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Addicting as Hell (My True Story, pt. 3) by InnocentKink

Over the next six months or so I had become a regular at the Eagle’s Nest Barbershop, getting my flattop cut every few weeks or so. I had become acquainted with most of the barbers, to the point where they knew I was a flattopper, and ask me if I wanted the same short flattop as before, and I would cheerfully say yes! I looked forward to coming back every time to have my hair obliterated to stubble on the back and sides, and just enough on top to sculpt into the signature flat shape I had become proud to wear and maintain.

I was dedicated, this was my style! The top of my head was carved into a perfect boxy square, with a patch of noticeable scalp showing through. The back and sides were mowed down as short as could be. This was one wicked and "addicting as hell" haircut, mimicking my teacher, Frank’s, words and hairstyle! This was as short as could be, and as cool as it gets, or so I thought…

Not everyone was thrilled about my transformation into a flattopper. My mom and sister didn’t understand, they would tease me after I came home from the barbershop and say the top of my head looked like a skunk stripe. I was even heckled by a stranger, saying I looked like Forrest Gump. I didn’t care, because I knew it was cool, loved it so much, and thought I was the coolest guy around for having the guts to get a radically short, and somewhat unusual, haircut that made me happy to see in the mirror.

On this particular trip to the Eagle’s Nest, little did I know that I was in for a treat. After a bit of a wait, I was waved over to one of the gray haired men’s chairs for my routine flattening. After caping me up, he mentioned he’s seen me around the shop, and remarked that the short haircuts I get work for me!

He then turned away to tidy up the station behind him and sweep up some hair. When he returned, he looked at me and asked while chuckling, "You like looking like a Marine, don’t ya?"

The question surprised me because I had been asked so directly, and he looked at me so intently as he asked. I had no idea how to answer; I wanted an ultrasharp flattop, but didn’t really think of myself as the Marine type.

I told him that I liked my flattops as short as they come. He responded by smirking and saying he could certainly do that. I was excited to have my hair returned to the sharp, flat shape its meant to have, and the ample exposed scalp was a nice contrast.

The barber’s clippers clicked on and the familiar and welcome vibration through my skull began as the back and sides of my head were once again being returned to stubble. This time though, the clippers felt much colder. The barber was using a bare blade all across the back and sides of my head!

Next, my barber grabs another device, holds it up in the mirror so I could see it, and says he’s going to finish off the back and sides. It was an electric shaver. A shaver! Before actually using it, he dusted the back and sides of my head with talcum powder. The anticipation was killing me.

This novel device clicks on, and shaves off what little was left on the entire back and sides of my head! He repeatedly scraped around my scalp with the electric rotary shaver, and checked with his hand for any spots with remnants of hair left. The electric shaver brought yet another sensation directly to my skull; it was almost like a massage. The barber's hands felt much more intense than before, I really must have nothing left back there!

While my barber was switching tools, I reached up to feel my head. It was nearly as smooth as a baby’s butt! I couldn’t believe it!

My barber reappeared and began the familiar process of mowing down the bulk of hair on the top of my head, then sculpting the corners of the flattop. He then instructed me to stay still as he prepared to buzz the familiar skunk stripe down the middle of my head. This time, was met with a new shock as I felt the cold bare blade complete multiple passes down the center of my head. He pressed it extra firmly into my scalp as I felt it digging in and rattling my skull in yet another new, intense way!f

Flattops really do get much shorter than what I had before! He held the flattop comb directly on the top of my head as he performed multiple passes over the top, ensuring the top of my head was short and flat. He also did multiple passes over each side of the deck, checking it in the mirror to make sure it was precise. He also did a talcum powder dusting on the top of my head, before vigorously scrubbing my scalp with a boar brush to ensure all hairs stand at attention.

My radical shearing caught the attention of the barber in the next chair over. He remarked "You’re doing a horseshoe?" to which my barber replied, "He likes the Marine cuts." I learned what a horseshoe flattop was from the internet when I first got into flattops. I had seen a few pictures, and it was quite the distinctive haircut.

My barber continued to further refine the corners of my flat, eyeball, and buzz any imperfections freehand with the bare blade clippers. The rotary electric shaver once again appeared in his hand as he made a final inspection of the top of my flat with his hand, making sure to rub the landing strip, which too was a new experience feeling that there couldn’t be much left up there. It was wild! To yet another surprise, he then proceeded to lightly and briefly make a couple passes back and forth through the landing strip with the shaver.

The moment of reckoning had come as he returned my glasses to me, along with a hand mirror to inspect the finished product. My, was it different! The back and sides were reduced to pale, gleaming skin, with not many specs of hair left! The flattop was as tight as could be, rather than the classic boxy look I had grown accustomed to, the top of my head featured a deck that was beveled in close on the sides, almost bending inward to form a purposely narrower, yet still extremely precise flattop.

Then, the barber instructed me to look down to inspect the top. There was quite visibly bare skin all around, and a seriously pronounced landing strip. I reached up to feel it and couldn’t believe how little was left up there. The landing strip, while still integrated into the flattop, featured the newly minted shaved to the skin sensation that the back and sides of my head had in abundance! It was absolutely radical in the best possible way!

I told my barber that it looked really cool, and that I didn’t think it got any shorter than that. To my surprise, he responded that high and tights and total headshaves are about the only haircuts that get shorter. I asked him what a high and tight was, and he told me that the sides would be shaved like what I have now, except the top would not be flat, it would be buzzed down to a uniformly short length, and the shaved part can be taken higher with that cut if I wished!

After I paid and gave my barber a good tip, I asked him if he did many of these short haircuts. He responded "all the time, bald is the style now, us old guys try to keep what little hair we have, while you young guys seem to like it shaved off."

I proudly walked to my car and felt my newly exposed scalp, and looked at myself in the mirror. I remember loving the feel of the pillowcase on my head when going to sleep, and for the first few days, I rubbed my head every chance I got! I loved the look, feel, and experience of going through life with nothing but a horseshoe on my head!

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