David’s chair to the other way around to look at the wall behind him! David was shocked… the entire wall was filled with severed long ponytails as if they were trophies or something.

Our job is to trick stupid and overly confident long haired boys to come here. First by promising them that they and their lovely hair will become famous and THEN…. the two men took out of their pockets two sharp scissors and they began to open and close them in the air to intimidate David!!

"No" the men said in a cold tone… you can can only pay us with the satisfaction of taking your source of arrogance away. In fact those scissors here are dying to chop off that long hair of your’s!"

"Please.. I beg of you! My hair means everything to me! Don’t cut my long hair" David said with tears already in his eyes.
The men ignored David’s crying and kept going according to their plan. One of them went and brought a cape to put around David’s neck. David looked so miserable with the cape on. One of the men took a comb and started combing David’s hair… it was truly so gorgeous to look at! When it flowed down… it truly looked like a magnificent lion’s mane… so thick and luscious!!

The man then took an elastic and gathered all of David’s long dark locks and tied it in a ponytail…. David knew what was gonna come so he kept moving trying to get off the chair but his efforts were useless… he was tied very tightly into the chair. While he was moving… the long ponytail was swinging around! Truly a sight to be behond! The tail was so thick and shiny!
The men knew they were gonna chop off his long ponytail but they wanted to do it slowly and painfully… to torture a bit the young lad before destroying his pride and joy!!

They took their scissors and started opening and closing them next to his face just to torture him a little before acting on their evil deed.
David started sobbing thinking these might be his last moments with his luscious long hair… "Not so tough and confident now, huh David? Tell us what will you be posting on instagram now after we take away those pretty locks of your’s??"
"I-I-I…. I don’t know… I don’t know what I’ll do without my long hair"
Hearing David’s words gave big boners to them and their evil grin grew larger!

Okay enough’s enough.. one of the men brought a camera, they wanted to record the destruction of this long haired dude’s beautiful mane.

The other man then held the luscious ponytail on one hand and with the other hand he held those evil scissors!!
David turned his head and saw the scissors…. He almost fainted…. "Please…. don’t cut my hair short" David said again crying.

The man ignored him once more and took his scissors and placed them above the elastic of David’s ponytail!! The man held the scissors above the elastic for 10 seconds without cutting just to make it more painful for poor David. Then he finally started the cutting the lengthy ponytail!! The blades went straight to the base of the ponytail, David’s pride and joy…. SNIP SNIP SNIIIP SNIIIPP SNIPP the sound of the cutting grew louder and LOUDER and David started crying harder! SNIP SNIP SNIP… that sound tortured David the more he was hearing it. His heart was beating SO FAST!!

With one more click of the scissors… the lovely dark ponytail was finally completely severed!!

"NOOOOOO MY LONG HAIR…. MY PROUD LONG HAIR…. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME????" this must have been the hardest David ever cried in his life… he was completely devastated.

The men held the ponytail up in the air as a trophy!! All those years of hair products and brushing and combing and caring for the hair…. David’s shinning long mane was cut off.

"This tail here will go so nicely on our collection on this wall" The men took the long ponytail placed it up on the wall with the other lovely ponytails they chopped off from other stupid vain long haired dudes.

David said "please let me leave I can’t lose more of my hair now this was already way too much for me…." David’s hair now was an uneven and choppy neck length haircut.

"We are not done with you yet... pretty boy… you are not leaving from here without receiving the haircut you truly deserve!!" the men said with a mean voice.

They took their scissors once more and they started attacking David’s remaining hair… lock by lock! They were cutting it as close to the root as possible!! After a little bit of work… David now was completely deprived of his gorgeous luscious mane! For the first time in years, the lad had truly short hair!!

"No more selfies on instagram with your long locks now huh, pretty boy?" said the men as they laughed at his humiliation and pain.

Having said that, they finally released him to leave. David was so depressed now without his long locks… he could barely walk back home…. "My hair…. My proud long hair" he said again while crying like a baby....


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