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First Headshave Experience in Barbershop by Rohan

First Barbershop Headshave Experience

Hi friends, I will be sharing about my first headshave experience that occurred during my college years, this occured during summer 2019 during my practical exam for MBA.

I was 22 years old that time and had never shaved my head before as I was really shy, I always wanted to do it because I had headshave fetish, so I decided as soon as the practical exam was over I will shave it as I was staying alone in Mumbai for college and there was 1 month gap between practical exam and theory exam hence if I shave my head after practicals my hair will grow upto a decent length and my family won't notice anything once I return to my hometown.

It was Tuesday and my practicals were finished around 3 pm, this was my plan for the evening :
- Get headshave at a crowded barbershop at 7pm
- Visit temple (I went to temple every Tuesday)
- Roam around the market with a shaved head
- have dinner in the hotel

But things did not go according to the plan as one of my classmate came to my room at 6pm and said he wanted to format his laptop I had no choice but to help him as I could not let him know about my headshave plan. His laptop was very old and slow so it took upto 9:15 pm to install all the software in his laptop.

At around 9:20 went home, I locked my door and quickly went to the Hanuman temple as it was about to close. In the temple the priest gave me prasad and applied tika on my forehead (round orange tilak), after that I went to nearest barber.

The barbershop was crowded (exactly how i wanted it to be ) three chairs in the shop were already occupied and one guy came just after i entered and two more guys came after sometime. At around 10pm the haircut of guy sitting middle chair was finished and it was my turn. The barber asked me
"Aapko sirf cutting karani hai ya shaving bhi hai ( do you want only haircut or beard shaving too)"
To that I replied
"Takla karana hai (want the headshave)"
He asked me to sit on the the chair and went to fetch a cape, I saw and observed myself in the mirror my hair was medium length almost touching my nose and tika was still there on my forehead I quickly took a selfie as I was about to be bald in few minutes.
Barber came back with a cape and wrapped it around my neck and started spraying water on my hair.
The barber asked me why I was shaving my head I relied it's due to dandruff (no way I was going to tell him about my fetish), he started massaging my head after around two minutes of massaging he asked me
" Shendi rakhni hai kya (do you want to keep a shika or tuft)"
I replied no as I wanted to be bald completely, then he started changing blade in his ustara(razor).

And the shaving begins :

He started shaving my head from backside. As I have mentioned this was my first headshave so I never had a ustara on my head, I expected that shaving process will be little painful. I was amazed after the first stroke of razor it did not cause any pain or irritation rather it was like moving a comb on wet hair.
I could not see what was happening to my hair as there was no backside mirror in the shop, after barber was done with back hair he kept ustara in the middle of my head and started shaving front part, I quickly closed my eyes (due to excitement) after a second or two I opened my eyes and I could clearly see a bald patch in front of my head. This was the first time I saw my scalp it was definitely best day of my life.
After half of front head was shaved he started shaving left side of my head. Me and the barber then engaged in casual conversation with topics like :-
- how long will it take to grow back
- how to deal with dandruff
- which oil will be best

In around 5 minutes I was completely bald as he was about to remove the cape I asked the barber
" Ulta ustara chala do ekbar(shave it once agin in reverse)"
The barber sprayed water on my bald head and started shaving from my forehead to crown in reverse then he shaved from front to back on both left and right side of my head and finally he shaved backside of the head from neck to crown.
He made sure that my bald head was smooth after that he removed the cape and used brush to clean hairs from my neck and head. He took a small amount aftershave lotion in his hand and applied it on my head ( I had expected that it will burn a little as it does after applied on the face, but it was too painful on freshly shaved head it burn so bad I almost screamed).

I paid the money to the barber the barber joked that I was looking like yogi Adityanath as now I had bald head and orange tika on my forehead which I got in the temple earlier.
I left the shop and realised that with all the excitement I forgot to bring a cap and I had to walk with bald head to my room. As I was bald for the first time I got really nervous , but I took a deep breath and started walking towards home few people in the way stared at me for the obvious reason.
After reaching home I took shower and applied lots of coconut oil on my bald head.

Till this day I wish I could go back in the time and have this wonderful experience again.

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